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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dawn of the Dragons Guide

Just felt like bumping this up. Because there is still too much stupid questions on chats from people who are too stupid to do a google search “DOTD guide” and then they are like “Duhhhhh but im newwww”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] will be closed permanently on January 1st, 2014. We hope you've enjoyed your stay.

Lol finally that stupid game went down.

From all games i played admin/game master system was most pathetic i have ever seen. Corruption, money and game creator buddies on all game moderator posts. The more you spend money the more you are right.

GMs banning anyone they want, everyone who say bad word about game or start to complain and game creator doing nothing about it as long as his best clients (game moderators) keep on spending money.

Hahahahha. This is the end this game deserved.

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Topic: Kongregate / KONGREGATE is MANIPULATING with game tags and rating.

Originally posted by BlackSnapper:

Just played Dawn of the Dragons. I couldn’t find any casino like game play in it at all, just a lot of clicking and multi-playing. I’m no moderator, but if I was I would have certainly removed such a tag. It simply doesn’t apply.

You just basically confirmed what i was saying above.

If you would be a moderator after just few minutes of playing game you would make a false judgement about a game which would override the opinions of players who spend days on this game and know it much better than you.

And im pretty sure that mods/admins who manipulated tags choosen by community were also just leafs on the wind, doing as they are told by those who hold the cash, or as i recently seen, being affected by influence of ‘friends’ like Ottava with who they are personal friends on facebook and im sure they were involved in this unlawful act of manipulating tags.

“Hey look, im personal friend with kong adming, and there is a tag i dont like, no problem, my bro will just downvote it with his mighty -1000, problem solved, hi5”

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Topic: Kongregate / KONGREGATE is MANIPULATING with game tags and rating.

Originally posted by bobby71983:

DOTD is not a game of chance. I have zero problem with the admins intervening when obviously bogus tags crop up like that.

When the user base cannot be trusted to moderate themselves, someone has to step in. Why do you think we even need moderators and admins to clean up messes? Because people frequently cant be trusted to play nice.

Its so good when a single moderator and admin knows so much better what the people want. Its like restraining and drugging you for “your own” safety or stripping you from public rights and invigilating.
Looks like NSA got into kong.

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Topic: Kongregate / Memory Leak - Intentional Strategy?

I rather suspect that games allow memory leaks, lags and other things like that just to have EXCUSE to keep “Beta” status of game.

Developers like to stick to their games “forever BETA” statuses. They can conviniently use it to manipulate players, have endless excuse for all the bugs happening that are caused by not enough resources directed to quality of game and too much of it to ripping players off on premium contents.

With beta tag they have all rights to keep game buggy full of glitches and if something goes wrong reject any refund inquiries because “beta duh you were just supporting it, it didnt made it”.

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Topic: Kongregate / Tag Suggestions

Whats the point of tags being choosen by community if Kongregate staff manipulates them?

The tags dont reflect what people think about game and what is most appropriate to describe it. If the tag will not be comfortable for game developer because it will make game look “not in the way how dev imagines it to be” Kongregate staff will edit everything according to their will.

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Topic: Kongregate / KONGREGATE is MANIPULATING with game tags and rating.

Just as title says. Kongregate is manipulating with game tags and rating.

Game tags are tool for players to let other players find games they would be interested in easier. Of course tags can change over time if the game is changing as well.
Its not logical for tags to stay same for whole time if the drastic changes in game will make them not accurate anymore or other tags will suit the game better.

Unfortunately it seems that Kongregate staff does not share this idea and recently they manipulated tags in game Dawn of the Dragons. Within seconds one of tags that was uncomfortable for game developers, but have been choosen by PLAYERS COMMUNITY as suitable, recieved 1000 downvotes which is impossible to happen without outside intervention. Also other tags that COMMUNITY could find suitable for that game recieved another portion of 1000 downvotes. Exactly 1000, not more not less.

This is not first incident of something like that happening. I heard about other cases of tag manipulating. Similar thing was done to game Fall of Tyrant. Not only tags are being manipulated by Kongregate staff but also GAME RATINGS, wchich was done to Wartune game.

I find it disgusting that something that should depend on players opinion is being manipulated to suit needs of Kongregate profitable business partners/game developers.

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Topic: Kongregate / Can the mods and admins quit being lazy for once on this site?

Its hilarious to see post being removed by mods in a topic about mods dont doing anything. Its like they want to cover it up.

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Kong Plus Thread

Originally posted by wartotal:

hmm i got a free kong+ account for being one of the most dedicated player o.O

By dedication kongregate means those who spent most money.
A lot of people got it and lot of them admitted that they spent a lot.
Other thing is the bull**** written in automated message to those people, something about being dedicated player, being loyal and making kongregate better place. I dont really get how just spending load of buck makes you dedicated or making kong better, especially when you see those at low lvl accounts with early registration date which does not really make them loyal or dedicated.

Dedicated spender yes, dedicated player no.

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Topic: Technical Support / /AFK chat command not working

hmm, my bad then i must have mixed it with some game where you had autoreply when afk

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Topic: Technical Support / kreed problem. card way is still blocked

When my card got blocked i was asked to contact the kreds support mail and send them credit card holder name and last name and last four digits of credit card number and they got it unlocked for me.

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Topic: Technical Support / /AFK chat command not working

So, i remember that a while ago when turning the /afk status not only your nick would turn gray but person who PMs you would get some kind of notice.

