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Topic: Serious Discussion / Won a card...Now what?

So I just won a “card” for playing Takeover.

I’m trying to learn more about what the card is and what it’s for.

I’ve spent some time clicking around in my profile to see if I can get more information about it, but when I did find a page about it and clicked on the card it just took me back to Takeover.

I remember that Kongregate had a card-based game a few years ago. I suspect that this card is for that game. But I don’t remember what that game was called or how to find it on the site.

Just throwing this out there because although I generally like Kongregate’s UX, this is one of those times when I think the UX folks didn’t think it through.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] What to do, and what not to do.

I’m guilty of randomly requesting trades. I’ll stop doing it.

When I find a good item that I already have in my vault, I try to give it to a lower-level player with a class that can use it, particularly to priests and paladins, knowing they may save my ass later.

I never ask for anything in return, I just want to play “Santa Claus,” but a lot of people do ignore the trade offer.

Instead, I’ll start asking if there are any newly starting players of class X that want an item.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] Free to Play Forever!

“Dear players, due to some technical problems, we have made a small modification to the payment system.”


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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / "The bloody battle for survival among 3 races."

Hey there lepug101…Last time I checked, adding mechanical parts to a person didn’t change their race.

Also, the opening art shows a robot, not a cyborg.


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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / "The bloody battle for survival among 3 races."

So it’s a game about my neighborhood then?

I love the idea of games that are about interracial death matches.

You should have more “races” like Black Africans vs Caucasians. Oh, and Hispanics vs SE Asians!

Or maybe, you know, choose your wording a little better. I’m not sure robots count as a race.