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There is also subscript and superscript (for profile formatting).

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions


I assumed any suggestion would be better placed in this thread than creating a new one, and I admittedly do not frequent the forums very much (if at all), so here goes:

I often Tip developers, and take some pride in displaying the games I support. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in the profiles, the games I have tipped are displayed in order from the first to the last. This prevents the most recent games I tipped from being displayed prominently on the profile (and thus, hopefully clicked on by people viewing my profile). Instead, they are buried some pages back, with the oldest (first) games I tipped being forever front & center on my profile.

Is there any way this could be changed, to display the most recently tipped games first, to show your latest activity to people viewing your profile?

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Topic: Kongregate / Thanks Kong!

Hey, this is my first time posting in the forums, and I was encouraged to do so by the recent promotions which I have greatly enjoyed.

Zombie week was a big hit for me, and encouraged me to play many of the zombie games I would have otherwise ignored. The L4D2 promotion was the perfect follow-up, even if I’ve regretted giving up my avatar for such a long period of time (funny how you become attached to such things). Lastly, the Dragon Age medal was a big motivator, and I hope to see more such “grouping” of similar game genres for extra “flare” on our profiles! I’ve loved collecting tickets, even if I’ve never won anything in the raffles, so having a big gold medal shining in my profile next to those tickets has been encouragement enough to play games I would have otherwise avoided (like Feudalism II).

All in all, I just wanted to finally speak up and say thanks Kongregate. You’ve given me more than just badges and points to shoot for, and helped expose me to some great games that are now ‘permanent favorites’.

Keep up the great work with more promotions and profile perks!