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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Sounds While Game is Muted

Originally posted by HollowedHearts:

you will never see a competent player doing that.

I disagree. I often join a group to help carry it, but I don’t want to wait around to see how long it takes to get fillers. Who says it’s about waiting for hours? Perhaps I’ll have been waiting a few minutes, see that we’re only on 3/6, switch tabs to check my email, and the group suddenly fills up.

If something has to be done about the muting, I’d suggest a separate option for it in the player settings, because there seem to be a lot of people (myself included) who like having the challenge start alert.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Trick to get more gold from warps

Originally posted by Atombender:

Uh yeah boss levels drop more gold than the level immediately after that, how is this news? Boss levels are also harder than the level immediately after that, so if you manage to beat a boss, you will have no problem with the same DPS beating the next level and very likely the level after that.

Presumably you wouldn’t actually have to be able to beat the boss to make use of this. Suppose that I’m trying to get another 25 crusader levels because I can’t quite get through the boss level, so I decide to time warp. Instead of doing it on the level before, I move to the boss zone and quickly warp before I die. I’d get more gold.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Remove Click buffs from Jeweled Chests or I'm done paying (post if you agree)

While I recover from giggling about how crazily irate people have been getting here, I’d like to add my opinion.

I more or less agree with the OP in as much as I personally am unlikely to be buying another jewelled chest because too often they are full of items that aren’t useful to me. I’ve bought just a few jewelled chests in the past, and I’m really not motivated to do it again.

I actually think though that the answer might not be to remove click buffs. The real problem is not that there’s a chance of getting a click buff in a jewelled chest, but that click buffs make up such a high proportion of jewelled chests. Click buffs account for 4 out of 7 of the available buffs. And buffs seem to be the most common prize in jewelled chests. So by probability you are very likely to end up with more click buffs than anything else. Clicking may have some value and some people use it, but it’s really still too small a part of the game to justify how many you get.

So… instead of removing click buffs how about if new (non-click) buffs were added? Like… increased HP, maybe. Or increased game speed (EVERYTHING speeds up, so enemies appear and are killed more quickly, allowing you to power through low levels quicker). I guess that would also need to speed up the timer on timed missions so it couldn’t be used to make them easy. Anyway, I’m sure other people could think of other good buff ideas. These buffs would be useful to everyone and would reduce the proportion of click buffs you’d be likely to get without actually removing anything. The settings/guidebook/changelog/forums buttons could easily be moved elsewhere on the interface to make space for a few extra buff types.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Suggestions Thread: Aug 17 - 31

I also agree. And aside from slow energy regen, clearing the mine tiles or finishing a tree just takes far too long. I was all ready to add support for mining deeper, but now I won’t clear the tiles for a long time so I can’t upgrade for ages, so that’s a bit annoying. Perhaps somewhere in between the old and new systems would have been OK, but this just doesn’t seem right as it is now.

Edit: I should say that the rest of the update was great, though.

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Topic: Kongregate / Selplaying ads

I agree if the ad is making your browser crash. But if it’s just an annoying ad (one of the ones that makes noise), I don’t think Google would do anything about it. Kong don’t choose what ads are shown, but they can do something about it if there are types of ads they don’t want on the site.

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Topic: Kongregate / Selplaying ads

Whatever you think of ads and Adblock, the point is these kinds of ads are not supposed to be showing in that space. When I contacted Kong with a screenshot they agreed it was weird and thought it might be malware at my end (it’s not). If anybody else sees them, it’s definitely worth noting the URL the ad leads to and getting a screenshot if you have a chance, and contacting support to let them know (

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Topic: Kongregate / Selplaying ads

I really don’t want to. If everybody installed AdBlock, there would be a massive drop in good quality free content on the Internet, not only on Kong. If I’m making use of websites I want them to get ad revenue… I just don’t want noisy videos starting to play which I have no control over and which crash my browser.

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Topic: Kongregate / Selplaying ads

Yep it’s really horrible. I don’t want to install adblock. This has been mentioned recently.

For now, it’s worth taking a note of the ads and contacting Kongregate to let them know what you’re seeing (as they may not be aware).

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongegate Becoming TOO Adult?

Actually when Greg mentioned he was going to badge Til Cows Tear Us Apart, the very same thought occurred to me. I decided not to comment on it because I ended up thinking through pretty much the things that people have said here in response, and eventually decided that the references are more disturbing than what’s actually shown (bestiality being the obvious example), and that’s a really tricky line to judge. I was reminded of a particular Facebook page called Jim’ll Paint It (which is awesome) where the artist has been threatened with having his page deleted because he showed a pixel art blow-up doll created in MS Paint, when there are some fairly obscene photos floating around FB that are allowed to stay because they just don’t reveal the exact things that violate the terms. And that made me realise… I’d rather have a human judgement call anytime rather than focus on systematic application of terms. One thing I would say though is that I’ve seen other games with adult language etc have a disclaimer at the beginning, and I guess maybe it would be possible to ask devs to include something like this if games are getting badged.

Also, just out of interest…

Originally posted by Holy2334:

The average Kong user is 22 years old.

Kong has an average age of 22? Is this is a mean average? I feel like the median would be lower – I get the impression there are a lot more at the younger end, but their ages are all clustered up and those of us in the over-20 group are more spread apart, distorting the mean. Would be interested in finding out if anybody has the information?

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Ads?

Ugh yeah this has just started coming up for me too. The one you showed in your OP actually crashed my Flash player, for added fun. The same thing happened a acouple of years ago and I was advised to report it to – see this thread

I don’t want to install AdBlock, because I know that ad revenue gives us free content right across the internet including here on Kong. But the more intrusive the ads become, the more tempting it is.

Edit: Just to add – although you’re probably aware already – Kong don’t actually control the ad content, just provide the space, and not everybody sees the same ads. Kongregate staff most likely can’t see the ads we see. When the worst offenders pop up it’s probably worth noting the URL that it points to, and probably taking screenshots as you have, so that Kongregate know what we’re talking about and can take action if they decide they need to.

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Topic: Kongregate / [SUGGESTION] Better Vote System

I like the idea, love that it would help to get some really good games exposed and weed out the terrible ones more quickly. But I do agree that x10 is way too high. Even just boosting a small amount would be enough I think, and it shouldn’t require people to get to crazy high levels, so it’s not about badge hunting (or hacking). Maybe something like at level 10 your vote power is 2, and over level 20 it’s 3. I’m not sure you need to go much further than that; it’s just enough to give more weight to people who’ve played on the site a bit over people who are brand new, or alts or bots.

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Topic: Holyday City / Discounts

Do you mean the business discounts you buy in city facilities? If so, you can use them as soon as they become available. They apply to all future purchases of that business, not just the next purchase, so the sooner you buy them the more you save. Of course the early purchases hardly cost anything so it doesn’t make much difference early on – so you don’t need to rush to get them, but you don’t need to hold off until you hit a wall either.

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Topic: Holyday City / soft-resets (suggestions needed)

To clarify about the basics of how it works, the “soft reset” is leaving your town – in the “popularity” screen. Leaving the town resets all of your businesses, but if you’ve increased your personal level your new town can be the next level up (which gives profit bonus) and you will get a fee (you can see how much it will be in the office screen) which you can use to buy the financial managers. Personal level increases when the green bar at the very bottom fills up; you can hover over it to see more details.

My first reset was quite soon – as soon as I had personal level 2 – I was actually a little surprised by how quick this was, because in other idle games it has taken a while to make use of prestige systems. As a general rule, you can level up if either you increase a personal level or you can afford a new manager with your fee, since either way your progress will be boosted. But as gotoxy says there are some times in the game where you might want to hold off to save enough fee for more than one manager, if a good one is in easy reach. In the previous versions resetting was extremely important because of the warehouse limitations, but now you can weigh it up a little bit. Personally I’d say don’t worry too much about the first reset, just do it when it will give you any boost (i.e. make sure you have personal level 2) and then you’ll understand how it works and it will be easier to figure out what to do the next time.

Hope this clears things up a bit?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / Space Expansion Bugs Thread

Originally posted by Galev:

I had problems with the cash upgrades on the Moon too. There was no problem on Earth, but the cash upgrade screen was empty on the Moon, the Angel upgrades were showing. Reloading the game seems to solve it.

Same for me. I have only noticed it on the moon, but I hardly ever reset Earth any more so I don’t know if it happens there. It’s only intermittent, and refreshing the page brings them back.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Kredit investments should carry over

Personally I wouln’t buy any more multipliers on the Moon because we may well end up in a similar situation in future – Moon content being finished and having to start a new area with no bonus. I agree with the OP that the problem is not so much that we don’t have a boost on the Moon, but that the Earth boost we bought is effectively useless. I understand and respect that the developers need to make money for updates to be viable, otherwise they may have to abandon the game completely.

I also think it’s possible that one of the reasons they haven’t applied purchases to the Moon too might be because it’s technically quite difficult to get them to work appropriately on both (bearing in mind they are effectively two separate games) so maybe it’s not just a money making decision but one based on development. Also, consider that a lot of users exploited the candy cane bug and have free premium content that if carried over to the Moon would continue to give them an unfair advantage there. AND would lead to those players completing Moon content too quickly and being left with nothing to do. It’s actually a difficult balance.

In my mind, the ideal solution would be to have multiplier and gold suit purchases apply to all worlds, but to have other world-specific bonuses. Warps, claims and flux capacitators make sense applying only to one world. Candy cane bonus should only apply to Earth. There could be new world-specific bonuses in future. I don’t know how difficult this would be for them to implement, but I do hope they can find a way in future to appease the players who made Earth purchases.

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Topic: Swarm Simulator / Hatchery and Expansion multi-buying gives mutagen only once

This has been discussed before

One mutagen increase in 13 tries is not as unlikely as you might think.

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2014 Quest voting!


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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Alright, now I know something is wrong on my side

Event appears to have finished for me too. I didn’t exploit the early issues, and am being rewarded for that by having the event end earlier than for others :(

The only good news (if you really want to look for the bright side) is that when the event ends the unlocks screen now shows “500/500” instead of “500/501”. So at least you won’t have a horrible unattainable achievement stuck there forever (although you’ll always know you should have one more!).

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Wait A Second... HOLD UP

You have 100? Difficult to tell without seeing it, but it sounds like all that’s happened is that once you hit 100 newspapers the progress became fast enough that the zero timer and solid (/flashing) progress bar is actually correct. The progress bar stops moving because it is completing so rapidly. The speed doubles with each of the early achievements, so eventually they all end up that way (timers showing zero and progress bars not moving from the finish position). They still make money, but at that stage in the game the newspapers are bringing in a pretty small amount so you may not realise it. It would also explain why your car wash subsequently did the same.

Sorry if this is actually totally irrelevant to your problem – as I said, it’s difficult to work out what you mean without being able to see it.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / New UI Design

Originally posted by Soulflare1928:

The only thing I haven’t heard discussed is the light on the Upgrades button. Great idea and it would be quite helpful if it didn’t also light up for angel upgrades, which are purchased almost immediately after starting the game but are usually not all purchased. This means that the upgrade light is always on and doesn’t really tell you anything.

Completely agree, the light on the upgrades button is a nice touch. It’s subtle, which may be why it hasn’t been mentioned, but I think it’s great. The angel upgrades button light wouldn’t add any useful information for me as things stand either, but may be a nice prompt for newer players to let them know that they can buy some angel upgrades. So I see no reason to remove that feature, and it’s probably best to be consistent between the cash and angel buttons to avoid confusion IMHO.

Overall I really think there have been some really big usability improvements in this update, probably more than people realise… but I have to agree that we should be able to turn the flishy-flashy-scrolly thing off. At first I thought maybe it was in anticipation of bringing back anti-idle features; that they would eventually use flishy-flashy-scrolly to highlight something. But if they’re actually all going to sit there flashing away, it’s just going to get annoying.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Known Issues (and how to fix them)

With all those stickies on the adcap forum, I’m surprised there isn’t one for bugs yet, and I hope this gets sticky’d (…stickied? stuck? stickyified??). It can be difficult to keep track of all the different threads related to each issue so I think this is really helpful, and you’ve done a great job of collating the relevant information to make it accessible.

On a slight side note, I think there are actually too many stickies now! But I still think bugs should be one of them – maybe it’s time for HH or the mods to take down an older or less relevant one?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Stuck around the 600-700 mark

It’s amazing how many people don’t see it. I didn’t at first. The fact that so many people aren’t noticing the angel upgrades suggests they should change the design. Part of the problem is the angel upgrades button appears directly over the capitalist picture. It does have an orange border to make it distinct from the background, but colour changes aren’t really perceived well in peripheral vision. The underlying problem is that it’s not within the upgrades “window”… I mean, in upgrades, your attention is focused on the coloured lightbox-type section of the page and the button isn’t there. Maybe tabs would work better? Or just find a way to fit the button into the upgrades part of the page, not outside it.

(For the record, I’m not not a phase-2-hater and I’m not moaning about the aesthetics here. Just a usability issue that could do with tweaking.)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Overall profit/sec

It doesn’t cost 10 kreds just to check, because you cancel before making the purchase (it shows what you would gain before you actually buy). But personally I would like to see the total profit anyway, for a more immediate comparison.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Lack of Communication Between HyperHippo (Devs) and their Players

Originally posted by Albynos:
Originally posted by Killzerz44:

2) They said next week. That has two meanings. 1 meaning is 7 days. The other is next week, and since he posted in on a Monday, that could very well mean up to Saturday of the next week (12 days in our case). He did NOT say 7 days; he said next week. So either interpretation could be correct, and due the circumstances, it seems like the latter one is the correct one.

English is not your native language? (asking out of interest). Cause there are two expressions: this week and next week. And that’s all.

I’m not weighing in on the argument of whether devs should have updated or communicated by now, but I do want to weigh in on the language bit; I agree with Killzerz44 that there are two ways this could be interpreted. They didn’t say “next week”, they said “in the next week”. Where I’m from, “in the next week” can (and usually does) mean within the next week, i.e. within the next seven days. If I said “my report will be sent in the next week”, my colleagues would reasonably expect to receive it within a week from this point. However it is definitely ambiguous because they could just mean “next week”.

Not that it matters, because they were very clear that they couldn’t say for sure. So even if they HAD meant “within a week from now” we were made aware it wasn’t definite.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

Originally posted by cabbage888:

If I may ask, why do you look for players with high rank? Its not like the contributions can be transferred when moving to a new city. Am I right or am I missing something?

No, contributions are not transferred, but people like to know they’re recruiting someone who’s likely to help out. Rank isn’t a guarantee of what a player will contribute in future, but it does show that they have been contributing so far.