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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den - Book of Dread - Fall of Tellunos

Yep, I played once more, just to make sure what I gave as advice above, was sound.

Same party concept, but I went to the shop four times, as I wanted to achieve certain break points for my characters, which gear enhances. I’m not going to make a separate video for the gear and set-up, as the one above demonstrates quite well how to get the party going. I’ll publish some pictures instead, for the stats and final attributes. You can then discern what the gear augmented and provided. A late wave video demonstration, will follow after the pictures.


I wanted; over 200 life, at least 45% damage reduction, and a quickness of 46. Assigned stat points went 1/3 to endurance, and 2/3 to intellect.


Criteria was; quicker than the cleric, at least 260 damage (with intellect added), replaced the Manasprite skill with Banish. All stat points into intellect.

Ranger #1 (Swiftness):

Criteria; 20 power replenishment, 32 poison add, and 67 quickness (or enough to be slightly faster than ranger 2). All stat points into intellect.

Ranger #2 (Healing Lore):

Criteria; 20 power replenishment, 32 poison add, 66 quickness, and enough intellect that the Nature’s Balm skill adds 40 regeneration. All stat points into intellect.

Passive skills, for all characters, are the exact same as in the set-up video above.

Active skills, are near the same, but I showed each anyways, at the beginning of the video below.

Now then, I recorded several videos during waves above 100, looking for interesting battles to show. I’ll publish the one from waves 151 to 155, as there is an undead wave with three wraiths, and the other two videos in this thread don’t show any…

Youtube link: Survival Waves 151 to 155.

You might think that I was going to get killed soon after what you see in the video, but I recovered very quickly. Both wargolems used the Harden skill, I revived the Conjurer, and a few turns later I Called Soul on the cleric, which bit the dust right after. Both rangers, pinned and selectively killed appropriate dangerous enemies. Sorry about the video ending like that, I know it would have been interesting to see the recovery, but my program allows for 15 minutes only and then cuts whenever that point is reached.

So I wanted to last till the 200’s, and was figuring which wave to record at that point, while playing the game as my mind wandered. And that’s when I made a mistake at wave 195; I did not correctly figure the poison applied and the monsters died right in the middle of the turn sequence. Oups! Wave 196 came in, and immediately slew both my cleric and conjuror, before any character could do anything. Oh well, I fought on for a couple more turns, and snapped the picture below, because I knew that I wouldn’t survive another round…

So, the team composition, skill choices, minimum criteria, etc., seem to be all good. The team failed because of me, and not due to any deficiencies within the concept. I think they could have gone on, at least for another 40 – maybe 60 – waves.

As opposed to the two dungeon campaigns, where I like to have the battles decided by the second round, in the Fall of Tellunos campaign I’m controlling a protracted battle, and managing it to conserve the fighting ability and, survivability of the team, for as long as possible.

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Topic: General Gaming / Youtube - Monster's Den at 338% difficulty

Well, Wicky3D, you made me think and reconsider some things – thank you for that.

I checked out all the cleric skills, and can’t find one that makes a character immune to curses. However, curses aren’t a concern in legendary creature battles, so I’m not yet completely swayed on the value of a high level cleric.

Even with the Elixir of Protection, getting to 95% damage reduction on a character seems hard to devise, with armour ratings diminishing faster than character (and dungeon) level advancements. Perhaps a conjuror in the party would help, with the Eldritch Aegis skill, but I don’t know if that stacks with the potion (?).

I’m going to experiment with a new party, and take into account some of these thoughts.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den - Book of Dread - Fall of Tellunos

Had to learn how to time the annotations in the video, but I figured it out. :)

So, for those interested in how I start it off, the link is below.
I show gear, stats, etc., and then after the position set-up during the first wave, I play through a few more as a demonstration to get things rolling.

Youtube link: Fall of Tellunos Survival Set-up

I made just one trip to the shop, so chances are that if you take a little time in choosing your gear and then distributing it among the characters, you can get something similar.

It’s important that the cleric starts with ~40% damage reduction, so that with the Eldritch Aegis buff she’s around 55% while playing. Her life points, after gear adjustments, should be over twice that of the wargolems. I also like her to be above quickness 40, so that with the Swiftness buff she can get the Holy Light skill off before the enemy party can react. In the video, I couldn’t achieve it and stay within budgetary limits, so compromised quickness over damage reduction.

I find this set-up very resilient, versatile and adaptable. Two Pins, Envenomed Arrows, Holy Light, Conjurer normal attack one-hit-kills wraiths, a hard front row, 6 units, 4 buffs, all characters can hit anywhere on the field too.

Stat Point Distribution:

Cleric – 1/3 endurance, 2/3 intellect.
Conjurer – all in intellect.
2x Rangers – all in intellect.

In retrospect, and after considering a few more things, the Manasprite skill is unnecessary – I would recommend to replace it with the Banish skill instead.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den - Book of Dread - Fall of Tellunos

Here’s the most effective party composition, positioning, and skill layout that I have come up with, to get to high wave counts in the survival campaign (Fall of Tellunos).

Youtube link: Survival in the Fall of Tellunos, Waves 78 to 82

It’s not very new player friendly, if you just want to get the Doomed Heroes Badge. It requires some working knowledge of the various skills, and requires getting a feel for when it is the right time to advance to the next wave.

I never had a character death, so both Revive and Call Soul skills were never used, and I lost just two war golems (one portrayed in the video above) throughout. The conjuror has the Mana Sprite skill, but I never called one in, so the mana efficiency seems to be balanced well enough. I never felt threatened, once my initial position and buffs were up and going, but then again, I do prioritize targets and usually count two moves ahead. I played till the 90’s wave count, before I turned off my computer for the night.

I’m working on another video, that shows how I set it up, and play through the first few waves, if anyone is interested.

If someone feels they have a better tactical method, or even a more resilient party / skill composition, then I’d appreciate your thoughts on this – thanks.

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Topic: General Gaming / Youtube - Monster's Den at 338% difficulty

Well, I studied your video quite a bit, before deciding on the final composition of my above team(s). Frankly, I’d rather have an additional damage dealer at 100%, then one at 175% (4×100 versus 1×175 + 2×100). Concerning versatility; I’d rather see what the first Hail of Arrows / Overwhelm does, and then have the option to follow with more of the same, or something else. With a cleric Annointing a character, you have three attack choices / options, while with my approach you have four.

A cleric will generally add to the time of killing the enemy party, in my opinion. Whereas I really want the fight to be decided by the first round, giving me the option to either finish them on the second, or at worst, pull out of the fight and come back later with a more effective battle plan.

Concerning Pandora’s Box, and the Legendary Lure, since this thread is for the game’s maximum difficulty setting, the point is moot.

However; I’d be curious to know, in your experience, what would be the most effective party to take down a Gorgon? At high levels, these monsters have hundreds of thousands of life, and can “one hit kill” any character (at least all of mine which got that far have). Their Viper Attack special ability is especially fearsome…

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Topic: General Gaming / Youtube - Monster's Den at 338% difficulty


Clerics are okay up till about level 15, in either of the campaigns. After that they wane until you’re about level 30. When you are into high end playing, above level 60, you’re trying to find something that justifies having them in the party (?). Then, you conclude that you don’t want them in the party anymore, as they are just taking up a slot (25% of available ones in fact) – which could be better served by some other character.
Tell me what a high level cleric is good for, and I may consider a party with one included.

I normally use the number keypad when playing, but for recording a video, I want people to more easily figure what I am doing, so that they may be able to replicate it on their own.

Also, as you certainly know, making a mistake (even a seemingly innocuous one) at high levels, can be fatal. I feel more apprehensive when recording so that others see how I achieve things, and this may translate into how I might seem uncertain in some actions. However, my mind is constantly calculating two moves ahead, like playing a game of chess, if that explains better how it may look in the video.

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Topic: General Gaming / Youtube - Monster's Den at 338% difficulty

All Warrior Team reaches level 100, in the Den of Endless Evil

Youtube link: All Warrior Team Level 100.

Stacking Lethal items has proven to be effective when coupled with the Leadership skill.

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Topic: General Gaming / Youtube - Monster's Den at 338% difficulty

Here’s another team, comprising all warriors.

Youtube link: 4x Warrior team – level 20, Dreadfather battle.

I love how the game is deceptively simple in execution, but so deep in strategy and tactics.
Here’s an excellent example where the Adrenaline skill is central to success.

Got a hydra at level 27. Tough fight for this team.

Youtube link: All Warrior Team versus Hydra.

And here’s a fight against a minotaur at level 70.

Youtube link: All Warrior Team versus Minotaur.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monsters' Den: Book of Dread - Item advice

(More) Corrections needed.

- First; this guide is likely for “easy” or perhaps “normal”, difficulty setting.
I can’t see how the comments associated with various equipment enhancements could be otherwise justified.

- The ‘Unerring’ prefix, appears on; bows, crossbows, and quivers.

- The fastest monster in the game is the Voidstalker, and it’s speed is 80. In a boss fight, it can be increased to 100. On levels with multiple creature type and boss combinations, you can see monster packs with speeds of 120. So saying that 70 quickness is all you need, is incorrect. When orc savages / goblin artificers, are operating at quickness 85, you’re going to get a nasty surprise… ;)

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Topic: General Gaming / Youtube - Monster's Den at 338% difficulty

Yea, the Gorgon is the toughest monster to tackle, with this team.
I keep a change of equipment for legendary types.

If you look at the inventory in the video, you see ‘very nimble gloves’ and some ‘venomous quivers’. I use those against selective creatures / boss packs.
For regular dungeonering, I equip; gloves of accuracy, bone rings, and unerring quivers. You need those so that Hail of Arrows becomes reliable.

Regular dunegonering skills are; Pierce, Focus, Stun, Hunter’s Prowess, and Hail of Arrows.

Poison arrow is mostly used against; dwarve levels and legendary creatures.

The last ranger in the turn order, is “usually” stacked with Blind and Poison, so that I can decide which remaining threat needs to be incapacitated, after the three volleys of Hail of Arrows. For the boss battle, in the video, you can see that I chose to kill the boss with a Hunters Prowess (near 7k damage), instead of doing a final hail.

Going down (and up, if previous level was fully cleared) stairs to the next level, is just like using an altar of restoration.

It’s hard to get this team going, the first 15 levels or so, I use a lot of tricks and tactics, just to survive.

I saw your other party (cleric, ranger, 2x warrior), and they must be able to breeze through anything. But I don’t like clerics, due to their pitiful offense. Replacing her with another ranger might prove interesting.

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Topic: General Gaming / Youtube - Monster's Den at 338% difficulty

Nice one.
It inspired me to make my own party.

Youtube link: 4x Ranger team – level 100, Den of Endless Evil

Game settings: Extreme – Hardcore – Tactical – Attrition
Difficulty 338%
All stat upgrades into dexterity at level up.

Edit: This party died on level 138, in a battle with a gorgon. They failed to proc Creature Lore on all four shots in the first round. Then I stubbornly (and stupidly) stuck around on the second round, thinking that I could overcome the situation…

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

< temp. log area and place holder in case of need – will delete if not required >

- “To Do List” relocated to first post.

- Real PITA trying to get my spacing to work, in fact, anything beyond one space seems impossible… (?)

- Can’t figure how to embed videos, doing research on this… Looks like this is not possible, not on Kong any ways.

