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Topic: Game Programming / HTML5 Game Achievements

Hey guys, thanks for the info.

I guess I’ll give that JS api a shot.

Originally posted by truefire:

Dream World (and various other lousy iFrame waiting games) has badges, doesn’t it?

Dream World is an iframe game but not a HTML5 game I believe?

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Topic: Game Programming / HTML5 Game Achievements

Hello all,

I’m new to this game dev stuff and I chose HTML5 because I was more familiar with javascript than actionscript.

I’ve now reached a point where I’m wondering if it’s possible to add achievements/statistics to a HTML5 game. Thus far there is a lack of achievements/stats in the HTML5 games category. Is this just because nobody’s done it or because it can’t be done? I’m guessing that this is the purpose of javascript API..?

Also, I read somewhere that I can upload the HTML5 game using the iframe option. Does this require me to have my own hosting solution externally? (running a super-dodgy home server at the moment)

Thanks for any and all help