Recently i tried to do this on Dawn of the dragons room 4 and when i PM a person with /afk status (their nick is grayed out and they for sure typed /afk) i dont get any notice.

Also it seems you need to type /afk several times to make it happen (the nick grayout) like if there is some serious lag issues with kong.

Same happens when i set my status to /afk people who PM me just dont get anything in return.
And i think its important but while testing this i had no userscript of any kind installed so there was nothing that could interference with kongregate chat.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kong plus

It seems the ‘activity’ is related to how many kreds have a person bought in last year, so in fact they reward “dedicated spenders” instead of people who are active on kong, who are “dedicated players” (which would explain why so far almost every person who i meet and claimed to have it as a gift was registered on kong relatively late and had low kongregate level).

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / D3MONICSL4Y3R *GUILD*

D3MONICSL4Y3R is still recruiting, if you are active players, want to have fun while playing join us!

We are active guild with guild raids all the time, a lot of officers from different timezones make sure that you always have what you need, we provide help and advice.

If you have any questions contact me on kong chat with /w dargdargdarg or just apply to our guild (searching for D3 should find it, add info that you came from kong forum thread).

We do have lvl requirement of lvl200 but may consider application with lower lvl after a quick interview (you can catch me on R4 on kong)

Have fun, and hopefully, see ya in D3MONICSL4Y3R soon…

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / ADD FRIEND POST

Add me please

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Topic: Kongregate / Featured Games

Is it me or the current featured games have been “featured” for too long already?

I have checked main site for some good new games and its another day i just check and they are all the same games as before :/

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Injury Resources

WTF cost fuel?

What about those grade 5 stuff that is not craftable

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / objectives lvl 14

new tasks stop around lvl 21 or 22

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Why You Crash And Fixing It

“The developer’s can’t fix this, since it’s your computer’s fault.”

Seriously did they pay you to spam this biggest lie everywhere? What do you get from that?

It uses a lot of memory? 4GB used in total while 4 still avaliable yet game crashes. Too few computing power? During gameplay CPU usage not exceeds 30% with normal temperatures – yet game decides to crash. GPU not efficent? Load minimal, temperature regular working – game decides to crash.

This is developers fault, mostly on flash side, they keep repeating same bullshit “its your machine” all over again and idiots who repeat it all over again dont help that. The game is not perfect also, making standalone client for example using Adobe AIR and separating it from internet browsers could help a bit.

Seriously, you explain is because someones computer is too weak? Then how it is that people can play newest games on high settings while playing petty flash game is problematic? I would say that in most cases its DEVELOPERS both flash and game fault and in rest cases its actually hardware problem of player.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / How to get Car Batteries?

How about you read the fucking manual (dead zone wikipedia)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / "Disconnected"

Yeah, just like Zara said. Its funny that no law regulates it so far and we have basically no rights.

Developers can make people spend ton of money in one day by making some super promos and luring everyone to do it, and next day completly shutting down game without any refunds, recompensations leaving people with nothing.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Game crashes, wasted time and lost loot.

Seriously, what the **** is wrong with this game?

It crashes all the time. Grey circle of death aka grey exclamation mark.

-Someone says its poor specs? My CPU runs on 20% while playing this game, RAM usage 4GB/8GB, GPU even not hot.

- Adobe claims its “to protect my computer from using memory it dont have”? Look up, when crash happens i usually have more than half of RAM still avaliable.

Another thing, why when game crashes, you close browser, disconnect from game you loose location? You dont get loot, location is locked for 24 hours, i dont care my surviviors are back home.

Just moment ago i had situation:
Went to police station, killed stuff, looted nice items, time i up. OK. My surviviors are returning, im back at compound i read report. After 30 secs game crashes with GCOD. I refresh game and guess what? After like 30 seconds after finishing that map. Even if i was already in my compound and game was finished, it still REMOVED all my loot from that area and locked it for 24 hours. I UNDERSTAND it could happen if i would crash DURING mission but NOT AFTER I COMPLETED MISSION AND EVEN CHECKED REPORT.


Cant it be that if you lost connection, DC, game will think “Screw you, have GCOD” the map will be continued with auto mode so you will keep your loot and map will be finished?

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Cant place buldings

This is strange thing i noticed when placing my barricades.

There is a spot, where i place small barricades (ill mark it as ‘sss’). They are one next to each other in line like this:

’sss’’sss’’sss’sss’ (four small barricades)

Next i move far away those two in the middle and try to put there large barricade, because since they have same size, they take exactly same amount of space (2x small barricade = 1 large barricade).

And guess what? Im not allowed to place it there. Its marked all red like if im trying to place it on already occupied space.

Of course when i place it somewhere else and put back those two small barricades there there is no problem.

What the hell?

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Topic: Kongregate / Chronicles of Blood loot challenge

LOL at caesary

Btw, did anyone ever won those prizes? Or do they announce winners somewhere, i would love to see profiles of people who won them in previous contests like this.

Also LOL at this
“In compliance with Canadian law, Canadian winners will be required to correctly answer a mathematical skill question as a condition of being named a valid winner.”
Solve integral of exp(-a*r^2+a*r*x*cos(theta))*r)) xD

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Jagged Alliance Online] This game

This game is pathetic. Its disgrace to the Jagged Alliance series that ended with Jagged Alliance 2.5