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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

I will not confirm or deny this.

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

I’m gonna combo break here before someone it melts into undesirable memories.

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Topic: War of Omens / Cards that need nerfs with other cards as precedent

The problem I see with Lucca is that his ability cannot proc on a turn where the opponent spent all of their resources. I don’t know how commplace this scenario has exploded into, but I can imagine it at least being uncommon.

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Topic: War of Omens / Can Mogesh's ability get changed?

Let’s say Mogesh’s ability was changed as you suggested. Would Sacrificial Lamb have to be changed to reflect this change, or do you think it would be fine as it is?

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Topic: Forum Games / Spitfly - Round 10: 1/26, 2:30 PM, UTC+2

Originally posted by Bluji:

  • That same person must choose to give immunity to the people in his/her row OR column.
  • (There is an exception to the above: should your giving immunity to your row leave one person/nobody without immunity, you automatically give immunity to your column, and vice versa. If both options result in one person/nobody being left without immunity, immunity is not shared.)
If this was changed mid-game, shouldn’t it have been reflected on in the rules post?

If this wasn’t unchanged, Kadleon should’ve been forced to give immunity to his column, which would protect Darkboy.

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

Originally posted by adv0catus:
Originally posted by RaceBandit:

Otherwise, we’ll have you banned for fraud.


Sorry, is impersonation a better term?
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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

How do we know this isn’t a trick? If you’re really ConstantProgress’s brother, prove it. Otherwise, we’ll have you banned for fraud. That simple.

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by BLOODYRAIN10001:

You’re redoing Journals :D?


I had previously mentioned how overly complicated the first setup was and figured it should be streamlined. The biggest change, however, will be to the flavor starting in D2 since Cirno is getting retconned out of the game.

Then again, the game didn’t even get to N2, so I really only have to change one flavor text and I should be golden.

From there, I’d probably pick random HWoC characters to show journal entries for. If I want to show you guys how Jojo’s been doing since JjNM, I’d probably end up having to get Bannedstory character codes for at least six characters: The five player characters of the RP he’s in and one of the grunts from an organization we’re currently fighting. Pokemon mugshots wouldn’t be as hard to get. The codes would be needed strictly so I could make custom faces for the characters, mostly to avoid running into the small problem I ran into when Darya died in DimC part 23.

: (Seriously, this looks like a carefree face, if anything. Hardly appropriate for shouting out someone’s name in horror as they die.)

I also still need to plug up that plot hole involving Zorus being present at ZandNet despite her supposed to be missing or dead by that point. Then again, it might be as simple as redoing the screenshot in question, retconning Zorus out of it in the process…

Here’s the offending screenshot again, in case you guys care.

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

Goddamn it I am slow.

I just realized that with the Journals setup being revamped/streamlined, I may have to alter some flavor text since it previously relied on whether Reisen or Mystia made it into the setup, with a hidden path available if Reisen/Mystia was lynched on Day 1. The indie SKs are now three Homunculi, so the old text might not make as much sense.

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Topic: Star Era / [Vote]which new card of Campus Carnival do you like best

Server: 17 (Space Era)
Username: TessindaJ
Vote: Vevetin

This is probably me being biased, though, since I got a foil Vevetin through a points draw.

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Topic: Forum Games / That's not a _____!

That’s not a front yard; it’s a park!

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

I don’t think it’s possible to give people multi-wins for one game. Sorry :/

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

Hey there AlterCocher, what’s up? Is this your first time here?

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I know, I’m late.

For this ending/epilogue/whatever text, we need to rewind to the end of Day 6 and temporarily hide the fact that Reisen’s the intruder.

And remember: This game doesn’t fit into HWoC canon, even if it sounds like it would.

: This is taking too long!

(I actually had this cheat image ready for when I wanted to give Kadleon an instant Scum Win at the end of D6. That idea didn’t last long.)
: Kadleon, kill them all!

: I’m not cheating to win. Screw you.

: You’ve been waiting so long for this, though!

