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Topic: Mini Heroes / Q&A For Beginners

A: to the bed question:
After the first monster killing quest you will gain access to the cave in your home area. There is already a bed standing in which you can sleep.

Q: Will unlocking another infuser slot in the crafting screen be permanent?

Q: What components will add what attributes in the crafting process? What I found out yet:

As material (main component):
(seems to differ) ?

As Infuser:
Iron Ore: 2 Defense
Soft Wood: 5% chance to deal criticals
Thin Shell: ?
Cotton Fiber: ?
Ragged Pelt: ?
Brittle Femur: 2 Meely

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Arena Hardcore Bug

After I activated Hardcore more in arena it is not possible to use mana again - never ever.

By entering Hardcore Mode the Mana Bar becomes a Spirit Bar. Unfortunally when you switch from Hardcore Mode to Normal Mode it keeps using the Spirit Bar and it also keeps using all Hardcore Mode Skills :(

Please fix it if possible.

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Edit: Sturmfeder is right and I would like to cancel this from the bug list. For some reason I triggered to Hardcore Mode just after I crafted the Noobie Spirit Weapon each time i tested this. I did not know about Spirit Weapons when I reported the bug.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Security Guard

ps: why is the security guard not listed in the Bestiary Encyclopedia?

__ feel free to post your most epic stuff __

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Security Guard

i just cracked myselfe up on the floor rolling of laugh:

i am actually trying to complete mardek 3 without dieing even one time with Mardek himselfe and i simply cant resist to tick the obviously wrong mockering answers by the security check.

so i wanted to take out this thing without greater loss: i used the elements he attacks with (dark, light, air) at over 100% to get hp back, i stacked up a speedy portion to catch up his speed, some noxius bombs to poision him and gave Mardek the Blood Sword (dark elemental) with degeneration-effect to clear his regenera.

but the whole battle went different than expected: i used a speedy, a morality block (vs death) in the first turn, a noxium and self-heal in the secound turn. unfortunally the bomb caused no poision but only confusion.

in his third turn he did cast death to himselfe and i won xD

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crush The Castle 2] Post If u have all gold

done now and nice reward. but the most frustating was when a big fat stone wall fell on the head a a guy and it simply doesnt die 8D

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crush The Castle 2] How do I get gold in "X" level?

go on with crushing until u got the poision missle. then use the poision missle in deep within on the upper- left part of the castle.
this will cause the complete castle to get eaten by the poision and if someone survives (usually not) then use the parachute for a precise kill.