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Topic: Technical Support / Badges aren't being awarded.

I’m using the latest Chrome as well.

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Topic: Technical Support / Badges aren't being awarded.

Same issue on both Icy Gifts 2 and Beloved.

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Topic: Technical Support / How do you change your name?

Originally posted by SCOUTvsHEAVY:

look at my name please can i change it i really dont wanna make a new account because well you know i have so many friends and badges and i really dont wanna leave them all :(

I want to believe this is sarcasm.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Quad walker...

Originally posted by ladolcevita:

Tremor Wyrm:

Your standard issue shower-head:

Haha, my shower has that exact shower head.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Suggestions

Originally posted by Danielcheng2:
Originally posted by SpamMe1:

This game has some big performance issues, it can not be that it needs 30% of the CPU to do exactly nothing! I would like really to know for what so much CPU is used?

lol… that shows how much stuff is stored on your entire firefox not the game

If you look more carefully, SpamMe1 is talking about the CPU usage of plugin-container.exe, which is Flash.

Just to corroborate, with my (decrepit) Athlon64 3500 and two tabs open on FF4 (missions screen of Tyrant and this thread), my CPU usage is 33-41 for Flash and goes to about 50 when I’m actually looking at the tab with Tyrant.

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Topic: General Gaming / Enigmata 2 Energy Problem

Well the most obvious cause of this is that you have “The 1 Multiplier” from the Elite Shop equipped, which causes energy to be permanently set to 1.

Otherwise, its some sort of glitch.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DarkOrbit] data??

What server are you playing on? Make sure you’re joining the same one as before. I’m pretty sure data is stored on their central servers.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DarkOrbit] I just get destroyed in the x-1 map...

And isn’t PvP off in x-1 now?

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Topic: General Gaming / What do you want in a Roguelike RPG?

The first roguelike I ever played was Castle of the Winds, an example of a non-ASCII member of the genre. It was more visually pleasing to me, but lacking that retro appeal for those who started on something ASCII based.

But the most important thing is what Fireseal mentioned. Accessibility is key. I remember starting Moria from a shareware CD I got, and promptly got swarmed by some sort of cloning monster in the dungeon that filled up an entire room, which led to me not playing again. (Granted, I was younger and a lot less patient. Perhaps I’ll pick it up again or try Angband some time.)

Also a personal request would be a robust item system. I’m an item whore, and I like being able to continually loot something nice.

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Dream World

Originally posted by fluffpower:

i’ve been dropping coins into the well from the beginning to like lvl 40 ish when i realized that spending 300k to get usually 4 energy wasn’t all that great (although it might be). So i started diving in, and since the time i started diving to now, lvl 46, i’ve always gotten coins rather than drowning. at my level it’s a random number between 150-450k.

I usually put in around 2x to 3x what a normal mob gives for gold, so getting the 4 energy always got my money back, plus some experience.

Originally posted by Yogurt:

For anyone who’s got the hard Kongregate badge: Which one is the “final” quest for it? I’ve killed the “final” boss, seen the cinematic with the Guardian and the credits list, received two more quests (The Dream World and The Challenge) and now I can continue in the Marshes for level 51, 52, etc.

I got the hard badge (and the last quest badge) after killing the Ancient One after hitting level 51. From what I’ve heard, the alternate path from fighting the other person also gives completion.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

what album got arrowsmith a gold lp in 1975? (Hint: g__ y___ w____)

Arrowsmith? I’m pretty sure the band is Aerosmith.

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Topic: Technical Support / Firefox Private Browsing

It’s not the cookies.

Try deleting any saved passwords for Kongregate. In Firefox, go to Options, and in the Security tab, click on “Saved Passwords” and remove any of the Kong username/passwords.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kongergate is messed up on Firefox

How to post screenshots (Windows)
1. Press the “Prt Scr” key on your keyboard
2. Open Paint or similar program
3. Paste (Ctrl+V)
4. Save image
5. Upload to
6. Post link here

And I’m using Firefox without issues.

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Dream World

Originally posted by W1nner12:

There is also something extremely important that you didn’t add,joining guilds,which at silver rate,gives you more exp and SP!

Added a section.

Originally posted by owen13000:

I have actually gotten a full SP refill from the well. I threw in the number for the beggar by accident and boy, was I surprised.

Updated. Strangely, I still haven’t gotten the SP refill myself.

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Topic: Dream World / 40 or 45 (Is it worth the 215 LP)?

Originally posted by Karilyn:

Do you have the Invisible Cloak?

If not, then wouldn’t you rather your character spam Dark Side of the Moon on people who challenge your character in the Arena? Don’t forget that computer controlled players aren’t limited by skill points.

This is probably the only reason to get to 45.

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Dream World

Originally posted by DrDieHard:

i dont really get the trick behing the beggar Oo

Find your level in this spreadsheet and give the amount of gold that is under the beggar column next to your level. This is the minimum amount you have to give to get gear. Instant profit.

The other way is to check the healer for how much a health potion costs, and give the beggar one more coin than that amount. It should be the same as what’s in the spreadsheet.