: I don’t care. If this is how it’s going to end, nobody would’ve signed in the first place.

: If you’re gonna be like that, fuck you. Rocks fall, everyone di-


: Huh? That … wasn’t the rocks.

: ‘Yer right. It was me blockin’ off the rockfall trap so ‘ya can’t use it against these people. Now, ma’am, do ’ya wanna leave quietly, or in a body bag?

: Yeah, no.

The intruder tried to shoot Darya in the face. It didn’t seem to affect her.

: That ain’t gonna work against someone who’s already dead. What brought ’ya here anyways, Reisen?

: Oh, the project just needed a secret base, that’s all. What better place than a stolen theme park?

: You tried to steal … a theme park.

: As if anyone can stop me at this point. All I gotta do is shoot you into submission and modkill the remaining players.

: Yeah, I don’t think so.

Kadleon enabled the cheats, after all, just so he could shoot Reisen without risk of modkill.

Reisen was sniped. Headshot.

The cops came soon afterwards. YXBLARFLAND had to be closed down permanently. The four remaining visitors (Darkboy5846, Bluji, Precarious, Kadleon) were interviewed and taken into police protection. No charges were pressed against Kadleon.

There’s your HEA ending. If you want an epilogue before I close this thread in a day or two, you’ll have to [write it up/act it out] yourselves.

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Darkboy, Bluji, and Precarious win for making it to Day 7, where town got dicked over extremely hard by the illegal NL disable. From there, it’s matter of Town Win vs. Happily Ever After.
Kadleon will win if we come to a “Happily Ever After” agreement.
Woon, Pulsaris, and EEES will win if we come to a “Town Win” agreement.

Better luck next time, BCLEGENDS and Helltank.

I may still need some time to think about it.

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

Uh, about that…

I’m basically not leaning towards a scum win anymore. Kadleon will still get a win if we take the Happily Ever After route.

Guaranteed to win regardless of which option is taken: Darkboy5846, Bluji, Precarious

Wins only if a Town Win consensus is reached: Woon1957, Pulsaris, EEESMAN2424
Wins only if a Happily Ever After consensus is reached: Kadleon

Giving half-wins to both options would just be messy as all hell and I don’t think anyone’s going to approve of that, so I think it’s gonna come down to whether or not the majority thinks three people outperformed Scumcop Kadleon.

It would also blow massive chunks if all wins had to be negated for this game just because the whole thing got shot down at the end.

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

I thought Candlejack was a Freakazoid thing.
I am so hopelessly lost.

UH, HI?!
: Sorry I had to do that, but whatever this candle guy is, I can’t risk them trying to frame me a second time.

(I revisited the RSoC thread to try and copy the uncropped image URL there, only to find out the image was no longer there. So I had to re-upload the image to imgur. Later, I figured I should have a cropped version for generic usage.)

15 minutes later…

Okay, thanks for the cover, Rumia. I need to look at a massive plot hole I found though.

In the postgame for RSoC I posted the following minicomic regarding my initial D2 reaction:

That swordswoman to the right of Chris (and left of devourer359) is Zorus Phalton. According to Reimu’s Investigation, she was supposed to be dead or missing.

That being said, there’s actually all sorts of things wrong with that pic: JoshLv835 was supposed to be in a sort of control room with Tessinda, the owner of the facility, and instead, the pic shows him in the same room as the players. If he was able to go between the rooms, there would’ve been nothing stopping me from scanning each player one-by-one and modkilling the antitowns. The Survivor would get to live, but this would break the game balance so hard that there wouldn’t even be a game, just a Massive Cutscene of Fuck Scum +472.

I’m not ready to just call that JoshLv835 a homunculus, either; Journals is supposed to be the first you guys hear of those.

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Originally posted by Bluji:

Wait, why was it Super Bastard Mafia even?

IIRC, role modifier madness, which EoM followed in the footsteps of, even though the Crazy-Prepared Otherwise Vanilla Townie would basically be a Jack, and the Clefairy was basically an Inventor.
Originally posted by Bluji:

Or, go with a Happily Ever After solution and give wins to the four last players.

