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Topic: Dream World / >=3

Originally posted by Zephyranna:

Yes, well all ‘free’ browser games want you to donate. I do donate to two other games which I’ve been enjoying for more than a year now. I get lots of pleasure playing these games and don’t mind donating when they supply me with hours and hours of entertainment.

It takes a lot of time and work to develop a computer game, even one as simply put together as Dream World … which is still in Beta. Instead of writing hateful messages, make some constructive suggestions that will improve the final game.

cuz the game maker will listen to people right? the prob isnt that hes asking for money, it is that IF you want to actualy have fun, you HAVE to pey him, or else youl never have enough power to kill stuff your own level without wasting all your skill points.

ill make a flash game, and call it, if you pay me you win, then if you give me 50 bucks, you win the game, if you dont, then it will keep telling you that you lose.

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Topic: General Gaming / Misanthrope Game Reviews: Dream World

Originally posted by No_Stress:

The same goes to you, Rast, he CANNOT threat to ban a game account because of a forum post, only if the user break a in-game rule.
If you see him threatening anyone in the forum, please, report him to an ADM.

It doesn’t matter if he is the developer, he can’t act like that in the forums.

dunno if i did the quote right :T

anyways, just wanted to point out that eh can ban you cuz your shit smells better than his, he cant ban you form the forum, but he can for his game since its HIS server your playing on.

His actions are that of a totalitarian dictator: if he has the power, he’ll silence anyone he can if it’s not something positive about himself or his creations.

its been said before, and its true, the “if i don’t like you ill stop you from doing anything here” ruling is somewhat compared to a dictatorship.

This more or less proves that he knows this game isn’t gonna get better, he just wants to suck the money cow dry before letting it rot, ill be surprised if this game gets past beta and even more if it actually goes in post-production(adding patches with new features).

The multiplayer part ONLY refers to the fact that people play based on a server, this WHOLE game could be done without a server, just make random names and classes for “pvp” fights.

I still can’t see whats the point of guilds, in WoW, you get guild so its easier to team up with people to do things (10-25 and formerly 40 man raids). but here… i can’t possibly see the point, everything you do is only based on stats, no player interaction is ever involved.

Im gonna make a single player flash game, add a “guild” feature on some forum somewhere and call it a multiplayer game.

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Topic: Dream World / 'This game is a failure.' Thread.

to anyone who paid: give me the money, im saving up for a new computer, at least it wont be in retarded hand.

20 gems, but items cost 21… not suspicious at all >.>

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Topic: Dream World / Everybody Stop Whining about the Energy System

:D he HAS to post on the forum about this, since he has to wait for his energy to get back up, so all in all, having to wait just creates more trolls :T, also i bet its the last boss, the ultimate troll created by merging all the troll posts together, hes one shot averyone if people continue to post…

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Topic: Dream World / Why should you have to buy energy when you run out of it ?!

ya, cuz people LOVE to stop what they are doing to play something for 5 mins. the max energy should be much higher, that way, if you play once a day, youl play for a few minutes.