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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Hope you like my ideas

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion, Blomo.

I try to light what I tought, unfortunatly Im rather medium in english.

Selling Diamond for Crystals
First it sounds weird but when there is a good item on crystal auction and the current bid higher than your wealth in crystal, maybe you want to change, isnt it ? Or you want to bid or Crystal tournament…

All of these things just ideas, I will like the game without them as well. Its like a brainstorming, I try to add my ideas to the common to help inspiring the devs. (I am a dev as well but working in commercial sector)

Mining a bit boring. Minigames helps the keep the excitement high.

L or T or plus shapes means when you match 5 gems but they are not in straight line. When you have 2 stone facing down and two facing left, you move the 5th stone to the common spot and you will have 2×3 block one of them facing up/down other left/right and the moved stone is common. Sorry about the strange explanation, lack of words. T is the same, but the common stone is the middle of horizontal and top of the vertical block. etc.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Hope you like my ideas

One more

The game does not award matching more than 3 gems L, T, , etc shapes.
For example, lets say we have +100 dmg from gear/medal and we matching 3 skulls. It means 15
100=115 theoretical dmg. In the other hand we matching an L shape with 5 skulls for 25+100=125 dmg. Its less then 10% difference and matching five is much harder than matching 3.
My advice is, keep the original 3 match score (15) as base value and every additional skull should double the base score. With this formula 5 skull match would worth 15×2×2100=160 total which is a real bonus for harder match.
Think in green mana stone. pointless to work on a 6 gem match for 3
3=6 mana, but with the new formula it could worth 3×2×2x2=24.
I think this values not so high to unbalance the game but inspire players to try making more difficult matches.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Niko's eye

Bear Paw works, Niko doesnt

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Hope you like my ideas

After one day of playing I faced the reset problem but I tried all cults on the official site which is not connected to the Kongregate then started a new game below my wife’s banner. (Ibolya)

Two days left and I reached lvl 4, collected more than 1700 life and I can easily beat all lvl 1-6 monsters except the freak pumpkin family.

I am still a newbe but I am serious gamer (38 years old by the way who refused to grow up) and I hope you can use one or more of my advice how to improve the game.

- Floating island locator
It would be great if we could search for a specific player. For example you know a player who always sells a certain item or pot, you can find his island easily. Maybe its use can cost some red crystal.

- Trade revolution
Independent price, seller can decide the price of the item
Owner can decide his slots are private or common. If its common, anybody can use its slot but income share must be payed to the owner. Maybe 30%-30% between item owner and Mages guild can get 40% share.
Looking for shops is very boring, it must be possible to travel between shops without going back to the island view.

- Auction house
Crystal for Diamond
Diamond for Crystal
Item for Crystal/Diamond
Time limit with one time fee for broadcast (1 diamond ) and Mages guild share when deal.

- Miner surprise
It would be cool if you can develop some kind of dungeon crawling minigame.

- Siege
Player can attack the shadow of the island’s owner if its lvl equal or higher.
Just for fame, practicing or something like that.

I have more ideas but lets discuss these first.

Thank you

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Fresh start


I would like to know, how can I delete my game.

I would like to try playing with different character as well.

I have discovered the option if changing cult but hard to pay when I dont know what will I get. I would be great if we could see more detailed information on cult selection screen.

I hope I can restart my game, thank you very much for help

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Advance in Kongai

Thank you very much for your advices.

I have to say I wrote some stupid things because of lack knowledge about the game.

Im doing fine with random decks wich gives me godly cards sometimes. (like doomer shaman and poisonous prevent card change pikeman) Now I earn 1000+ rank points (lvl 3 at the moment with 15 victory near 19 defeats) and 9 cards. (so it is not as difficult to get as I tought at first sight)

Of course it is frustrating when i got 5+ lvl stronger enemy with all the good stuff.

I think I have say this game is VERY addictive lol

Have a good time with it you too


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Advance in Kongai

I found a new option when I playing the game – random deck

I choosed this (got pretty viable deck) and with good strategy I made my first victory and how lucky I am I found a Death Mask (card, unfortunately useless at the moment) in a backpack of the fallen hero.

My appetite is back lol

Also saw a player with 82 cards . How is it possible when it says I have 5/46 ?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Advance in Kongai

Im pretty lucky that I found Kongai. This game is awesome.

Unfortunately I chosed my starter cards woodenly because I wanted to try it too fast.
At the moment I have to accept that I have no option to change my starter cards.
After played some (3) games against real opponents, I realized that I have no chance to win a game. (Fast I got +1 item card with challange (I took some hours with a game I dont like too much) but It didnt help because its not fit any of my hero cards.)
Why ?
There is some facts and suggestion I hope you agree with it:

- I dont know where this game started, but I see only 2-3 players with rank 1 in lobby.
- It writes opponent choose is random.
- Only 1 card per week by challange.
- Only winner have a chance to get card in duel.
- Unranked game also appear in my statistics. (why???)

In my opinion these are drawbacks.

- Random opponents makes impossible to find an opponent who are beatable with my crap (my fault) started deck. (to have a chance to get + cards)
It seems to me, this is a perfect way to make better deck more deadly and no conception to improve weaker decks closer to the winner.
I have some idea:
Rate cards. Winner should get better cards but looser should have a chance too to get a lower rated card to make him more opportunity to build a better deck. Or just give to loosers a lesser chance to get cards.

Let me to choose opponent. Maybe I want to play my friend who started the game with me. (I wanted to invite some friends but I dont do it because I dont think they like masochism) Or let me to set opponent level. (Same level or higher, same level only)

- Only 1 card per week by challange.
It means I dont have a chance to play with this great game at least half year until I get some cards ??? (getting cards with challanges is a good thing anyway)

- Unranked game also appear in my statistics.
Please dont do this…

Maybe other players opened some topics in the same subject, if you know please copy its link here. (no search option in such large forum like this ???)

Thank you for any tip or advices an please forgive me my weak english, just now learning it.

(Im good in card games like Kongai, thats why I so frustrated when I cant find an opponent with a same strength)


ps. Game concept is unique, artwork looks marvellous and surface is also handy. In my rate, 100%

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Topic: Kongregate / Aligment Points

Thank you your fast answer, I understand now, It is a requirement for getting the badge.
So I have to earn 500 aligment point in the game.
I tought I will earn these points in kongregate like badge.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Please implement search function into forum, maybe I could find the answers to my questions vbut sorry I have no time to check 347538239 topics.

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Topic: Kongregate / Aligment Points

I would like to know what is that aligment points ? What is it for ?

It can earned by getting Divine Villager Pillager Badge (Pillage the village game)

“Pillage 1000 total villagers and earn 500 alignment points”

Thanks for the answers