It probably would’ve been written as a Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies situation at first, and you’d have had to suggest the HEA ending where the last four got wins, but this could be an option too, especially after I threw the Reisen (Yep, that was the intruder) subplot out the window.
Originally posted by Pulsaris:

I suppose that the win should be given to RaceBandit, since it is him alone who was playing the game. Everyone else is just a puppet under his strings.

No chance. If you have people bitching at you for the execution, you lose.
That being said, I think I’d have gotten away with the fake RNG if I hadn’t forced you to lynch on D7. You guys weren’t the meddling kids; I was.

John has replaced RaceBandit.

The following role did not make the cut: Dragon. Whenever this unit stayed up all night, they would roleblock and kill anyone that targeted them, even Fairies. However, if they do an all-nighter, they must sleep in during the next two nights. Alignment: Random.
By the way, did anyone decipher the D6 flavor?

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Topic: Forum Games / Super Amazing End Card Tournament

Umm… what does this have to do with cards?

1. Lame Pun Raccoon
2. Chuck Norris
3. Scumbag Steve
4. Success Kid
5. Not Sure If
6. Philosoraptor
7. Sarcastic Wonka
8. Gaming Gopher

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

Err, regarding the YXBLARF wins?

They may have to go to town (Darkboy5846, Woon1957, Pulsaris, EEESMAN2424, Bluji, Precarious) instead because of how the end was blatantly rigged in scum’s favor.

Three town-aligned players had to be modkilled, which is why there are only six townies that would be awarded wins.

Make what you will of this. I already know I fucked up harder than in SBM.

EDIT – Or we could go the Happily Ever After route and give the wins solely to Darkboy, Bluji, Precarious, and Kadleon since they had the HEA setup at their disposal. YMMV.
Either way, Darkboy, Bluji, and Precarious should get wins.

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EBWOP because I just realized I missed the point of why Precarious swore off my games. I’ll probably get ninja’d by an angry Precarious because, again, I missed the point, but I’m saying this anyways because now I realize my mistake.

From N6 onwards, this wasn’t bastardry, it was me actively torpedoing town’s efforts to gather further information, which changed the ending as a result. Town couldn’t miss until I forced them to shoot in the dark. Not even SBM or SoC was that bad o.o’

I’ve also got someone talking to me on Skype (I’ll leave them anonymous.) about how this NL-disabling on whim was on the same level of modkilling on whim, something absolutely nobody’s getting away with on Kongregate, even in a bastard game.

Wins probably should be awarded to the town players instead of scum. Sorry, Kadleon.
If this happens, the winners are actually Darkboy5846, Woon1957, Pulsaris, EEESMAN2424, Bluji, and Precarious, since they were town-aligned players that were not modkilled.

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If you think this was overly bastard, then so be it. This is my first time adding a [Bastard] tag to my bastard games, and I’ll be sure to do it in the future if I feel like there’s a bullshit element in the game, like the rigged RNG.
That being said, the [Bastard] tag was my way of making it clear even during the pregame that there would be an element of bastardry in here. In my last bastard game, RaceBandit’s Bastard Dethy, it was the unorthodox cop sanities that I don’t think anybody had seen before, especially the Cannibalistic Cop.

Honestly, though, I almost called a Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies at the end of Day 6. All I know is that Lataro would’ve handled it better than I did, and that if I had made more stuff RNG-reliant, someone probably would’ve caught on and thrown a table at me.

As for the mention of the Gonkey DQ during D7… that wasn’t meant to be a modkill threat towards Precarious. It just looked to me like he got something mixed up, and while I thought it was something that needed to be cleared up, I didn’t want to say it in public.

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread


BCLEGENDS, Helltank, and Kadleon are considered winners.
EDIT – See below post.

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I got the one night action that matters, and it would end the game one way or another.