- Wow, spacing is so impossible here. Lesson learned: Not a good place to make such guides.

- Anyone know how to get more than one space between lines? Please let me know – thanks.

- Nearly finished…

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide


There are so many things in this game, if you take some time to look around. Even on the starting (main menu) screen, the camera will pan to the sky when a jet passes overhead – sometimes more than one jet passes by as well, and distant explosive bursts will appear (with sound) in their wake, from their bomb drops.

Did you know that you can maneuvar the helicopter some, in Rescue Op?

How about being able to shoot mutants – while they are perched on rooftops?

Ever see how they leap from outside the retaining walls, onto the highway? That’s neat.

Play on (real life) holidays, and see how some of the objects have changed, to reflect that special day.

Watch when your character changes a magazine, they also put in a weapon specific animation, when cocking to place a round in the chamber, for each individual gun. That’s really cool.

The whole ‘Lost Guns’ story, actually has a flowing story dialogue – throughout the entire journey. Massive thought put into that.

A lot of effort was put into the voice acting, as well as other sounds, in order to create an imersive experience for the player. If you listen attentively, even the breathing between lines, seems choreographed.

With all that being said, perhaps too much was put in, and too much of a good thing, can become a bad thing, therefore slowing down the game to a point where regular computers can’t handle some of it.

Besides the obviuos lag associated fixes, that this game could dearly use, here are some additional improvements, that I think would help:

- Increase Diane’s Shotgun damage by 50%, at point blank range. Cocheta’s Auto Shotgun, I’d say, about 33% more at point blank range.

- A fire selector toggle, for the Assault Rifle.

- A much stiffer penalty for killing a citizen. At least 10x more than what it currently is. Diane & Cocheta, can literally go on a mass murder rampage, with little repurcusion (besides the loss of 10 RP, which is laughable considering how easily RP flows in).

- A perk to improve character morale, which in turn might affect (positively / negatively) their over all performance. Something like a scrounging around for; alcohol, chocolate bars, cigarettes, soft drinks, doghnuts, coffee, whatever. Try and place yourself in their predicament – what would make you happy? You could drop the More Ammo perk, in its place.

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Appendix A: Sample story mode game, with a new profile.

I reset my profile (erased the data), and started a game, in the ‘Lost Guns’ story mode. I then played as normal as I could, while trying to progress through the different missions at a moderate pace. All the while, I was leveling skills, and upgrading equipment and perks, in a way that I consider to be beneficial for someone just trying to get through it. Now then, I have a certain amount of experience with the game, and have used many of the tips and tricks written throughout this guide, along the way. So someone new, and not being aware of everything, may find it questionable, as to why I chose some at the different stages. I suppose, that reading the guide, will help, but if you just want to “blow through” things for the badge, here’s how I did it:

Diane is driving – Cocheta is the gunner.

Item or Perk Upgrade: Cost in RP

Perk, Lower Costs: 250
Perk, Lower Costs: 360
Perk, Lower Costs: 500
Perk, Lower Costs: 840
Perk, Faster Leveling: 90
Perk, Faster Leveling: 180
Perk, Faster Leveling: 360
Vehicle, Tires: 150
Perk, Lower Costs: 960
Perk, Faster Leveling: 450
Meds, Med Patch: 50
Perk, Faster Leveling: 600
Pistol Damage: 25
Pistol Damage: 63
Pistol Damage: 138
< First mutant encountered, in game. >
Vehicle, Tires: 250
Meds, Med Patch: 50
Pistol Accuracy: 25
Pistol Damage: 275
Vehicle, Tires: 500
Vehicle, Engine: 125
Pistol Accuracy: 63
< Jet bombing runs, now active in game. >
Vehicle, Armor: 125
Vehicle, Engine: 250
Meds, Med Patch: 50
Vehicle, Armor: 250
Meds, Steroids: 100
Meds, Med Patch: 50
Pistol Damage: 500
Vehicle, Engine: 500
Pistol Accuracy: 138
Pistol Capacity: (25 + 63) 88
Assault SMG Damage: 38
Assault SMG Damage: 88
Assault SMG Accuracy: 38
Vehicle Armor: 500
Assault SMG Damage: 200
Assault SMG Accuracy: 88
Pistol Capacity: 138
Assault SMG Capacity: 38
Replenish Ammo: 50
Meds, Med Patch: 50
Pistol Accuracy: 275
Meds, Steroids: 100
Meds, Med Patch: (2x 50) 100
Pistol Capacity: 275
Assault SMG Damage: 363
Assault SMG Capacity: 88
Meds, Steroids: (3x 100) 300
Meds, Med Patch: (3x 50) 150
Vehicle, Tires: (750 + 1000) 1750
Meds, Med Patch: 50
Pistol Accuracy: 500
Pistol Capacity: 500
Replenish Ammo: 50
Assault SMG Damage: 600
Vehicle, Engine: : (750 + 1000) 1750
Perk, Faster Tasks: (125 + 250) 375
Meds, Med Patch: 50
Perk, Faster Tasks: 400
Meds, Steroids: 100
Meds, Med Patch: (2x 50) 100
Vehicle, Armor: (750 + 1000) 1750
Meds, Med Patch: (2x 50) 100
Assault SMG Accuracy: 363
Meds, Steroids: 100
Assault SMG Capacity: 200

End of game reserve: 2900 RP

Appendix B: Sample ‘Out of Time’ challenge mode game, with a brand new profile.

I reset my profile (erased the data), and started a game, in Out of Time – to show how much RP can be farmed from it. I don’t recommend a new player try this, because with no driving skill it’s hard to do tight maneuvers with the vehicle. Best to get some driving skill in the normal story first, to facilitate things. I used the pistol on common undead, and if necessary, the assault SMG on ravagers, and brutes. The following list are the upgrade and skill levels, I achieved by the time I quit playing. I also went through the Achievements screen, and have recorded below which I received, in case you can’t believe the amount of RP I got. Do note that; I did not gun for any achievement, I simply just played to survive at first, then to upgrade the perks and the vehicle tires, so that learning skills would be faster.

Skills, Diane:
- Driving: 2
- Toughness: 2

Skills, Cocheta:
- Toughness: 2
- Pistol Aiming: 5
- Pistol Handling: 6
- Pistol Reloading: 6
- Assault SMG Aiming: 3
- Assault SMG Handling: 4
- Assault SMG Reloading: 4

- Cocheta, Pistol Damage: 3
- Cocheta, Assault SMG Damage: 1
- Vehicle, Tires: 2
- Perk, Lower Costs: 5 (maxed)
- Perk, Faster Leveling: 5 (maxed)


Hydroficially Evolved – 50 (engine fire caused by zombie impacts alone!)
Blunt Force Trauma – 250
Come With Me If You Want To Live – 100
Piece By Piece – 50
Demolitionist – 100
Skills, I Have Those – 200
Gun Slinger – 250
Rapid Response – 150
Perfect Defense – 500
Dead On Time – 1000

Total distance driven: 1307 meters
Time spent playing: 55 minutes

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Videos Post:

Videos I made on youtube, placed here for ease and convenience, instead of all over the guide.

This was made for anyone experiencing lag induced problems with the game.
Annotations embedded, describing how I deal with them, as they crop out while I’m playing.
May also be of interest to anyone curious about how a mission on a highway scape looks, in the ‘Lost Guns’ story mode.

Link to video on youtube: Road of the Dead 2 – Brighton Square

Here is the ‘Lost Guns’ final chapter being completed. It was a speed-run through the normal story, and I made it to show that it is possible to do so with minimal RP investments and the starting weapons.
(And, oh yes, I have no clue what the lyrics in the song are about, but it’s a great tune. If one of you can translate it, please post it in the comments on youtube. Thanks :) )

Link to video on youtube: Road of the Dead 2 – Fairview Mall – Flyboy One

This has a few good points, which crop up often while playing. The title might be a little miss-leading, but the intent is there.
Annotations embedded in video.

Link to video on youtube: Road of the Dead 2 – How To Play With Mutants

This contains some advice for new players, or people that don’t play the game that much, to consider.
There are too many different instances to list, so you’ll just have to watch it – or not.
Annotations embedded in video.

Link to video on youtube: Road of the Dead 2 – Some Tips & Tricks For Advanced Game-playing

The following three are “Diane & Cocheta” episodes, reflecting some drama we don’t see in the game.

This is Diane and Cocheta, relaxing while listening to a good tune on the radio, during a game in ‘Out of Time’ challenge mode.
Showcases the pistol, assault SMG, and the vehicle MG mount, as weapons systems.
Annotations embedded in video.

Link to video on youtube: Road of the Dead 2 – Diane & Cocheta, “Chilling” Out of Time

Cocheta, and Diane, figuring out what to do today.
Diane seems to be in a bad mood, and it later becomes evident on the road…
The game is played in the ‘Mutant Meltdown’ challenge mode.
Story inspiration from when I was writing the “Vehicle Switching” article, and from someone asking me how I start off, in this challenge mode.
Weapon showcases are all Diane’s weapons.
Note: The annotations embedded in the video contain the same type of language as in the game. So if you’re not into reading such things, then turn them off in the settings tab on the youtube viewer, and just enjoy the music while watching the video.

Link to video on youtube: Road of the Dead 2 – Cocheta & Diane “Marauding” Mutant Meltdown

This one was inspired from when I was writing out the “Faster Switching” perk article.
Nearly out of ammo, zombie horde crawling onto the hood, mutant pack running about, jet bombing in progress, and the hummer’s engine on fire. If that weren’t all bad enough, Diane and Cocheta, also need to go to the restroom!
Crisis management – as good as it gets.
Character switch featured!
Also pistol and shotgun tactics, shell counting, reload interrupts, appendage blow offs, and lots more.
Annotations embedded in video.

Link to video on youtube: Road of the Dead 2 – Diane & Cocheta “Bio Break” Task Stop

F.U.B.A.R. Challenge Mode

Link to video on youtube: Coming soon… (sorry, having trouble with editing annotations on this one, i’ll try again tomorrow)

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Pictures Post:

I can’t make pictures work in the posts containing lots of text, so this will be the dedicated place for them.

Right click on the image itself, and hit “view image” on the pull down tab, or use the slider bar at bottom of this post to move to the right, if the pictures are too large.

A situation where a switch would be a good idea… ;)

Mine Swerve Avoidance Distance…

Approaching A Task Stop…

Final Stop Position…

Aiming area to kill a zombie…

Hardcore Success…

Hardcore Achievement. Likely the one I’m most proud of…

Mutant Meltdown Distance Achievement…

“Shot Back At Dawn” Badge…

Hardcore Mode – Proximity Minefield Around Chopper – Sherman Don’t Want Me?

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Badge and Achievement Guide:


Blunt Force Trauma: This should just come on its own, by playing the game normally. But for those of you just wanting an easy badge on your score board, this is the method:

Start a game in ‘Lost Guns’ story, and place the 250 RP into Vehicle → Tires. Save the remaining. Select Diane to be the driver. Drive around and ram zombies. Shoot those that are on your hood with Cocheta’s assault SMG. Drive fast and “try” to impact the zombies onto the corners of the vehicle’s fenders – not straight on, else they’ll likely grapple the hood. Feeders (zombies eating corpses on the road) should be your prime targets, as just tapping them will cause a kill. Upgrade your tires at the garage, and repair your engine. Your driving skill sucks, so tires are the only means by which you can have some kind of control over the vehicle. Engine repairs are free, and you will never kill enough to make it explode. Don’t go too far into the story, else the zombies get too tough. If you reach a place called “North Logan”, then pause the game, and abort. Restart from the beginning, and put all RP’s into tires. When the next tire upgrade cost (maybe the 4th) is way nigh impossible, then upgrade the engine instead. Repeat until you acquire the badge.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder: If you are going to commit to this badge, I would recommend that you read some of the preceding guide, just to get a general idea on how I approach things. Of course, it may not be the ultimate way, but I don’t know how many times I have played it through now – and using specific techniques and weapons each time. I have tried it all, and feel that this is the easiest and simplest.

Have Diane drive, and Cocheta shoot, throughout the entire run. You want Diane to develop as the best driver possible, while Cocheta becomes an ace gunner. The Assault SMG, is likely the “best all round weapon in the game”, and with the pistol as your fail safe, you can handle anything thrown at you. A word on the pistol; even though it is your secondary weapon, do practice with it, because if all else goes to hell – this weapon can never ever fail you. Myself, I don’t start using the SMG until after mutants show up, but if you are new, use it when you feel that things are getting out of hand. Switch back to the pistol, in order to keep leveling the skills in it, when you feel secure. Go slow with the driving, there is no need to speed in the story, and it will be easier to get used to how the game flows. Upgrade when RP is available, but only in things you will need. Jet bombing runs are not as bad as they seem, similar to a mine explosion, it is their splash effect interacting with other explosive objects around you that makes them dangerous. I often take no damage from them, even if staying in their direct path, if I’m staying clear of other dangers. Just have a med patch handy, in case they hurt your characters.

Up to the mission where ‘Hellfire 26’ comes to aid you, things are pretty easy. After he leaves, you are going to hit three successive highway scapes. That means no churches, police stations, or garages. So stock up on meds, and have the vehicle in good condition before taking the ramp. After the highway, things get more difficult, especially in the city scapes. Time to slow down, else you won’t be able to react to the environment, and can’t avoid all the explosions. There are three consecutive park / cemetery scapes after ‘Sylmar Avenue’, so building task stops are also impossible during those. However, since the playing area is so much larger, it is easy to manage, compared to the highway ones. The final city scape missions though, are highly intense. Steroids and med patches become crucial, in these final few missions.

See Appendix: A in a post below, for a sample game upgrade and RP expenditures, I used to just blow through the story.

Shot Back at Dawn: This is likely the most difficult. If you’re trying for this badge, then I know you have a good idea how the game goes, as just qualifying for it means you have put in the hours. See what I wrote in the “F.U.B.A.R.” challenge mode section, above. Lots of good information there, that will help here. Here’s how I did it, with the minimum upgrades and skills listed too:

Use the hummer – not the mustang. Diane driving, Cocheta shooting. Driving skill maxed for Diane, and toughness skill maxed for both. Vehicle fully upgraded, in all three categories. Full med load out purchased. Faster Tasks perk, fully upgraded. Assault SMG, fully upgraded and fully skilled. Purchased Mounted HMG, to ensure a full munitions load out.

Start the game revving the engine and, just go. Don’t even wait for the dialogue to finish, just get moving, as quickly and safely as you can manage. More emphasis on quick here, as there’s no tomorrow for a failure. You can easily afford to repurchase the meds, and even the HMG, after a failed attempt, but you don’t want to fail 20 times in a row! It just gets frustrating. For the HMG, ~125 rounds is more than enough, so don’t repurchase unless below that amount. You’ll get a feel for how many rounds are required, any ways, should you have to redo this several times.

Try to stay on the center and left side of the road, while in the city. You’ll have some view of both peripherals, and be able to react to any immediate threats and protect the driver. Keep your gun trained in that direction too, if not engaging something already. Try and shoot single shots, so as to minimize any “muzzle flash” lag. Your only concern is to get distance. Zombies, civilians, soldier kills not being immediate threats, are all of no concern. Use the HMG to either clear a path from obstacles blocking your route, or to kill / abort ‘Hellfire 26’ when the military calls him in on you. If you must make a task stop, then do so in as much of a clear area as possible – including in the middle of the road (!). The enemy soldiers being able to shoot you through buildings, etc., will be the death of you otherwise.

Your characters can take “a few” incoming shots, but too many and you’re injured, so are now susceptible to an unwanted death. Use the med patch when the screen refuses to stop flashing red. The steroids, I use when I know I’m caught, like at a stop, an obstacle, if the game sends me for a lag loop, etc. The jets are targeting you, not just a random bombing like in the story, but their bombs can be dodged the same. Hellfire 26 is another matter, it has to be knocked out asap, I mostly just wait for it to overshoot me (by accelerating then sudden braking), then hose it with the HMG.

If you see that you are over the 7 KM mark, then let yourself get killed. You don’t want to have the game prolonged, due to the game freeze bug which will ruin things, particular to this mode only.

hmmm… Just got an idea. Trying it out in game…
Yup, it worked like I thought it might. I’ll make a video (coming soon to a youtube near you… )


Click on the “Achievements” tab, in the main menu, and use the mouse to scroll down the list for a description of each. They are all pretty well self-explanatory, as to what is required to qualify for the RP reward. I have completed all except for; Mastermind (non existent?), Zombie Slayer (lag inhibitor issues) and, First Blood (lag inhibitor issues). Some are easier than others, of course, and if you have any issues with one in particular, post it and I’ll try to help you out, with how I got it.

Death Race: Max out the vehicle engine upgrade. Maxed tires and driver skill are almost necessary as well, in order to avoid obstacles. Drive at full speed (hold down the “W” key continually). Don’t hit anything. Highway scapes are the best. Parks, alleyways, and cemeteries are amongst the worst. Easiest way is to play in ‘Mutant Meltdown’ mode (use my method to modify a single mutant), as the only active zombie trying to get in your way are mutants, which do not slow down the vehicle on impacts.

Expert Marksman: Play in ‘Out of Time’ mode, and within 1.25 kilometers from the start, because of easy zombie spawns and low health. Use the Assault Rifle, preferably with damage and accuracy upgrade maxed out. Aiming skill has to be near max, as well. Count out the 70 meters, by gauging from an existing landmark display on screen. Park, aim at head, wait for reticle to close, tap mouse button to discharge one bullet at a time (no burst firing).

Mutant Sandwich: This just comes eventually, if you play enough. But if you are in a hurry to get it, then use the method outlined in the ‘Mutant Meltdown’ mode section, but keep all mutants alive – just destroy the alpha – in a pack. Ideally, you want a pack of six, but at least four will do, as two on the hood will force the others to the sides. Park the vehicle in a spot where the mutants have easy access to the sides and wait. An alleyway is actually the ideal spot, as the passage narrows their possible approach and attack routines. Stay in the center, not against a wall.

Mastermind: The game mentions a campaign editor, but I am unable to find it anywhere in the interface or menus. So I suppose this may have been an idea they were toying with, but it did not make the games’ dead line for publication. Edit: I have received information from, SickDeathFiend: “The version of the game has a campaign editor. We had to cut it from the KONG/ARMORGAMES versions because they lacked a server save function for it to work properly.”

Knowledge Is Survival: You need to discover four military unit types in F.U.B.A.R. mode, in order to complete this.

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Strategy Guide (Part 4):

Accumulating RP:

There is absolutely no need to “grind” RP. The game is well balanced in difficulty ascension, and provides more than what is needed, just by playing normally through the story. But, the internet is full of people asking how to either; cheat, hack, or simply have a specific walk-through so that they can somehow manage to get through a game with the least amount of effort. Then there are perhaps some who struggle, for whatever reason (includes lag inhibiting handicaps), therefore – here are some tips for you.

- You start the game with 250 RP, immediately invest that into the Lower Costs perk, as the cost for the first level happens to be 250.

- Go through the “Achievements” tab on the main menu. Note which you think are able to accomplish with your current profile, and gun for those next time you play.

- Rescuing, and then securing civilians is a simple method, which is always available. A full load, in the back of your vehicle, generates 200 RP. Holding position at a church or police station, and simply waiting for civilians to spawn (while shooting zombies), is quite feasible. You don’t even have to drive. Rescue them in place (honk the horn), and then secure (hit the space bar).

- Play in ‘Out of Time’ challenge mode, until you have maxed everything you want. I will later post a sample game breakdown of mine, on how easy it is to accomplish.

Challenge Modes:

Hardcore Mode: Must complete the regular ‘Lost Guns’ story first, before becoming unlocked.

This mode is next to impossible, for those of us having any kind of lag associated issues. Aborting anywhere before completely finishing the ‘Flyboy One’ mission, forfeits the challenge entirely. I’ve successfully completed it several times now, but not before I acquired some tricks described throughout this guide, and literally racing through all the missions prior to the one with Hellfire 26, so as to minimize the amount of time playing, before lag renders it unplayable. Even so, at the end, it takes me 15 minutes just to do the last mission, and the game acts very weird. Voices are heard from near all parts of the story simultaneously, game can hang for minutes on end, etc. Still, it is probably the achievement I am most proud of having completed. :)

Out Of Time: Available at the start of a new profile.

Very efficient as an RP grinding mission. Ironically; it is super easy, if you take your time. The zombie spawn rate is huge. Just shoot, and/or run over them, while accumulate a humongous combo bonus, which adds to time allotted, and RP. Excellent challenge mode in order to practice with weapons, and level those skills too. Find favorable terrain, like a wide open area, before parking and blasting. Highway, cemetery, park, or even a cityscape with few buildings. Take a look at the Diane & Cocheta, “Chilling” Out of Time video for a good example. See Appendix B post further down, for an example with a brand new profile.

Dead State: Available at the start of a new profile.

Very hard for my computer to handle, consequently one of only three challenges that I am unable to complete. It’s like the missions after East Gate, in the story. Constant mayhem, non-stop zombie spawns, obstacles blocking the route all over, hazards strewn all about. So I get lag killed after a few kilometers. Can’t help you out much here, sorry.

Rescue Op: Must complete the regular ‘Lost Guns’ story first, before becoming unlocked.

Kind of static defense, although some helicopter movement permitted with the vehicle controls. Still a tactical challenge, as the landscape changes randomly between each “Op.”, and different objects can be utilized to your advantage. Save a close by mine, fuel tanker, large vehicle, etc., for one-hit killing any mutants trying to run you down. Careful, you can also inadvertently kill any civilians you are rescuing too. Diane’s Assault Rifle functions best here, if fully upgraded and adequately skilled in, of course.

Mutant Meltdown: Unlocked after the in-game ‘Survival Manual’ registers the existence of mutants / alpha mutants, in the regular story.

This can be the easiest mode, in which to increase driving skill, practice (test) impact damage, and likely some other stuff I can’t think of at the moment. If you use the method in the paragraph below, this becomes the safest environment for which to learn driving and maneuvering the vehicle.

All right, I have a method for dealing with these mutant abominations: Mutants come in packs, so kill all but one. Another pack will not spawn unless the previous is completely annihilated. The last mutant should be weakened to the point of near destruction. To achieve this, constantly shoot it in the stomach area. Do not hit the head area. After a few shots, just one bullet (even from a pistol) is all that is required to cause it to retreat. Keep it alive as long as possible, to simplify your journey without being harried by other mutant pack spawns. Careful around tanker trucks, ammunition trucks, mines, jet bombing runs, etc. You don’t want to blow up your “modified mutant” inadvertently. My best record, so far, is ~7.5 km with but a single “modified mutant” escorting me. ;)

For playing in the story mode: Learn how many shots are required exactly from each of your weapons to get it off your hood. A fully upgraded pistol in damage requires six bullets to the head, and it will retreat. From a fully upgraded Assault SMG in damage, this is four bullets. So a pistol with a few upgrades in capacity, can rid you of two, without reloading, while the assault SMG, can rid from 7 to 10, depending on how well you can squeeze out single rounds when firing.

The worse case scenario, is when two are already on the hood, and an additional one grapples the gunner. While fighting it off, gently move the mouse cursor over the face of the one which landed first, so you can immediately shoot it when you have fended off the grappler. If there are any on the hood, and the driver is grappled, let her fend it off, she will win, but the ones on the hood may have time to kill you, if you don’t shoot them off.

When you come across mines, stop the vehicle and shoot the mutant so that it withdraws, then shoot the mine as it runs towards it. Burning engines on cars, fuel trucks, munitions carriers, all can be used for this too. I once got 5 mutants and an alpha, in one explosion. That is one bullet for the entire pack.

If you want to conserve a “modified mutant”, then the best time to detonate a mine, tanker, etc., is when it is on your hood.

You can trick mutants, by faking a maneuver, in order to avoid their leap attacks. Conversely, you can also trick them into actually side grappling your characters, should you want it.

When a mutant lands on your hood, it seems to mutter; “Come on.”, as if it were a taunt.

Note: When a mutant is wounded enough, a shot that makes it retreat is considered as a “knock off” by the game, and therefore you are rewarded RP for it.

See the Dian & Cocheta “Marauding” Mutant Meltdown, and How to Play With Mutants, videos for examples on this mode, and/or the method detailed above.

F.U.B.A.R.: Must complete the regular ‘Lost Guns’ story first, before becoming unlocked.

I see a number of people asking what this is. “FUBAR” is military terminology meaning; ‘Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition’. Since Diane and Cocheta, in this mode, decide to go against orders from HQ, they are branded as rogues, and therefore have their own forces against them as well as, the regular zombie apocalyptic horde. Thus comes the colloquial reference of this mode, pertaining to their (yours actually) predicament.

This mode suffers from a game freeze bug, see the section in the Lag Guide part of this thread, for more information concerning it.

In FUBAR mode, enemy soldiers can shoot you through otherwise blocking terrain (buildings, vehicles, etc) – and coincidentally, you can shoot them too although you have to guess where they are. This can often bring on an “unknown” type of death, as you are thrown into the end game red screen. Also, there are spawned moving enemy soldiers, if you haven’t noticed yet, which sometimes get “stuck” moving into position – they are running but not going anywhere. However, if you destroy whatever is holding them back (includes other soldiers), then they continue and turn to shoot you. This also can happen when they spawn in a place that has blocking terrain. This can all make this mode quite a frustrating experience.

Most of my own deaths, besides lag induced ones, occur when my driver dies. Seems that position is more suscebible to enemy soldier fire. I therefore try and keep my vehicle moving on the left hand side of the road, so that I can better cover the driver, with the gunner, and also expose it less to any incoming fire. Trying to stay in as much open terrain as possible helps here, both with the blind side fire problem, as well as with the sheer amount of firepower which can be directed at you. You can kill an enemy soldier with just one bullet, so a weapon that has good accuracy, ease of traverse and aiming reticle handling, with quick reloading capability, are ideal (examples; Assault SMG, Compact SMG).

Making a task stop, can be lethal, as if you listen to the radio dialogue, that’s when the enemy soldiers seem to spawn expressly to attack you. So beginning the challenge with a full load out of steroids and med patches, is crucial. Not stopping is the best option, but that’s not possible over a 7 KM run, unless you are fortunate with which type of terrain spawns for you (parks, highway, cemetery, being the better, while city being the worse). Myself, believe it or not, I will stop in the middle of the road, even if a jet is coming, in order to have the best chance at succeeding.

Causing the enemy attack helicopter to abort, and stop shooting you, requires about 24 rounds from the vehicle HMG. You can bait and trap it, with maneuvers (hard swerves) and controlling your speed (quick acceleration, sudden stops). I have eliminated it, without taking damage, most times, unless caught in the city. Also, the attack helicopter can be destroyed by the explosion of a jet bombing run, should you be desperate.

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Strategy Guide (Part 3):


Your characters share the same health value, which seems to be either one of three possible status: Full health, Injured, or Dead. Things that can injure your character are; being caught in any type of explosive blast, shot by an enemy soldier or ‘Hellfire 26’ (F.U.B.A.R. challenge mode only). If your character is already in the injured state, then a successive hit from one of the preceding three will kill you. Things that can outright (one-hit) kill your character are; any type of zombie on your hood, alpha / mutant side grapple.

The vehicle engine will deteriorate to a point where it smokes, is on fire, and finally explodes. Timer expiration (Out of Time challenge mode only), will cause the engine to blow and destroy the vehicle. The armor vehicle upgrade, helps to shield it by requiring all armor to be first destroyed, before the engine starts receiving damage. Your engine can sustain damage from any type of impact (yes, even running over zombies damage it), where some do more than others, there are too many for me to attempt a listing here. Also, any type of explosive blast where the vehicle is within the area of effect, will damage the engine as well.

Character death and/or vehicle destruction, can happen suddenly, from explosive splash damage (example: jet bomb hits a vehicle and the engine of that vehicle explodes right as you pass it, the explosion killing you from behind/offscreen). But unless you are playing recklessly (driving too fast being the most common), you have time to react with a counter (shoot hood zombie, swerve out of the way, park in safe area, etc), before it does.


Back to the hockey analogy: You can be the best scorer there ever was, and are able to slap the puck into the top corner of the net, on the goalies bad side. But, if you can’t skate without falling flat on your face as soon as you take a stride, then you are useless to your team. Same applies in this game, in fact for the regular story (and this is a massive spoiler), there is only two minutes on a game counter, at the complete end of the run, where you are actually required to shoot anything in order to complete it. Theoretically, the entire rest of the run does not require you to fire a single shot, in order to progress. And except for the ‘Rescue Op’, no shooting at all is required in any challenge mode, to receive the achievement. I’m not suggesting that it’s easy to do, but it does put things in perspective. And once this dawned on me, I started approaching the game from a brand new perspective.

If you look around the net, there are many comments about the different guns in this game, but hardly any about the driving aspect. But with the statements in the paragraph above, that got me thinking while I was considering writing this guide, in the first place. It’s like how I started with the Lag part, before any of the Strategy part – if you can’t play the game, there’s no use into learning how to play it. I feel the same here concerning which should take precedence, between driving and shooting, and is why I’m putting some effort into explaining myself. It is also part of the inspiration behind the story in the “Marauding” Mutant Meltdown video I made (where Diane is leery about having Cocheta drive the mustang). Also, consider that the vehicle itself can, and should, be used as a weapon.

Therefore, my sincere advice is to; “Learn how to drive until it becomes second nature”. Go slow at first, make certain your fingers know where each key is, and which one needs to be pressed to effect a maneuver (I use the thumb for the space bar, so that I have the index, middle, and ring over the rest). Once comfortable with all the basics, then gradually increase the speed at which you do all of these to, a rate that is comfortable for you.

Learn how to control the vehicle, and this includes the ‘swerve’ move. Practice in easy areas, like the first mission of the story. Try to get close to obstacles without hitting them. Then try to maneuver around intervening ones, like a zombie sauntering down the road at you, at least it is somewhat dynamic, and is more of a challenge than a wrecked vehicle. Don’t worry about the zombies for now, besides eliminating an immediate threat on your hood. You can always start again from scratch, in the regular story. There are other hazards, that you will encounter, so having a good grasp on the basics will help in dealing with them. Test how close you can get to proximity mines, before they go off. The vehicle has to physically make contact with a regular mine for it to explode, or a spike strip to puncture a tire, so test the size of the hummer in order to avoid them. I have posted a picture below, showing how close I can get to a mine, and swerving at low speed without detonating.

Every time you die in the game, it gives you some advice on the red stats screen, and one of these is: Speed isn’t everything. Going slow in the right areas can make the difference between life and death. The faster you go, the less time you have to react to something, and this usually means you’ll either hit something, get hit by something yourself, or both, and the results are never good. There is no bonus, anywhere in the game, for doing anything quickly, or in the least amount of time possible. It’s much more satisfying to progress along at a moderate pace, while succeeding at the mission, then speed running through it twenty times until you happen to be lucky enough to get through it.

Task Stops:

Once a certain distance is reached (depends on the mode you’re playing, is why I don’t say where exactly), jet bombing runs commence. Generally, it is good tactics to avoid these while stopped. They will always target the road, or center of the map if off-road, so being as far away when the bombs explode reduces risk of damage to the vehicle, and injury to characters. I have two pictures below, which show a typical approach to a task stop, and the final stopping distance. Notice that you don’t have to be right up against the building, in order to qualify for the task stop options. In the second picture, see how far I am from the tires and the other car. I selected that area on purpose, so that you could see for yourselves, by comparing the white vehicle, and stack of tires representations in order to gauge the distance. Although my vehicle is at the edge of the map, a swerve maneuver allows me to just nick the white car and the corner of the garage itself, when I pull out and return to the road. These cause no damage that requires repair.

I know that it is impossible to always have an ideal area to make a stop. Often there are too many obstacles, and/or the zombie hordes don’t cooperate. Stopping in the center of the road may be necessary, for emergency tasks. At a garage, when repairing, always repair armor last, if you have more than one choice of which to fix. Jet bombs, inadvertent mine detonations, etc, means it will be damaged anyways. Note that explosions, and mutant hood stomping, can displace the vehicle, even while stationary. At a church, always select the medicine you are in most short supply first, in case you have to abort a repeat task stop for some reason.

Mastering Your Weapons:

- First thing is knowing where to hit a zombie, in order to kill it in the fewest amount of bullets required. Look at the small picture I have placed in the pictures post, the one where Diane is pointing her pistol, at the zombie dude from the 1980’s. Her gun sight is centered on a spot; right between the eyes, just above the pituitary gland, and directly onto the frontal lobe structure of the brain. If you pay attention to the voice dialogue, when you start a game in the story, Cocheta describes this in his own words. Now then, it is completely possible to destroy a zombie by impacting other areas, but in all my experience – and I have tried many different areas in complete game play through on other ones – that is the spot where I found that it works 100% of the time. At longer distances, it is impossible to get that exact pin-pointing, but I still try to center the sights, by estimating the location.

- Mouse cursor indicator / aiming reticle / accuracy reticle: Refer to the same picture mentioned above, again. The sighting reticle is divided in two circles, the solid inner one, and the four-part outer one. The inner is governed by your mouse cursor placement, while the outer follows it, according to various Skill and Upgrade factors, of the particular weapon your gunner is holding. Try moving it around, when in game, you’ll see what I’m saying. Your shot will impact within the outer reticle, when you fire – not where the inner circle is, should you be using rapid mouse movements. The accuracy is determined by how closed the outer reticle is, when you fire. The longer you hold the gun steady (presumably on a target), the more it will close until a point where it stabilizes. Also, impacts, explosions, kickbacks, mutant hood stomping, collisions, burst firing, etc., effect the accuracy by moving it about on screen.

- Burst fire, firing more than one bullet at a time while holding the left mouse button down, is extremely rarely beneficial. This kills the accuracy, especially at anything beyond short range (depends on the weapon), as the accuracy reticle never has the time to “zero in” to your aiming point between the successive discharges. Weapon knock-back (depends again on weapon) will also throw off the aiming reticle, upon where you have the sights set. If you watch my videos, near all shots I take (even at point blank), are attempts at single bullet discharges.

- The most difficult zombie, in my opinion, to eliminate is the Undead Soldier. Just because so many of your bullets are deflected from it. Auto-fire, or burst shooting, can be an option here, just so that the law of averages come into play, to ensure destruction. When on the hood, if you’re pressed for time, or have become uncertain that its attack timer is about to expire, shoot off an arm to reset it.

- As you gain experience with the game, you will start to shoot less often. After you have destroyed 10,000 zombies, it gets kind of boring, and you realize that succeeding a mission involves movement, rather than destroying everything on the screen. I call this transition phase “From Shooting Everything to Threat Elimination.” Now we’re going to simply concentrate on either avoiding threats, and if we can’t, then we eliminate them. So we require something that takes care of; anything on the hood (risk of character death), something that can “stand off” a horde (task stop defense), and objects that block movement progress (wrecks, large vehicles across the road, mines, etc). Coincidentally, these three requirements work well with the “Q” and “E” keys, as we are but one key stroke away from any of the three weapon systems needed. There is no need for more, and having four weapons on one character, with more on the other, plus a possible additional vehicle mount, just complicates things way needlessly. You don’t want to be looking at the keyboard, for the numbered keys, when you have the other two just one away from your vehicle controls any ways. What I find work well here, are the Pistol, Assault SMG, and the Heavy Machinegun vehicle mount. If I’m on the SMG, then I know that going down (“Q”) a selection I’m going to be bringing the Pistol into play. Or that if I go up (“E”) a selection, the HMG will be in operation. Although I have completed the game many times with just two (Pistol and something else), those three are fine and you have something that specializes in everything. Keep things simple.

- Switching between weapons versus reloading: In the beginning I was switching, because I didn’t realize how easy it was to learn the handling and reloading skills. But once you become familiar with your weapons, either is fine. It boils down to play style and knowing what a real threat is, compared to how much time you have remaining to take care of it. I can go through the entire story with just one type easily enough, without complicating things by knowing reload / switching times of several. If you truly are pressed for time, and/or have somehow lost track of a hood zombie timer countdown – then by all means shoot off an arm to reset it (does not apply to mutants though). This near always requires less shots than an outright head shot attempt. In fact, learning the timer length, and using these zombies to buy you time, is quite an effective tactic. Of course, if you aren’t presently shooting at anything, then why are you not reloading a new magazine? Never ride empty. ;)

- The above reminded me of something, if you watch the videos, you’ll notice that I always seem to be switching to the pistol, when gathering / replenishing ammo. Reason being; that when the task cycle completes, all weapons receive not only a full ammo load out (part only, if “gathering”), but also a full magazine already loaded into the weapon. Since the pistol reloads the fastest – and never runs out of magazines, it is the logical weapon to have out, when this occurs. Also, replenishing at Weapon Crates and/or Police Stations is the usual area I will do so, later on in the game. Both because they fully replenish, and usually are less zombie horde magnets, compared to military checkpoints. So, switching to the pistol at these stops, is an extremely good habit to get into – right from when you start learning the game.

- Situational awareness; develop this sense by going slow at first, while learning the game. Using objects around you can aid tremendously in eliminating threats. If faced with a horde of undead soldier zombies near a checkpoint, then a few (twelve actually) shots of the HMG will detonate a munitions carrier and take care of them, as well as any spike traps, mines, etc., in the immediate vicinity. A mutant pack requires just one well placed bullet from a pistol to detonate a mine when they’re near it. A fuel tanker will blow away everything a half street width from the detonation point. A column of them, will level half the block, again just takes one shot. Chain explosions are an effective means of clearing other obstacles, which can, and often do, chain explode themselves. Just need the spark (your bullet).

Dealing with Mutants:

I will combine this section with the ‘Mutant Meltdown’ challenge mode article. Refer to it below, for details.

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Strategy Guide (Part 2):

Other Items:

Meds: Indispensable for the later stages of the game. Steroids will shield your characters from damage – before it hits you. Like just before the bombs explode from a jet, or before you detonate a mine group. It lasts for a few seconds after you activate it – indicated by the screen flashing blue. This comes in very handy, if your controls have locked and you are smashing through a row of fuel tankers. The Med Patch is for when you are already hurt – indicated by the screen flashing red. They’re both very cheap to purchase, don’t be frugal with their usage.

Mounted Weapons: The heavy machinegun is very nimble, compared to the rocket launcher. It’s great for shooting alpha’s and mutants, even on the first approach of their attack runs. I have even been able to disintegrate them in the middle of their aerial leaps. Obstacles such as; trees in the park, concrete barriers, spike strips, or anything really, are no longer a major problem, as either mount can easily destroy them. Big annoyance with the rocket launcher, is the slow rate of fire, which I suppose is understandable, since the game’s survival guide mentions it as being the most powerful weapon in the game (besides the nuclear bomb, but you can’t control that one). The most hazardous aspect, in my opinion though, is the blast radius from the impacting rocket will include your vehicle, if it goes off too close. And this seems to be about the same distance as those which can damage you from the Chopper Assist perk. The rocket launcher is massively bad for lag like situations, it will only compound it further. Although the muzzle flash from the machinegun mount also can add to a graphics overload, it is much easier to control, and to pin point the location of impact / detonation. The machinegun mount comes with 1,000 rounds munitions load out, while the rocket has 40, or 50 (can’t remember exactly at this time). Both munitions’ load outs are sufficient for their associated RP costs, and I can handily break even to purchase another when the first has run out. Simply put: The Mounted MG is wonderful, while the Rocket Launcher can kill you.


Before commenting on any weapon below, be it known that I have played with each individually, from a starting position (data reset), and completed the normal story mode with each as my main weapon (the Pistol being the secondary). Additionally, I have also completed the story in Hard Core challenge mode, with most as well.

Pistol (Diane & Cocheta): The in-game description part quote: “… in dire situations, you can always count on this hand weapon.” I disagree with that. I would say that; if it weren’t for the very specific ‘Flyboy One’ mission, at the complete end of the game, I could do the entire story with this weapon. With three damage upgrades, it starts hitting for an adequate amount of power. It is the cheapest weapon to upgrade, across the board. Most shots fired are either at close, or point blank range, so (long range) accuracy is not a factor that governs my thinking here. Do you despise having to stop the vehicle to gather ammo? Then consider that the pistol never runs out of ammunition, you have an infinite amount of pistol magazines under the passenger seat of the hummer. It has the fastest reload delay of all the weapons, and may very well be the second best “lag friendly” gun in the game. For those of you worrying about mutant packs, with a decently upgraded pistol and associated skills, I can “shoot off” two mutants on the hood, and one grappling the driver, without needing to reload. Personally, the pistol is now the first weapon that I work on (upgrading and learning the associated skills with), whenever I reset (erase) my game data, and start over from scratch.

Shotgun (Diane): If you are used to near all the other zombie type of games ever put out, you will be disappointed with the shotgun in this one. Contrary to the in-game description of this weapon, it is not any more powerful at close range than anything else, exception being the pistol. In-game description says reloading is slow, but a decent level of skill in this, makes it almost negligible. Also, you can interrupt the loading process at any time, and start firing with a click of the mouse. There is mention of torso shots having the chance of splattering zombie guts all over the place. In fact, you have the same chance of a splatter kill, if you shoot it in the head, foot, elbow, wherever. Beyond about 6 meters, it gets very inaccurate. I have aimed the shotgun, squarely at a brutes’ chest, and killed another zombie a few meters behind that, with the brute not being hit. There is also a chance that you can kill more than one zombie at a time, if lined up very close to each other, and being over a distance of 4 meters. This is not a weapon that I recommend for a new player. The variation in the amount of damage done, coupled with the firing delay to re-cock after each shell expended, slows your killing time. Chances are that it will get you killed, as it requires a different way of using than just about all the others. Myself, if I do decide to specialize in it, I found it was useful for detonating mines on the road, fuel tankers in the distance, “waking up” feeders so that they move towards me, and killing grubs on the ground before they climb onto my hood.

Assault SMG (Cocheta): Oh man, I’m not a gun lover, but if I should ever want one in real life, then it would be one that is exactly like this one. The in-game description is bang on, for both how this weapon behaves, and functions. It’s like the perfect marriage between all of them together (exception being the shotgun types); good hitting power, highly responsive, surprisingly accurate, and adequate munition load out. Like the Shotgun, it is the second cheapest weapon to upgrade, and since you start the game with it, there’s no need to purchase it. Also note that; this weapon is hands down, the most “lag friendly” in the game. I can’t say anything bad about it, and if a new player starts playing with this as their main weapon, you will always feel that something is missing, from whichever other weapon you have switched to. If you watch my videos, you’ll see this weapon (along with the pistol) a lot. Because in all sincerity, in this game, it is simply that good.

Compact SMG (Diane): Bad nomenclature here, this weapon sure looks like a machine pistol, rather than some type of SMG. But the way it can handle things in game, makes this a top notch weapon choice. The in-game description mentions a lack of accuracy, but it’s not that bad at all. Fully upgraded, I’m able to operate quite well with this, out to about 26 to 30 meters, which is way beyond the range requirement of most shots fired in a game. Magazine load out is supreme, and just a couple notches in reloading skill allows swift changes. If for some reason you have, Cocheta driving but miss all the goodness of his Assault SMG, then get Diane this weapon, as it is the closest thing that matches it. It’s too close for me to specifically call which is better, between this or the pistol, as the second most “lag friendly” gun in the game. Though, the in-game description recommends firing in short bursts with it, which I heartily agree with, if you are the type of person that likes to “spray and pray” while playing, then this is the weapon for you.

Auto Shotgun (Cocheta): Okay, I’m not going to repeat myself all over. Re-read what I wrote about the shotgun above, and it applies here. The only real differences are, that this weapon will fire multiple times, without the need to cock another shell into the chamber, and it holds a few more rounds in the magazine.

Assault Rifle (Diane): Here is the weapon for all of you sniper style players. Best long range accuracy weapon available in the game. The first time I got the “Expert Marksman” achievement, was with this weapon. However, it seems to have an issue at point blank range. I’ve had it happen, way too often now, where it takes more rounds to kill a zombie than if I were to do so at long range. Meaning that if it takes two shots from far away, it may well take 3, or 4, at point blank. Dunno how else to describe it. In any case, when the game wears on, and you have zombie hordes mounting your hood, with an alpha jumping up and down on it, explosions going off all around you – this is not the weapon you want to have out. Traverse rate is mediocer at point blank range, and therefore makes it perform poorly in lag, and may kill you during a keyboard lockout episode. It’s expensive, to consider as a starting main weapon, and since most combat happens close-in, there are better options for you. For the challenge mode ‘Rescue Op’, as well as, the ‘Flyboy One’ specific mission in the story, I would consider this as the best weapon in order to tackle them. If anything I would have truly enjoyed more about this weapon, would have been a fire selector toggle. There are so many times I would have liked to fire off just a single round, instead of a burst.

LMG (Cocheta): The LMG has supreme hitting power, it can splatter kill zombies with assuredness compared to the shotguns, just aim at their chest while holding down the fire button. You can also splatter kill mutants with it, running ahead of your vehicle, for some impressive power shooting. It can two hit kill most zombies if you succeed with a head-shot, cut down trees in the park, and blow up vehicles with fewer rounds, than any other character owned weapon available. Fully upgraded, the total ammunition load out is 400 rounds, and if you can shoot well with it, reloading can be far between magazines with few ammunition stops required. If you’re the type that enjoys parking 20 meters out from a checkpoint, and raking the area with an unending hail of high caliber rounds, then you will enjoy using this weapon. However, it has poor accuracy beyond short range, resulting in many missed shots and a wastage of ammo. It is also king at having the worst traverse speed and handling of all the guns a character can have. Knock-back from the recoil animation, is at least as bad as Diane’s shotgun. Magazine reload rate is acceptable, if your skill is sufficiently leveled. If not, then you will get killed if you insist on doing it while zombies are on your hood. Along with the above assault rifle, it is the most expensive weapon to upgrade (I don’t think it’s possible to completely do so on 5K RP, if I remember correctly), in total costs. Concerning lag performance, it is the most unfriendly gun, and consequently a bad choice to have out with any potential of a game crap out. I have read enough comments saying how great this weapon is, and won’t deny that it is excellent for its damage output. But saying that it is the best – then no – that would just be unfair to, and throw off new people learning the game.

Vehicle Switching:

If you complete the ‘Lost Guns’ story and watch the animated sequence all the way to the end, even past the closing credits, you will see John Creasman (from the original game “Road of the Dead”) looking onto the scene of the aftermath. After the final mutant ends the cut scene, you now qualify to switch vehicles on your current character profile. The option shows in the top left part of the ‘Select Driver’ screen. Clicking will bring up the black mustang, outfitted the exact same way as the hummer is, with your purchased vehicle upgrades.

Vehicles differences are; “the mustang has better acceleration and top speed, while the hummer has more life and damage resistance.” This is information from SickDeathFiend, which I dug up somewhere, therefore pretty much trust. However, in my experience, it is very difficult to compare the damage sustainability of each, in the game itself. I never feel like one is able to take more than the other, and gauging damage from a visual perspective, the mustang is hard to get a sense of. Sometimes I’m surprised at the garage, at the repairs required on it, particularly to the armor. Maybe it’s my own playstyle, or the detail of the graphics programed for it are not as discerning, as it is for the hummer. Concerning the acceleration and speed, there is no question, the mustang does feel faster. Now there’s one more difference, not already mentioned, and it’s a major one: The mustang has poor peripheral visuals, especially in the top and edge corners. This affects you negatively, as not only can you be blindsided, but you also cannot respond to the threat(s), by returning fire with your gunner. I do like, that this was programed in, as it again demonstrates some of the incredible effort put into the game. So, the big question, and I know you’re already asking it: Which vehicle is better?

Well, in my experience, the hummer is safer, and it allows you to better succeed at just about any mission. There is no instance in the game where speed is a determining factor to your success, except for F.U.B.A.R challenge mode. (I know ‘Out of Time" challenge mode tried to accomplish this, but I’ll show you it actually does not, later on.) And even in that (FUBAR) mode, I would take the hummer over the mustang, any time. There are just too many things going on there that you don’t encounter anywhere else in the game. Conversely, the ability to “take a hit and keep on ticking”, is highly important, while being able to neutralize a target before it hurts you, is paramount. And of course, if you have lag issues, there is no question, the hummer is the way to go. With that being said, this is a game, and we should all have fun too. I use the mustang often enough, and you’ll see it in some of the videos I have put out. Where it operates fine, is in large open areas of the game, where you can see things far off in the distance. Cemeteries, parks, and highways immediately come to mind on this. Playing in ‘Mutant Meltdown’ mode is quite safe, as well.

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Strategy Guide:

Note: From here on in, this guide contains spoilers. If you want to learn the game on your own, or enjoy discovering things for yourself, then stop reading here.

In-Game Survival Guide:

On the main screen, as well as on the “Pause” screen, the survival guide can be accessed. Take advantage of this feature, if nothing else. It was put there for you, the player. Click on it and read everything in there (there are two pages). It is well made, and provides quite a few details that would otherwise go unnoticed to the average player simply running through the game.

Survival Guide Addendum:

The following are either things where the survival guide is lacking, extra information, or my own observations as to how things actually work.

- A munitions carrier (Army Vehicle in the Survival Guide), seems to hurt more than a large vehicle when you are caught in its explosive blast. This must be a reflection of the extra force from ammunition detonation carried within it.

- Although Police Stations, and Churches are mentioned as to having food, none is available anywhere. Assume your characters receive sufficient nourishment from the Med Patches. I would have liked having the option to loot through convenience stores, at least just to grab a pizza, and a case of beer.

- It is impossible to destroy Moving Cars. I have tried every weapon possible, including detonating fuel trucks.

- Spike Strips can be destroyed by any weapon, not just by explosions and rockets. Even a pistol will work, if you are patient enough.

- There is more than just a “small chance” that a Security Fence will block your shots. I estimate that it is more around the order of 50%. Correction: I have since ran some tests. If you hit a link, bar, or post, your shot is 100% blocked. If the shot does not, then it passes through. So when you’re far away, it is near impossible to know exactly where your shot will go, compared to if you are right up against it. How they were able to program such a thing, is beyond me, just shows the wonders of modern technology, I suppose.

- The Common Undead zombie, there are three representations in the game. But the one which looks like, a guy from the 1980’s era, takes the exact same amount of damage as a Ravager type of zombie. So treat it as such, when counting how many shells you have to load into your shotgun, before interrupting the reloading process to shoot it (that is, if you are the type which counts shells).

- Over-running a Feeder does not slow you down as much as suggested. Consider it to be slightly more than a Corpse.

- The helmet of an Undead Soldier has about a 50% chance to deflect any type of bullet from a character owned weapon. It does not matter if you shoot at the helmet itself, or in the middle of their face. For extreme examples; I have one-hit killed an undead soldier with a shot straight through the helmet, and also had 12 shots in a row deflect from the center of their gas mask. Note that their body armor does not cover their arms or legs, these appendages will always be safe to shoot at, if you are attempting a splatter kill with a weapon that allows it.

- A Grub can be destroyed while it is still on the ground. No need to run over it to animate the hood grapple. Just shoot it where it lays. You can also hear their grunts on successful hits, and you are awarded RP / additional time for the kill.

- Mutants / Alpha Mutants have the strength of several men. I have never had Diane (or Cocheta) fail a mutant grapple attack, unless I let the mutant win. So then, I suppose that Diane can bench-press near 800 lbs., when she works out at the gym (?). A side grapple of the driver, will lock out the “A” and “D” keys on your keyboard, until resolved. This is intentional, and shows the thought put into programing such a feature into the game.

- Mutant / Alpha Mutant packs can have from 2 to 6 members, depending how far you have traveled into the game.

- If you murder four Civilians, then all you need to rescue and then secure, is just one – and that will break even the RP penalty. Incidentally, your vehicle can hold five at a time, so a mass-murdering rampage through the city is quite feasible, even for a brand new character profile.

- I have never failed to kill an Enemy Soldier, with any weapon, when I successfully hit them. Therefore, their body armor is just for show.


To see what a skill actually does in game: Hover your mouse cursor over the skill in question for a description, on the “Select the Driver” screen – and on every other screen displayed – before starting a mission. I am not going to type out anything here, that isn’t readily available in the game itself.

Driving: This increases by total distance traveled, by the current character in the drivers seat. I found no difference in this formula, no matter what mode I play in. Easiest way to increase this, is to constantly repeat the first few missions of the ‘Lost Guns’ story, where driving is easy and dangers are few. For advanced play, It is also extremely easy to do in the ‘Mutant Meltdown’ challenge mode, with the method I will outline later on, as the dangers are even fewer than anywhere else.

Toughness: It increases after the character in question receives a set amount of total damage (including if killed in the process), from explosive blasts and vehicle impacts. It might increase when grappling with mutants too, but I have not yet found any hard evidence to confirm this. The driver, for some reason, is more susceptible to receiving damage than the passenger, therefore will max the skill first, if you always keep the same character driving. Easiest way to increase this is by repeating the chapters in the story, where mines first become known. Drive over one, use a Med Patch, then drive over the next mine, etc. Restock on Med Patches at a church. If your engine is smoking, or on fire, repair it first, else your vehicle goes boom. Vehicle armor plating does not help your characters, but it does offer protection to the engine.

Aiming: Increases after a set number of successful hits on zombies (maybe enemy soldiers too, can’t confirm this though), pertaining to each individual gun that the character owns. Easiest way, that I found, to increase this is playing in the ‘Out of Time’ mode. Find a spot where the zombie spawn rate is roughly equivalent to your ability in killing them, then shoot zombies – reload – shoot zombies – etc. Note that; the farther you travel (in KM) the more they will spawn. So if you want to improve the aiming of, let’s say Diane’s shotgun, don’t wait till you’re 20 KM’s in and are spawning difficult zombies in hordes. Try and find a point where the game is spawning just Common Undead and Ravagers (this is usually within the first 2 KM). Verify in the Survival Guide what these are, if uncertain. The most difficult gun to improve aiming skill with, is the pistol. For some reason, it takes a lot of hits to get the last couple of notches maxed out.

Handling: Increases after a set number of shots fired, pertaining to each individual gun that the character owns. You don’t have to actually hit anything. I’ve increased it by firing at the sky, buildings, mailboxes, flamingos, garbage cans, the things by the roadside which resemble some kind of clown, whatever. Just hold down the mouse button till the magazine is empty, reload and repeat. When leveled up high, switching between weapons is faster then any magazine reload delay, including that of the pistol.

Reloading: Increases after a set number of magazine changes pertaining to each individual gun that the character owns. In the cases of the shotgun / auto-shotgun, it is the number of shells loaded, not a complete reload of the magazine’s capacity. Simplest way to increase is by pressing the “R” key, after firing a single round, till you’re sick of it. Shoot – reload – shoot – reload – need I explain it any more? This is easily leveled up in conjunction with the handling skill method above.


As I mentioned under “Skills”, to see what a particular upgrade actually does in game: Hover your mouse cursor over them for a description, in the various screens pertaining to these – before starting a mission.

Vehicle: All well explained in the game screen – and the Survival Guide. What I can add though, is that learning how to drive is so much easier when you have well upgraded tires. Well upgraded armor helps tremendously when the game decides to send your vehicle crashing through buildings or other obstacles. The engine will take longer to explode, after a few upgrades, when smoking / on fire. All three upgrades are very worthy investments, which will aid you throughout any part of the game, and (except ‘Rescue Op’) in all the challenge modes. When I first started playing, I favored a few in the engine and armor at first, but now that I am more experienced, I favor tires at the beginning.

Damage: In near all cases, usually the first thing I will increase on a weapon. Vital upgrade for the pistol in particular.

Accuracy: The better you get with the game (your playing skill), the less important this becomes. I usually increase it at about 50% of the weapons damage upgrade. Exceptions are the Compact SMG (Diane), where I will increase this on par with damage. For the Shotgun (Diane), and Auto Shotgun (Cocheta), I don’t care about this much, as compared to their capacity. Cause frankly, it don’t seem to make much of a difference.

