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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Deadly Gambling] So. Many. Questions.

@JBGamer more bullets means you are less likely to get “No Bullet” The trick does… nothing, in as far as I can tell. Like the game said, premium means double XP. PVP is team games (?) where PVE is Player vs Everyone; essentially any kill adds to that total.

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Topic: General Gaming / If Caravaneer 2?

I, on the other hand, am eagerly waiting the development of another Caravaneer. The original was a good game (much better than Frontier), particularly as it is unique in its story and take on the trading genre. The market was well designed with the major flaw of getting very flooded after a while. Combat was fun, graphically unimpressive and the terrain was disappointing. Weapons were well designed although sniper rifles seem underpowered. The selection was passable although more SMG’s and shotguns would have been nice. Vehicles were lacking however. Adding trucks at least would have been good, although dirtbikes (very low capacity but good economy and high speed) would be another idea. Overall, a great game. Please make us another one somebody!

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Topic: General Gaming / Caravaneer

WOO HOO, military guys rule! i gave ‘em all snipers and RPG’s and i never miss!
Oh, yeah, and I made about 300K first time i got to Qubba because I bought the cheap jewelry and sold it at Fort Goks. That’s enough cash if you supplement it every once in a while.
P.S. Anyone know what all the names mean?