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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] HINT FOR NINJAS!!

if you can, always have a temple (evileye temple) at the beginning of the path, all Ninja Champions can be downed with 5 meteors except for the last one

on the last one, you must have ghost crytps with maxed freezing at the beginning on the path

and you must only have that crypt because the crypt charges MUST hit the ninja

if you inflict either frozen or fear, you will have enough time to cast 5 meteors and the crypt will deal the other 400 damage (if maxed)

this is luck based unfortunately, if frozen or fear are not inflicted, then you need to be pretty quick casting meteors and building 5 temples and casting the last one for the brilliant badge

you can also use burning temples maxed out, first hit deals SLOW, and ~400 damage on high elevation (with enough red upgrades), that should be enough to kill it.

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Topic: Off-topic / jugon need more mods or not need mods

i’ve been in jugon since april, never seen before any fraudulent activities of winnitta, other that some misunderstandings in the past, anyway, the job that winnitta has been doing since she was promotted to mod is quite good, and you cannot expect her to be a perfect mod since she has been recently promotted. also, goldberg and jordism are the same person in my knowledge, so he is just recommending himself x_X.

winnitta we love you in jugon!!

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Topic: General Gaming / Oblivion

you mean elder scrolls 4: oblivion?? if yes.. i want to play it T_T havent got the chance but i want to.. heard it is AWESOME

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Topic: General Gaming / Man, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

this game pwns haaard!! really actually the sync owns, it is just that if you lag, then youll get the notes out of sync, but if you dont lag, you’ll get exact notes with perfect sync. excellently done, nice music selection =D

I CHALLENGE EVERYONE TO BEAT ME!!! 19 perfects and 1 silver.. heres the proof: