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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] SS2 Suggestions ( if any)

This post was deleted on 8th of June 2010.
Or at least i tried to delete it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] SS2 Suggestions ( if any)

This post was deleted on 8th of June 2010.
Or at least i tried to delete it.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 3.0 ideas (Apparently official thread)

PR3 Ideas

Friends and their Servers

Originally posted by Roidz900:

Maybe knowing when ur friendz r on would b nice and wat server they r on

You can already see when players are on and they’re servers. To do so, do the following:

1. Click the Players tab.
2. Click Friends.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Weasel knife- Full of crap

Originally posted by shadowkittenxXxX:
Originally posted by SAL37:
Originally posted by SnoozerBear:
Originally posted by SAL37:

It’s a knife guys. Knife are suppose to be weak and fast striking lol.

In SS, Speed does NOT affect how fast you attack; It slightly boosts the damage done by your normal attack’s damage and AoE skills! The Rate of Attack doesn’t change; the only thing that affects it is your class. Weasle knife sucks; 1 attack sucks, and the 10 speed boost barely boosts the dmg done, it’s about the same as a 5+ attack weapon… It’s weak and NOT any faster than any weapon in the game.

Speed does almost nothing; you can pretend it doesn’t exist. Would you use the weasel knife it’s stats were, let’s say, 1+ attack? No, it sucks and is really annoying. A lot of weapons give speed boosts that are a lot higher than that anyways… It’s weak, you got that right, but it is NOT fast striking.

Ferret12, if you have high attack, speed doesn’t really matter much. Both boost the amount of damage you do, attack more so and speed less so. If you pick a class with a low Rate of Attack, you’re stuck with it; no matter how high his/her speed is (Plus 999) he/she will STILL take a long time to attack.

Yeah yeah yeah wut?

um… sal i dont think u get it. snoozerbear is right.

And I thought not that! I develop speed faster than any other of my stats!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Weasel knife- Full of crap

Originally posted by Nick_01:
Originally posted by SnoozerBear:
Originally posted by Eeeveee:
Originally posted by SAL37:

Well I guess the only thing good thing with weasel knife is its useful for training for new classes. Those lvl1 class you haven’t try?

I dont have any level ones. They are all level 15+ now

1 attack… The War Hammer which can be equipped at level 1 has better stats :p

The Seroline Sabre, also level 1, has better attack stats.

Those weapons are got when you are higher lvls. You cant solo an Aseneekiwaka at lvl 1. It is almost impossible. You cant buy weapons from the store at lvl 1. You dont have silver or gold. Seroline Sabre is got by Yoriks Plea Quest. And wikia says, you must have done some quests to get there, and a quest The Puppet to get to Yoriks Plea. So Weasel Knife is best when you do A Hero’s Introduction.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Haggarth's shop

Originally posted by beast1996:

No, when you complete the quest, more Items are added to the store.

Originally posted by heavenlybird_666:

all Haggarth’s forge/shop is is extra items in the store..

Possibly. And;

Originally posted by Conquerer95:

I think if you beat the first quest he gives you (find cornellius in the west hills or something) then he gives you another quest, and, if i’m not mistaken, all you have to do is defeat all the monsters inside his shop…so technically you do unlock his shop.

What name is that quest?

Thanks for information,
- bilde2910

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate RSS

Does Kongregate have an RSS for new cards?

New questions will be posted below after some time.

More RSS questions:

New Cards

- bilde2910

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Topic: Kongregate / Attention Room Owners of Kongregate!

Originally posted by ImprobableBadges:
Originally posted by AioriaRox:

Every (willing) Room Owner is going to say an item to ZShadow and (s)he’s going to make a virtual Christmas-tree with those items? ._.

I wanna participate. cries

After all the Room Owners who wanted to Participate share, it’s open to all! I’ll make a side list for Non-Room Owners too! :)

Non-Room Owners list

I’ll really like that! So that virtual christmas three too!
I am not a room owner

Christmas trees

Instead of a virtual tree, why not create a little picture (sample) and then hang up everything else?

- bilde2910

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Full Screen Button

Originally posted by DiditzZz:
Originally posted by notverygood:

Also worth nothing that none of the question mark buttons throughout the various menus don’t work either.

That, and also when we use a hp or sp item, the red button “use” is kinda mixed with the word “send”. Maybe that’s something jamie hasn’t had the time to look at :O

Maybe its a kind of captha…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Haggarth's shop

Why don’t Haggarth’s shop unlock? Or where is it??? HELP PLEASE!! It would be good to know. Everyone, the shop… where is it. Haggarth’s Forge quest should unlock it. So – i did it… I cant find it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] Not LOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by GameGuru204:

For me the screen is black and not loading.

Originally posted by GameGuru204:

who is having the same problem?

I got no loading, too…

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Short Cuts(All Levels!!!!)

Part of message from hello5666:
Candyland:Get a Jetpack find the fake block and then you can go down and end at the part with the safety block go around it and land on the blocks and try to get the item speed and then you can go past all the ice blocks and then win.This is the best Short Cut.

Uh… where are the fake block?

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / PR3 IS A LIE

Originally posted by NOOBmaster1:


Originally posted by sanandraes:


It comes out when it comes out :) Right he needs to get done it first. Actually… Check here.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Frost Bears

Originally posted by zaraki:
Originally posted by mabzinoXX:
Originally posted by lymebomb5:

Starchaser, i had fun with some iron and forest bears yesterday :D you’re right, having fun with them is as easy as getting hit with over 14000 (what the bears hit D:)

I’m sure when you’rel evel 999 the bears will only hit about 4000, 14000 is their crit btw,usually 7000-7500

When you’re 999 they’ll probably hit for 1…you’re underestimating the defense you get from leveling and how much that effects damage done on you..

It’s the reason you can solo bears at 300+

Its also amazing HP you must get by lvling to 999. I think noone ever gets to lvl 999, just think of the whole menght of EXP you need! Formula:

5.level.(level+1)=Exp needed to lvl up. (5.998.999=4985010)
(5/3).(level^3-level)=Total exp to have. (1,6666666666666666666666666666667.999^3-999=997001334)

And its pretty hard to get 997mil exp…
I used . instead of * cause of some bold problems.

Information is got from

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG]

Originally posted by notverygood:

buy gold

Get quests from Jonas, and you won’t have to buy gold. (Plus BI gives 100 gold, apparently)

The game.. I grinded to level 8, left for a few months. Come back when I hear it’s getting badges, and I’m hooked. ITS AWSOME

The game already HAS badges – 1 easy, 1 medium and 2 hard.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Anyone know how to get the Crown on PR2?

Originally posted by xxstar76:

please tell me all u know about WU because i dont know how to even get 1 point pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

To get one point (or even 400) you have to wait while program is running. I get only 10 pts. a day, but my pc is soooo slow when running it (its slow anyways too…).

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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider 2 Tracks

Try also: -2d 3v -2d 50,-2q 41 -24 3v,-1u 50 -1k 3u -1c 4v,-1t 4i -1d 4i,-10 40 -10 53,-10 40 -i 46 -v 4g -h 4q,4 3v -8 4g 4 52 c 4m,b 4m 2 4f,n 40 n 50 1b 4u,n 4g 18 4g,n 3u 17 3v,1s 42 1s 50,1i 43 2a 42,-1p -3s -1p -2u,-1r -3u -1d -3i -19 -43,-19 -42 -16 -33,-r -43 -q -33,-5 -41 -g -3u -5 -3i -k -33,d -40 5 -3n c -3c 0 -33,p -3v p -37,16 -3u 16 -33 1v -33,26 -42 26 -34,26 -34 2l -34,27 -3m 2i -3l,28 -42 2l -3t##B -3 32 b7,B -5 -1o 5j,B 26 q 8e,B -2e t 2p
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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider 2 Tracks

*Brand new course - if you want a real challenge do it with mountain bike - this is almost impossible (with mountain bike)!* Impossible to do with mountain bike, baloon, and truck. -18 1i 18 1i,13 1h lm 2d,h6 -kv -1cp -lq,-1gi 9m -uv 9t,-v3 9t -9a 9s,-9b 9u 3n a3,-16 1i -2o 1i,il -km m5 -k4,h5 -ku je -kj,m3 -k4 19c -em,3l a3 q8 am 160 29,-1gg 9k -4sk -1s,-4sk -20 -52h -3t,195 -em 1ne -8b,1nd -8d 33e -73,15q 2a 18u 1i 1ch 1p 1mr 7v,1mq 7u 22p dt,1vr ce 22s cj 22q dq,27s ee 2ds ek,27v ec 27v h3,27v h1 22k gk 22p dm,1h9 -2h 1gl -2h 1gk -1l 1h3 -1j 1h3 -11 1gd -11,1hn -1e 1i1 -1,1i1 -6 1ih -8,1iq -l 1iq h,1iv k 1jr m 1jr -l 1im -f,1kh a 1kh 1c 1m1 1c 1lu e,1l5 j 1l6 18,1mg 13 1mi 25,1mj 2p 1mg 2v,1md 2n 1mj 31,1mg 2q 1md 31,2dp el 30r f7,30k f4 3c3 hb,33o -b3 56g -9a,33t -b4 1os -c4,1oq -c4 su -n3 9c -qs,9c -qs -1l7 -qq -1lu -r9,-1l3 -qq -3ah -r8,-3ai -r5 -4dk -rt,-4dm -rq -53r -sc,-53r -sf -57o -sc,-57o -se -58d -sc -597 -sc -5a3 -sb -5b1 -s8 -5bs -s5,-5bs -s5 -5cn -s2 -5di -ru -5ec -rq -5f7 -ri -5g4 -r5 -5gv -qp -5hq -qa -5ii -pp -5j8 -p5 -5ju -oe -5km -nm -5le -mu -5m4 -m5 -5ms -l7 -5nn -k5 -5oj -ir -5p9 -hm -5q0 -gd -5ql -f0 -5ra -di -5rt -c0 -5sb -ab -5sn -8j -5t2 -6r -5tc -51 -5tl -35 -5tr -18 -5u0 l -5u2 2j -5u4 4h -5u3 6f -5u0 8e -5tt ad -5to cc -5th ec -5t9 gc,-5t0 ic -5sn kc -5sc mc -5s1 oc -5rl qc -5r8 sd -5qp ud -5qa 10d -5pp 12d -5p6 14d -5oh 16d -5nq 18c -5n2 1ac -5m9 1ca -5lg 1e9 -5kk 1g7 -5jn 1i6 -5j0 1jk -5hv 1lh -5gt 1nb -5fo 1p3 -5eh 1qo -5d9 1sc -5c0 1tv -5am 1vi -59b 214 -580 22l -56j 245 -556 25i -53q 26u -52d 286 -50v 29d -4vh 2ai -4u2 2bk -4sj 2cl -4r8 2dg -4q4 2e4 -4ot 2en -4ns 2f4,-4o3 2f4 -4n9 2f6,-4ne 2f4 -4mi 2f6 -4lk 2f5 -4kr 2es -4k4 2eg -4j0 2e5 -4hr 2dt -4gf 2dm -4er 2dc -4de 2d1 -4bt 2cm -4aa 2cb -48l 2c0 -46v 2bk -456 2b6 -43c 2an -41i 2a5 -3vm 29i -3tq 28s -3ru 285 -3q1 27e -3o3 26l -3m6 25s -3k7 252 -3i9 248 -3gb 23e -3ed 22j -3cf 21n -3ai 20p -38l 1vr -36n 1us -359 1u4 -33r 1tc -32c 1sl -30u 1rt -2vf 1r3 -2u0 1qa -2si 1pg -2r3 1on -2pk 1ns -2o6 1n2 -2mn 1m7 -2l8 1lc -2jp 1kg,-2k1 1kf -fh fc,-2js 1kd -2mp 1m9,-5t9 g5 -5st ir##G -3v4 28o 4s,G 27h fo b1,G 241 g0 b8,G 23i fc b8,G 270 g5 b8,G 25e fa 4,G 262 fm b8,G 25q g3 b6,G 24s fr 3,B -4n0 2dv 1u,G -4n0 2dv 5k,B -55c 23s 4a,B -528 26i 49,B -4ps 2dg 9k,G -4u9 28n 6k,G -57v 1uv 70,G -5i1 1gh 7s,G -5mq 16l 7o,G -5q3 r6 7s,G -5rp fm 85,G -5t2 50 85,G -5r8 3t 87,G -5rd 1l 8e,G -5rn -7 8e,G -5rq -2l 8e,G -5rv -4r 8e,G -5rn -6k 8r,G -5rl -8b 9e,G -5r0 -95 8v,G -5q0 -b0 8r,G -5pj -cq 8t,G -5om -fh 9l,G -5no -hq 94,G -5md -jp a1,G -5l7 -la 9p,G -5j9 -mb 9q,G -5go -pq ah,B -4je -os 8g,B -445 -p1 8f,B -3hb -oq 8g,B -2ru -os 8f,B -288 -ov 8e,B -1fn -pg 8e,B -kn -q1 8d,B -62 -pt 8c,B 2u -pi 8g,B m0 -n0 8o,B 1r8 -bc 30,B 1pu -bb 2q,B 35a -9f 8g,B 37e -9h 8c,B 3ac -8t 8s,B 3dh -8j 8e,B 3gn -8k 89,B 3jm -8f 8e,B 3mm -8j 8d,B 3qd -8j 8e,B 3tp -8h 8e,B 41c -8j 8d,B 45m -8c 8g,B 4a2 -8m 8g,B 4dg -8j 8i,B 4ge -8e 8d,B 4ji -8h 8e,B 4l7 -8f 8e,B 4nf -85 8h,B 4po -84 8e,B 4sf -84 8e,B 4ul -7v 8e,B 50k -7v 8e,B 534 -7t 8e,B 55k -7t 8e,B 34i f7 37,B 372 fm 34,B 39n g7 3j,G 3bj h1 b8,T 25q fh,G 27n gs b3,G 26f gq au,G 23n gk 4,G 231 gg 2,G 273 gq b8,G 25r gq 2,G 24c gi 2,G 255 gg b8,T 1al 12,T 1u0 -7e,B 1ot -78 2n,B 1no -78 2j,B 1s3 -7a 8e,B 20p -7a 8i,B 23e -78 8e,B 25l -70 8i,B 28j -6p 8i,B 2bi -6n 8e,B 2g1 -67 8j,B 2ik -68 88,B 2lg -62 8i,B 2oa -5u 8g,B 2re -5m 8i,B 2uq -5c 8j,B 31m -5a 8f,T 14n 1u,T 13t 2k,T 12m 33,T 11s 3s,T 10f 4l,T vm 5k,T uk 6i,T t2 7f,T ri 8s,T qd 9j,T -58 9e,T -253 6c,T -1ac -kv,T 15a -ef,B 1i9 -8l 99,B 1eu -ac 9e,B 1bs -c6 9j,B -h6 -kd 8h,B -97 -k7 8c,B -11 -ju 8f,B 1s -k3 7c,B c6 -k0 8f,B n2 -j2 8j,B pe -i5 93,B si -hb 8s,B vh -g6 91,B 12v -f6 92,B 17q -dp 96,B -1rj 7h 8q,B -2gv 4k 33,B -2ht 4u 2l,B -2l3 4k 2v,B -2ok 4f 30,B -2sa 43 32,B -2v3 3j 2s,B -31k 3a 32,B -34t 35 2s,B -38g 2q 2u,B -3cd 2j 2u,B -3g9 1v 30,B -3ke 1b 33,B -3pj u 2v,B -3uo a 2v,B -42q -2 32,B -46v -m 33,B -4ag -u 2v,B -4ek -1c 2v,B -4i2 -1m 2r,B -4l6 -1r 2v,B -4ou -26 2v,B -4r2 -2a 2s,B -4u6 -33 3a,B -51o -49 3e,B -6t 9i 2q,B -29 -o 2h,B -2f -c 2v,B -2k a 2q,B -29 q 2q,G -1cd -lv 5k,G je 1p b6
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Topic: Technical Support / WASD or Arrow Keys "stick" on moving games only on Kongregate - Problem solved, check the sticky!

I got exaclty the same problem, but not on Kongregate. Thanks, bbirenat!
Also, see:

- bilde2910

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Platform Racing 2 Official Noobs Tutorial

That’s is a quite good guide to Platform Racing 2! For some people its easy to complete Soul Temple in 0:50 or under. You can also see some of the Newest levels, which may have ranks up to 99! Here can you also find down by rank 0. Here is what you can win in 4-player campaign races:

Newbieland 2 – Unicorn Head
Mario Bros Remix – Cool Sun Head
Soul Temple – Helmet Head
razor blade – Giant Bird Head
its new york! – Giant Bird Body
Blacklight – Giant Bird Foot
Candyland – Candy Head
Zerostar (??) – Bee Body
Hat Factory – Propeller Hat

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Deadfields

HUH?? I never thought that!

Thats why its so hard…

Didn’t thought that…


Forest Bear Stats:
Mag:120 Def:150 Res:150 Skl:90 Spd:50 Lck:90 HP:10000

I self found these by PHOTO it! You may not see the 0’s, but this is the result: “HP 10000/10000” Try self!


I give up. Not before hitting it i can have right. I did. Didn’t fall much. 1000000 HP.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Deadfields

Yes, but I readed on wikia to do them both.

But not all on the Internet is true, so you guys may have right.
Like Bear Invasion (also called BI) it says both 1 million hp and 100000 hp. It was actually 10000 hp, after giving the battle a visit.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Deadfields

I read on the following:

Access into the north encampment
Access to the Deadfields (if Out of the Frying Pan… is completed as well)
200 experience

As well my link didn’t work, so I removed it.

I even forgot the quests at all. Here they are:

Sneak Attack!
Out of the frying pan…