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Topic: Collaborations / Almost Finished Game - Need Artist/Playtesters

I finished playing this game at level 24… Now this games basic feel is good, it provides a challenge as the game progressed which is what every game needs (No shit)…

However, the game abruptly ended after leveling to level 24, as nothing else seemed to spawn…

The health regeneration is rather slow, I tested that getting hit down from 120 to 50… takes forever in an eternity to regenerate with 3.5 seconds per regeneration point… hence 3.50s for 70HP = 4 minutes and 8 seconds to wait for full health… In which I played the game getting to level 24 with 12283 coins left, and screenshotted at health 62/150…

The weapons are very minor, however they are still in development, yet my creature itself looks like a micro-organism known as ‘sperm’…

There is a problem with the shop, such as the fact that I’ve tested every key, drag-able area on the game screen, and every possible combination to get it to work such as refreshing the game hoping it would possibly find some sort of coding that would make it work. A futile effort on my part clearly.

The sword is clearly the most effective weapon as it just bounces EVERYTHING clear away like a baseball player hitting a home run. The big huge red laser is a good weapon, but a tiny bit under-powered as it could in theory slow enemies down on hit, thus making it more useful?

The ‘electronic blue sparky thing’… I’ll just call it a ‘Pulse Generator’ was simply useless to be fair… since enemies only spawned in the top right and left corners, it was pointless on my back, and everything could just stack on my front, therefore it gave no incentive to purchase it.

The big red balls or ‘Grenade Launcher Thing?’ came in handy since it was on my front, and could have been used on my back if enemies spawned in other ends of the map, yet this was mainly useful on my front, but didn’t do much help as all I needed would be the sword because it does plentiful damage, and simply had a knock-back effect, unlike everything else…

The stats didn’t really help much as I invested a very large portion into HP, Agility and resilience, yet I was the same speed, took the same damage and was the same speed. Therefore they are perhaps broken? Or am I missing something?

The button to get out of the menu after pressing every button on the keyboard (Which is ‘P’ by the way…) was not clearly labeled… So in conclusion to this point: Why have directions to a broken shop yet not have directions to exit the thing itself?

The storage seemed to be rather pointless due to the shop’s current circumstances. Therefore it’s unfair to comment on that at this moment in time. It looks promising however, as there could be more addition to the game for weapons therefore the storage WOULD actually be needed instead of having 4 equips for 4 weapons, with 8 storage slots… No incentive to use the storage.

The enemies were all the same… Big blobs with differing health. I understand that you require an artist, yet it is rather repetitive to just have the same amount of enemies, with no diversity, or unpredictability to keep the player interested.

It was addictive, however the game itself (due to it’s testing and development phase) is clearly lacking any sort of required cinematic displays, or perhaps any sort of Story-line… A story-line would entice a player, and having short cinematic experiences to enhance the feel of the game introducing a new weapon, enemy, or specific friend or foe to support you on your destructive rampage against these big blobs…

It’s addictive however, I would love to become a bigger part of this game as a co-designer/tester.

I have a LARGE amount of ideas that could enhance the game if I were to give proper feedback however, therefore I hope you consider me.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Warband] Alliance Recruitment Thread

Yeah but the ArcaneMarauders are usually filled with arrogant idiots besides about 3 or 4 people. And their members follow Pars like blind submissive slaves. But hey, if they choose to be lead by a guy that probably can’t even tie his shoes properly… Then by all means, so be it.

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