Capacity: Again as above, the better you become at playing the game, you will find that you shoot smarter, instead of a lot. I’m not saying this isn’t worth it, just not as vital as the previous two. Besides shotguns, this will be the last thing I invest RP in.

Hover your mouse cursor over each in the Perks game screen, to get a description of each.

Chopper Assist: Referred to as Attack Choppers, in the game Survival Guide. The game says that the assist time is “a short moment” The description is bang on correct. Don’t count on this to linger around, like the chopper assist in the story (where it clears the whole chapter if you let it). When maxed out, the chopper stays for about 60 seconds. That might seem like a long time, but not for those of us suffering lag (where we can’t react to avoid the blast radius of explosions which ensue from the “assist” or adjust to different targets with our own character gunner). And for the record, the chopper assist perk will add to your lag woes when called in. Other thing, the chopper carries air to ground missiles (or rocket packs) which can hurt you if you’re too close to the explosion, or if they blow anything that chain explodes near you. All right, now for some good things about this perk; you can control the distance between the chopper and your vehicle, to a degree. If you want to get it further ahead, so you’re safer, slow down or stop, and it will go ahead till a point where it stops and hovers in place. Take a good look, and gauge this distance on the game screen, and then try to slowly increase speed and maintain the ratio. If you accelerate too fast, you will get too close, and when the parked row of eight tanker trucks go up in a crescendo of fire, so will you. If you are at a point deep into a challenge mode, and are constantly being swamped at a task stop, then call this in just before you reach the stopping point. It will clear the area, and give you a breather to get all your tasks done (especially if swapping tires, repairing the engine, and fixing the armor all in one go). Calling this in to blow up several large vehicles and a pile of smaller ones, at an intersection, deep into a game, is also handy. Other time, I can think of presently, is when the military checkpoints get extreme in the amount of vehicles, mines, and spike strips. The chopper will blow it all away for you. Some people may feel that a crowded alley would be an ideal area to ask for assistance, but as you learn how to play the game better, you’ll find alleyways pretty easy, compared to the regular city. If you called in the assist, and you change terrain (like for example; from city to highway) and the timer has not expired, the chopper will change (follow) along with you. This is nice, as it shows the programers had thought of this. In most other games, such things generally just would have ended there. This perk, to my surprise, is quite expensive to increase, especially for the last 2 slots. Fine by me, as I hardly ever play with it, except if I’m about to die, and it don’t matter much by then any ways.

More Ammo: You might be under the impression that this is vital, when you first start playing the game. This only helps if you Gather Ammo (not Replenish Ammo) at munition trucks, or army vehicles. If you learn how to shoot (and therefore expend ammunition) efficiently, it is not important. In fact; Replenishing Ammo at Crates or Police Stations, makes this perk useless. I have completed the ‘Lost Guns’ story with zero investment in this, quite a number of times now.

Lower Costs: Generally, the first thing I will increase, by at least 3 or 4 levels. Now then, after you have played the story, and done a few challenge mode missions, you have RP coming out of your ears, so it doesn’t seem like something worth investing into for the long haul. But it makes all the difference for the rest of your career (that is, if you don’t erase your saved data), because things like Steroids, Med Patches, Replenishing Ammo, and especially Mounted Weapons will all be half price, and you are constantly repurchasing these.

Faster Switch: Uhmmm… It is difficult to figure how this can be that useful. When maxed out, a character switch is faster than a reload sequence, but since you are learning how to play the game well (by reading this guide), you should never be caught flat with an empty weapon. I suspect, that when they first started programing the game, that they had some intention (or preset scenarios) where this would be handy (example in picture post below). How the game stands now though, there is no necessity for it. Spend your RP on other things, and put it here when you have nothing else to do with it.

Faster Tasks: When I first started playing, and was reaching the later stages of the game, I was increasing this because I was constantly being swamped by hordes at the stops. But now that I learned how to make a stop much more intelligently, it is no longer that important. Still, this will be the third perk I work on, as it increases efficiency (speeds up the process), when doing so.

Faster Leveling: The second perk that I will give priority to. It affects all learned skills (see the list higher up). If you invested into “Lower Costs”, in conjunction with (the now reduced) cost of “Faster Learning”, it works hand in hand with increasing the rate at which you can develop your characters.

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Lag Guide (Cont.):

CONTROL FREEZE BUG: To help with this bug, Go into your Control Panel, open up the Keyboard settings set Repeat Delay to long and the Repeat Rate to slow. Just don’t forget to set them back to normal when you want to type something like “meeeeeeeeeh” :)”

- Okay. This is the only game that I have ever played, and I’ve been playing games for a long time, where I have come across instructions such as these. Do note that this is not a solution, but actually an attempt to reduce the effects of the problem. I don’t know how to program computer games, but if they didn’t test to see if the basic user (player) controls function normally before publishing it, then I’m sorry for their quality control assurance department. Really, I have no clue how something like this could get by any type of play testing?

- In my own experience, I have never had both the keyboard, and the mouse, refuse commands simultaneously. Sometimes the mouse will stop responding, but more often than not, it is the keyboard. On the bright side, I have discovered that one can be used to “wake up” the other, in most situations. For example; you’re driving along, your shooting zombies left and right, everything is going great – then no matter what key you push, your vehicle does not respond. Try moving the mouse to see if the cursor travels on your screen, then click to fire your weapon in a safe spot (not on the mine just 2 meters in front of you). Immediately after that, try depressing a key on the keyboard (normally the one you wanted to do so before). If it responds – great. Once I discovered how to “wake up” my keyboard this way, it helped tremendously when encountering this bug. Conversely, for the mouse – if your gun is no longer firing (by clicking the left button), try depressing either the “Q” or “E” key (that switches weapons down, and up one selection), if you see on the screen that your weapon has changed – immediately try firing that weapon. If it works – great. That is the way I discovered how to “wake up” the mouse, when it has gone dormant.

- Other bug, is when the keyboard decides to constantly repeat a command – even though you have not asked it to do that. You will likely discover this when your hummer has decided to go in just one direction, crashing through buildings, other vehicles, whatever. And no matter what key you press (usually you are trying to give it an opposite command, like stop, or turn the other way), there is no visible response. Now then, when I first started playing games on a computer, it was in something called DOS. And if any of you remember those times, then you are fully aware that pressing keys repeatedly – in an attempt to try and make things work the way you want it to – will inexorably fail. The same thing happens here. You can try to wait for the game to figure that it is time to move onto something else (which sometimes worked in DOS), but in “Road of the Dead 2” you will likely die before that ever comes about, or the game is stuck trying to do what it thinks you want (which is the last command you gave before it decided to execute this ad infinitum… ). But bear with me, I have discovered a work around for this; I know it may sound counter-intuitive, but what often works for me is #1. don’t hit any other key for a second or two (I know this is hard, but it seems necessary for the game to stabilize itself in this repeating mode first), if you are about to die, move your mouse over the steroids icon and click that during this phase. Then #2. lightly tap the key that seems to be stuck in the repeating loop. Meaning that; if your hummer is constantly accelerating, hit the “W” key and release it, to stop the acceleration. If your caught in a turn, crashing through the scenery, then hit either the “A” or “D” key, depending on the direction you are turning. If you keep hearing a squealing sound, then that is because the hand brake is on (the space bar on your keyboard), and hit that in order to stop it. Hopefully, that should solve the immediate problem, and you can then stop the vehicle, kill any immediate threatening zombies, stabilize your situation in the game, and then move on.

- Sometimes, and this one is really bad, your hummer is not only caught in a turn, but is also accelerating, and the hand brake is on. No other key works (like cycling through gun selections, or sounding the horn, as examples). That means your entire keyboard is not only stuck – but is also locked out of communicating with the game. Here again, try to wake it up via the mouse. I find that firing the gun, or moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen and clicking on “PAUSE” will work here. If it don’t, then try clicking on an area outside the game window, I have the best results when clicking on the task bar at the bottom of the monitor screen. I will then get a message saying something like “Windows Has Lost The Focus Click Anywhere To Continue”, or something pretty close to that. If you get that, it’s good, because the game is now paused. And it gives you time to collect your wits and figure which keys to try and hit, as soon as the game starts working again, in order to correct whatever predicament your characters are currently in. Now to get the game working again, you actually have to click on the game window, and not “anywhere” like it says.

You have done all this, and perhaps more, but the game still lags, and/or behaves horribly:

- Okay, I hear you and empathize. Reduce all other things that may cause you extra aggravation. Don’t play with the sound and/or music on. The music is great, but after hearing it for hours on end, it wears on you. The sound, besides a few vocal hints as to what is soon coming up, is unnecessary to actually advance progress. Besides, the sound is designed to add ambiance and emotional tension while playing, such as horns blaring, car alarms going off, sirens wailing, citizens screaming, etc. You already are frustrated enough with how the game is performing. So trust me on this, when you just want to punch Cocheta in the face, after he tells Diane; “What are you doing? Drive!” for the 360th time in the last hour. He will say that verse every ten seconds, while you are painstakingly just trying to survive what the game is currently throwing your way, and making whatever progress you can towards the next checkpoint. With that eliminated, you can then put on the radio – not from your computer though as it is another application – a real radio, or some music from a CD on your stereo system (again, not from your computer CD drive), and create a mood that is enjoyable to you.

- So… You just got your face eaten by a pack of mutants, because you couldn’t get the cursor to line up with their bony skulls, as the mouse wasn’t reacting to where you wanted it to be, because there were too many explosions going on around your vehicle, and the screen was shaking too much, and your raging because if the game were behaving normally – by whatever standards you consider to be “normal”, cause you know it can’t be your fault after all. Time to take a break and do something else for a few minutes. Make a coffee, take the dog for a walk, feed the cat, chat with the wife, or whatever – just unwind for a bit. Games are meant to be fun – and this one can be fun – it just requires an adjustment which can only come from you. Sometimes we need someone else to make us aware of things which are (or at least should be) obvious in life. Just having your mind concentrate on other things, while subconsciously still working on how to overcome past failure, can do wonders into discovering a new way to approach a challenge. Come back to the game after, feeling refreshed and, prepared to accept this challenge with some new found inspiration that you may have gleaned, in your time away from it.

- There’s going to be lag while you play – you know this already – so just accept it and move on past it. You are controlling two soldiers trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, so fall back on your military training: Recognize the problem, adjust your play style to it, adapt to the situation, and overcome it. Learn to anticipate situations and or dangers, practice this in the normal story mode (where if you get killed you can just restart from the last checkpoint), see which parts of the game (terrain) gives you the most problems and concentrate your efforts on learning how to minimize the time you are in those. My next post will be on strategy, but it will be useless if you don’t first learn how to play with the lag. It’s like playing the sport of hockey, every player learns how to skate – before learning any plays for the game in the rink.

- If you have serious lag issues, then it might simply be impossible for you to play the game. You can be a super expert game master in general, but if you can not even see what is killing you, in order to react to it, then I’m sorry. I know how that feels, and is the reason I bought my present computer, so that I could play the big multiplayer games on the internet, as well as new games produced for the PC. It’s not a super computer, but it cost a decent amount of money, and except for “Road of the Dead 2”, it plays any game well enough.