Precarious was a Town-aligned TV Show. This is a vanilla Roleblocker.
Bluji was a Town-aligned Santa. This could randomly give out rolecops, alignment cops, doctors, roleblocks, or coal that did nothing whatsoever.
Darkboy5846 was a Town-aligned Goat. This was a Bodyguard with RNG% chances of killing the attacker and/or dying in the process. Either way, the target would not die.
Kadleon was a Scum-aligned Car. This was a vanilla Alignment Cop.

Precarious roleblocked Darkboy.
-Scum wins!
EDIT – Except because of horrible skewing on D7 this win should’ve gone to town instead.

There might be an epilogue just to unveil who the mystery villain was, but for now, prepare to hate me.

Reveal Bastardry: The only RNG in the game was the role/alignment distribution. You read that correctly: Not once did I roll to determine what gift Bluji would give, or whether a Goat/Turtle would kill someone or die; it was all my bidding.

If the action log melts, I’ll put it in another post.

1T Darkboy5846:Goat
2T occooa: Turtle
3T Pulsaris: Fairy
4S Helltank: Distraction
5T EEESMAN2424:Distraction
7T back900: Fairy
8T Bluji: Santa
9T Gonkeymonkey:Distraction
10S Kadleon: Car
11T TheIdiocyWizard:Turtle
12T Precarious:TV Show

Scum team: Helltank, BCLEGENDS, Kadleon


Darkboy: Withhold
occooa: Withhold
Pulsaris: Bluji
Helltank: Scum NK @ Precarious
EEESMAN2424: Withhold
back900: Withhold
Bluji: Darkboy5846 – prefer Doctor
Gonkeymonkey: Precarious
Kadleon: helltank
TheIdiocyWizard: Withhold
Precarious: Pulsaris
Scum: Helltank @ Precarious


Darkboy: Obtained Roleblock!
Pulsaris: Blocked
Helltank: Killed Gonkeymonkey
Bluji: Darkboy gets a Roleblock
Gonkeymonkey is dead.
Kadleon: Helltank is scum.
Precarious: Success

Reveal Gonkeymonkey

Prod: occooa, back900, TheIdiocyWizard

D2: Pulsaris

Woon1957 has replaced occooa.

Darkboy: Block Helltank
Helltank: Scum NK @ Precarious
EEESMAN: Withhold
back900: Doc Precarious
Bluji: Precarious @ Rolecop
Kadleon: Investigate Precarious
Precarious: Block back900


Darkboy: Success
Helltank: Blocked
back900: Blocked
Bluji: Precarious gets Rolecop
Kadleon: Darkboy is town
TheIdiocyWizard is modkilled.
Precarious: Gets Rolecop

back900 was modkilled.
Lynch target: Helltank

Darkboy: Withhold
EEESMAN: Withhold
Bluji: Woon, Doctor
Kadleon: Kill Woon
Precarious: Rolecop Kad

Dark: Withheld
Woon: Dead
EEES: Withheld
Blu: Failed
Kad: Success
Prec: Car


Darkboy: Withhold
Bluji: YXBLARF, Alignment Cop
Kadleon: Investigate Bluji
Precarious: Roleblock Bluji

Darkboy: Withheld
Bluji: Blocked
Kadleon: Town
Precarious: Success

D5: No Lynch

Darkboy: Bodyguard @ Precarious
Bluji: Coal @ Precarious
Kadleon: Cop @ Precarious
Precarious: Block Bluji

Darkboy: Nothing
Bluji: Blocked
Kadleon: Town
Precarious: Success

D6: No Lynch

Darkboy: Bodyguard @ Kadleon
Bluji: Aligncop @ Darkboy
Kadleon: Kill Precarious
Precarious: Block Kadleon

Darkboy: Gets Coal
Bluji: Coal @ Darkboy
Kadleon: Blocked
Precarious: Success

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Bluji has been lynched. Because you already know this from how the game didn’t end immediately, he was town.


Night 7 deadline: 1/8/2015, 5 PM, MST. NL will continue to be disabled in case this phase doesn’t end the game.