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Dream World

Originally posted by Pukster:

One quibble: you state that only knights should increase strength, but this is misleading. The mage’s regular attack is considered “melee”, so it is increased by strength and quickness, not INT and DEX. When the stats say they increase “magic attack”, that’s referring to skills, not regular attacks.

I’m personally planning on taking strength all the way up to 32 as a mage, eventually. Obviously the main emphasis is still on CON though.

I didn’t know that. In that case, I guess my advice works for every class. Thanks, I’ll change that part.

Originally posted by d00my:

1 sword lvl = 2 SP
1 gun lvl = 2 (if i’m correct in assuming you start the game with 25 base SP, i had to get this one mathematically as i haven’t lvld it in a while >_>)

so… nonmage classes… wink wink…

I didn’t mention it yet, but I’m still not too sure exactly how much SP each one gives. I remember getting 1SP and sometimes 2SP for each Sword point. When I put points into Magic, I think I got 7SP each time. And for Gun, I got 3SP for each point.

Anyways added this info, and I’ll change it if it’s wrong.

Edit: Small scale test on an alt. I got both 1-2 for Sword, 3 for Gun, and 4-5 for Magic.

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Topic: Dream World / girl in red, anyone know how she works?

I wonder if there’s a point of no return. I killed the Girl twice, and she was angry and wouldn’t give me quests, so I killed the Imp once and it returned to normal. But I never got to the point where she auto-attacked me.

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Dream World

Originally posted by Rast:

I wrote a guide a few days ago:

Looks like we agree on everything important (unsurprising).

Nice tip on the girl/imp thing

Oo, hopefully I’m not too redundant.

Originally posted by Kioyoh:

The Well values are in the spreadsheet as well ;)

Just noticed those there. I’m assuming they’re minimum values for getting a reward.

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Topic: Dream World / Arena Battles

Nice change. Maybe I’ll start doing PvP again.

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Topic: Dream World / [Question] Uberdetox

The top ranked players have upwards of 100 constitution, so probably not, or something like 999.

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Dream World

This guide is pretty good but I have a question for you. I kept attacking the girl in red so now she attacks me automatically…. Is this bad enough for me to restart and make a new character?

While I’ve only killed the Girl twice in a row, then killed the Imp to become friendly again, you theoretically should be able to kill the Imp a few times to get her to stop attacking you.

I suggest you put that accepting both of the quests from the imp and the red girl is nesecary at level 30 and up.

While probably not necessary, I totally agree that doing quests from both the Imp and and the Girl is the best strategy. I have a small paragraph on that in there.

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Topic: Dream World / girl in red, anyone know how she works?

Originally posted by MakotoShinobi:
1) If she is accepting you to defeat the Wiseman, it’s best to give up that quest, since the trivial guy is convenient. She’ll come back to you from time to time no matter what the quest you give up with.

I disagree on this point. While it means another fight, the quest reward is better than the trivia reward, and the Wise Man is pretty easy to kill.

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Topic: Dream World / the point of stiches in hospital

Whenever I buy CON, it refills my HP bar…

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Topic: Dream World / [Guide] Dream World

Joining a guild gives you some bonuses depending on the guild’s status.
Silver: +5% Exp, +10 Max SP
Gold: +10% Exp, +20 Max SP
Platinum: +15% Exp, +30 Max SP
Diamond: +20% Exp, +50 Max SP

NPCs, Chests, and Puzzles
The Beggar will be a major source of gear once you’ve learned the minimum amount to give her to get an item, which is one coin more than the cost of a health potion at the Healer. The item is worth much more than what you’ll be giving her, so you should be making a tidy profit every time you meet. More information here. Minimum values for each level are in Kioyoh’s spreadsheet linked above. Scaring her is substantially less profitable and a bad idea.

The Gambler is a swindler, so just kill him.

The Girl in Red and the Imp both give quests. The Girl holds a grudge, so if you kill her a few times, she stops giving you quests. The best strategy is to accept quests from both of them, but when the Imp asks you to kill the Girl, give up the quest. Otherwise, just do what they want for a nice reward. Some people just kill the Girl for the Imp, which is fine, but I feel the equipment rewards from the Girl’s quests are more than worth the effort. If the Girl auto-attacks you and you want her quests again, run away from her and kill the imp a lot of times to make her friendly again.

The Old Wise Man gives you two choices: Chat or trivia. Trivia is the more rewarding option, and usually only takes some minor searching on Wikipedia.

The Dust Merchant offers you a bag of dust in exchange for half the coins you’re holding. If you don’t have much on hand, feel free to accept. Otherwise, kill her.

The Wishing Well lets you either dive in or throw coins in. Diving is a bad idea if you don’t like losing energy, and I hate losing energy, so I just throw in some money for either double the money, 4 energy, or, rarely, a SP refill. Minimum values are in Kioyoh’s spreadsheet linked above.

For all the math and logic problems, if you’re having trouble, some helpful sites are in the Game Resources section.

Miscellaneous Tips
-In every new town, check all the vendors for quests from their dialogue box.
-Squeeze 50 PvP battles in to get the two PvP badges for the extra energy.

If I’ve missed something or got something wrong, leave a message here.
Last update: 02/22/2010