- I made a video, expressly because of the issues mentioned in this lag guide, with the game. It focuses on these and the embedded annotations describe how I handle these when they crop up. You will get to see how the game looks and plays for me, so if it is any better for you, than what you see here – take heart. I have succeeded in acquiring all the Kongregate badges, and near all the in-game achievements. Look for the “Road of the Dead 2 – Brighton Square” video, in the post dedicated to these, below. Hope it helps and/or encourages some of you.

I am open, to anyone who can offer other solutions to the game’s issues. I will gladly edit this post to reflect it, or link yours to it. Let’s all work together so that others can also enjoy this game. :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide

Lag Guide:

Lag, Freeze, and Non-Responsive Issues:

There are (surprisingly) a lot of different ways your computer can become either; overtaxed, confused or, outright refuse to respond to your inputs, while playing the game. So first thing is some type of preventive actions, or at least some ways to minimize any of this. The first part of this guide, will address these, as it is essential to be able to play the game, before attempting to become skilled at playing it.

The developer has published some himself (displayed in bold italics)…

LAG ISSUE: If the game lags, you can try a few things, lower the graphics quality and disable zombie tints in the options. You can also right-click on the game, click on settings, go to the far left tab and uncheck hardware acceleration, some people said it fixed all lag. Don’t forget to recheck it later for other games.”

You can do more than this too:

- First, the hardware acceleration check did nothing for me. There is no difference wether it is on, or off. If it helps you, then great.

- Next is the obviuos, but always seem to need mentioning: Ascertain that your system is up to the latest specs. Meaning you have the latest version of; Flash Player, graphic card drivers, (your choice of) browser, the correct ‘plug-ins’ for this browser, etc. If you know how, then run a system tune up and/or configuration check or whatever its called, to see if all these are working well with each other.

- Have just the bare minimum in other applications running at the same time. Myself, I have just my browser (personally, I find that the game runs best in Mozilla Firefox) open in a window. No other windows open (or running minimized), and no other tabs going on in the browser either. Believe it or not, just an advertisement in another tab, can slow your system down. I don’t even have the Kong “Chat” tab on while playing (on the right of the game window), I keep the “Game” tab on, as that is but a static text display.

- If you are technically savy, you can shut down other things in Windows Task Manager – but I will not advise you to do so, unless you know exactly what your system should and – needs to have on. Besides that, I keep just my anti-virus application going, as I refuse to shut that off while connected to the internet.

- Besides “Rescue Op”, playing near anything in Challenge Mode, or the actual story itself, takes me at least an hour – often more. If your anti-viral software is running a scan, or Windows Task Manager is doing something (like defragmenting your drive), then either stop these, or don’t attempt to play the game at this time. I have a very nice anti-viral program, it is very subtle and does not interfere with my regular use of the computer. Even so, I will verify if a scan is currently going on and, either reschedule the scan or cancel it completely. I’ll run it manually later on, when not playing “Road of the Dead 2”.

- The only thing that should have any type of moving graphics visible on your monitor is the game itself – do yourself this favor. Before playing the game, after it has loaded, resize your browser’s window so as to see just the game window itself. Meaning no advertisements visible – and especially any which also have moving graphics in them.

- Here on Kongregate, there is an option to play the game in Cinematic Mode. Don’t do that. This requires your system to work a little harder, and an advertisement is always on above the cinematic window. You can re-size the window of your browser so as not to see it, but that does not solve the extra strain (and associated lag) that Cinematic Mode also brings with it.

- The smaller the window, in which you play the game is, the smoother it will run. So if you have keen eyesight, zoom out to the smallest level where you can successfully play. This may take some experimentation and getting used to, of course. Conversely; if you need to see things better, and/or what is currently happening in the game (it is intended to be an action FPS, after all), then zoom in the game window by a larger amount to the level where you can play successfully. In Mozilla Firefox you can adjust this by going to View > Zoom > In/Out/Reset, or with the keys of CTRL + +, CTRL + -, CTRL + 0.

- When playing in “Lost Guns” Story Mode; play until you reach a checkpoint that saves the game automatically. This will be indicated on screen in big white letters. For example; “Fairview Mall Reached – Progress Saved”, or something like that. When you see that, Pause the game and then click on Abort the mission. Next, shut down your browser completely. Wait a few seconds and then restart it, and go back to the game page (I bookmarked the page to make this process faster). It should load quite quickly, on my system it’s less than a second. Only drag is that you have to wait a bit to click and close the advertisement that is running in the window. After the game has loaded, click on “Lost Guns”, and then click on “Last Checkpoint”. You will then continue from where you just previously aborted from, but the game is now “fresh” and running as best as your system allows. This process, although a pain as it breaks up any momentum, helps me a lot when I am playing the regular (normal) story.

- While you’re playing, there’s some lag, but it’s manageable so far, and suddenly you’re experiencing spikes. I’m meaning when your mouse cursor suddenly seems to start jumping / skipping to intended locations, or the vehicle all of a sudden revs forward, or the frame rate (FPS Rate) drops to a point where the game seems to be “chopped up” while displaying the graphics. That’s what happens when your computer is being over worked, and then it tries to catch up, with where it should be at a given time, according to what the game is doing. It’s not going to get better, and likely get worse as time progresses. If playing the story, try and hurry up to the next saved checkpoint – safely as possible of course. If in any other type of mode, just consider it as an extra challenge, because there is no way to save progress. Time to start pulling out your best weapons, shift to your best driver, don’t linger in dangerous areas (like I know you don’t already, but I’m trying to encourage you), start using up your medicines, etc.

- in F.U.B.A.R. Challenge Mode, there is a nasty bug where the game graphics freeze completely. At first I thought it was something with my own computer, but after having tested it for a few days, found that it didn’t happen unless I was playing exclusively in FUBAR. The first day of testing, I played FUBAR 5 times, and it froze on 3 of those. The second day, I again played it 5 times, and it froze on 4 of those occasions. So we’ll call it on average, 7 times out of 10. Now, I really tried to see what the situation was at those times, so that maybe I could replicate it on purpose. After all, the game isn’t that old, so we can all hope that the authors may put out a patch that resolves some of these issues. Any ways, it seems to happen when there are too many muzzle flashes going on, or if they happen to coincide with your own weapons fire. The enemy soldiers all use assault rifles, and happen to fire on full auto setting only, so there’s a lot of graphic animation. The game seems to get stuck at this point. You can still shoot, but can’t move the cursor, rev the engine but the hummer won’t move, pause the game but when you resume its still the same, etc. Only way out is to either reload the page, or shut down your browser – in both cases any progress is obviously lost. The work around solution, and how I was able to get the badge; is to simply drive like mad and not shoot your own gun unless absolutely necessary. Now this may sound stupid, and especially with how these soldiers can be the most dangerous thing out there, but what can I say… It is very likely, that blowing a vehicle, mine, or even a bomb attack from jets, can also screw you and cause this bug by inadvertently overloading the graphics while too many soldiers are firing their weapons. It’s pretty bad, but since enemy soldiers were added to this mode only, at least we don’t encounter this problem in any others.

- Use gentle mouse movements, and easy key pushing. I’ve played the game enough now (in all modes and challenges), to say that there is no situation that I have experienced, where rapid mouse movement is required in order to succeed. Same with the keyboard. Pressing any key harder than what it needs to register an input, like normal typing, will not help you at all. Trying to push the “S” key through the keyboard where it will rest onto the top of your desk, will not make the hummer stop any faster, when you’re about to crash into that fuel tanker.

- The longer the game is running, the more your computer will become sluggish. Also, the further you play, into any of the games’ modes, the more things happen and it is designed to make things harder for you. Like a gradually increasing difficulty bar. Therefore, with the lag issues, you are doubly (if not quadrupled) tasked with difficulty, and for some – it actually becomes impossible to succeed…

SAVING BUG: Set unlimited save data, to do so, right click the game screen, click on settings, and click on the middle icon. From there, drag the arrow to the furthest notch on the right, so it says unlimited.”

- I haven’t had any issues with this. I read somewhere that the game requires 1MB, my settings allow for 10MB, and have never peaked above 1484KB. So, I won’t offer any advice on something I haven’t experienced.

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Topic: General Gaming / Road of the Dead 2 - Achievement, Badge, Lag, and Strategy Guide



I’ve been playing Road of the Dead 2 – a wonderful game by Evil-Dog, and SickDeathFiend, which is the sequel to their original Road of the Dead.

I was having problems with lag and various other technical problems though, and searched around the internet trying to find some solutions to these. My computer is just over 2 years old, and ironically, I bought it expressly to play games on. I have read quite a few other people voicing the exact same thing. Unfortunately, what I have been able to come across concerning this, are mostly responses to complaints, and it would seem that there is not much which can be done, as it has to do with how the game was programed and, with the platform (Flash Player) on which it was done.

Still, in my opinion, the game is too good to pass up, so I set about trying to find some “work around” to this and am writing this guide to help out anyone else, who may find themselves in the same position.

Also, and surprisingly enough, I can’t find any real sort of strategy guide for this game on the internet. So I guess, I’ll make one.

Big project and currently a work in progress, while I figure all the formatting on this forum, and type out all the text. Please come back in a day or two three or four five or six days okay, maybe a week (or more), thanks.

Things to do:

- Establish thread posting skeleton – done
- Figure how to format spaces – no clue, might not be possible (?)
- Type out lag guide – done for now
- Review and edit above article – done for now
- Type out strategy guide – done for now
- Review and edit above article – done for now
- Type out achievement, done for now
- Review and edit above article – done for now
- Insert pictures – 10 figured, done for now
- Insert videos – 7 done, two pending

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Topic: General Gaming / This is how I beat Storm The House 3 Normal campain

Just set the high score on Campaign Normal


- Gunman
- Shotgun
- 9x Gunmen
- Quakebox (top slot)
- Repairman
- Wall
- 2x Gunmen
- Missile Launcher (middle slot)
- Wall
- Repairman
- 3x Gunmen
- Missile Launcher (lower slot)
- Upgrade Missiles to maximum amount on both launchers, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Upgrade Fire Rate on middle launcher maximum amount, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Upgrade damage on middle launcher maximum amount, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Wall
- 3x Repairmen
- Sell Quakebox, buy Laser, upgrade Fire Rate to maximum, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Sell lower Missile Launcher, buy Laser, upgrade Fire Rate to maximum, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Upgrade Damage on both lasers evenly to maximum amount, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Wall
- 5x Repairmen
- Equalize your Gunmen so that they equal twice the next wave number (example, you are about to do wave 33, so you would need to have 66 Gunmen)
- Wall
- 5x Repairmen
- Sell remaining Missile Launcher, buy Laser, upgrade Fire Rate to maximum, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Upgrade Damage on last Laser to maximum amount, spare cash goes into Gunmen
- Old Glory
- Upgrade Reload Time, spare cash goes into Ammo
- Upgrade Ammo, spare cash goes into Accuracy
- Upgrade Accuracy
- Increase Repairmen to 30 total, rest goes into Gunmen.

Wave 40 should look like this:

- Old Glory fully upgraded
- Stock Shotgun on switch
- Maxed out Wall
- 3x fully upgrade Lasers
- 30x Repairmen
- 100+ Gunmen

Use Old Glory on tanks and mechs.
Always be ready to blast the suicide tanker with the shotgun.

After wave 40, buy all the Repairmen you can, spare cash goes into repairing the Wall, and then into Gunmen

Here’s what I looked like before the wave that got me:

And how close I got (look at the sun).