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Topic: Holyday City / Discounts

Do you mean the business discounts you buy in city facilities? If so, you can use them as soon as they become available. They apply to all future purchases of that business, not just the next purchase, so the sooner you buy them the more you save. Of course the early purchases hardly cost anything so it doesn’t make much difference early on – so you don’t need to rush to get them, but you don’t need to hold off until you hit a wall either.

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Topic: Holyday City / soft-resets (suggestions needed)

To clarify about the basics of how it works, the “soft reset” is leaving your town – in the “popularity” screen. Leaving the town resets all of your businesses, but if you’ve increased your personal level your new town can be the next level up (which gives profit bonus) and you will get a fee (you can see how much it will be in the office screen) which you can use to buy the financial managers. Personal level increases when the green bar at the very bottom fills up; you can hover over it to see more details.

My first reset was quite soon – as soon as I had personal level 2 – I was actually a little surprised by how quick this was, because in other idle games it has taken a while to make use of prestige systems. As a general rule, you can level up if either you increase a personal level or you can afford a new manager with your fee, since either way your progress will be boosted. But as gotoxy says there are some times in the game where you might want to hold off to save enough fee for more than one manager, if a good one is in easy reach. In the previous versions resetting was extremely important because of the warehouse limitations, but now you can weigh it up a little bit. Personally I’d say don’t worry too much about the first reset, just do it when it will give you any boost (i.e. make sure you have personal level 2) and then you’ll understand how it works and it will be easier to figure out what to do the next time.

Hope this clears things up a bit?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / Space Expansion Bugs Thread

Originally posted by Galev:

I had problems with the cash upgrades on the Moon too. There was no problem on Earth, but the cash upgrade screen was empty on the Moon, the Angel upgrades were showing. Reloading the game seems to solve it.

Same for me. I have only noticed it on the moon, but I hardly ever reset Earth any more so I don’t know if it happens there. It’s only intermittent, and refreshing the page brings them back.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Kredit investments should carry over

Personally I wouln’t buy any more multipliers on the Moon because we may well end up in a similar situation in future – Moon content being finished and having to start a new area with no bonus. I agree with the OP that the problem is not so much that we don’t have a boost on the Moon, but that the Earth boost we bought is effectively useless. I understand and respect that the developers need to make money for updates to be viable, otherwise they may have to abandon the game completely.

I also think it’s possible that one of the reasons they haven’t applied purchases to the Moon too might be because it’s technically quite difficult to get them to work appropriately on both (bearing in mind they are effectively two separate games) so maybe it’s not just a money making decision but one based on development. Also, consider that a lot of users exploited the candy cane bug and have free premium content that if carried over to the Moon would continue to give them an unfair advantage there. AND would lead to those players completing Moon content too quickly and being left with nothing to do. It’s actually a difficult balance.

In my mind, the ideal solution would be to have multiplier and gold suit purchases apply to all worlds, but to have other world-specific bonuses. Warps, claims and flux capacitators make sense applying only to one world. Candy cane bonus should only apply to Earth. There could be new world-specific bonuses in future. I don’t know how difficult this would be for them to implement, but I do hope they can find a way in future to appease the players who made Earth purchases.

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Topic: Swarm Simulator / Hatchery and Expansion multi-buying gives mutagen only once

This has been discussed before

One mutagen increase in 13 tries is not as unlikely as you might think.

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2014 Quest voting!


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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Alright, now I know something is wrong on my side

Event appears to have finished for me too. I didn’t exploit the early issues, and am being rewarded for that by having the event end earlier than for others :(

The only good news (if you really want to look for the bright side) is that when the event ends the unlocks screen now shows “500/500” instead of “500/501”. So at least you won’t have a horrible unattainable achievement stuck there forever (although you’ll always know you should have one more!).

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Wait A Second... HOLD UP

You have 100? Difficult to tell without seeing it, but it sounds like all that’s happened is that once you hit 100 newspapers the progress became fast enough that the zero timer and solid (/flashing) progress bar is actually correct. The progress bar stops moving because it is completing so rapidly. The speed doubles with each of the early achievements, so eventually they all end up that way (timers showing zero and progress bars not moving from the finish position). They still make money, but at that stage in the game the newspapers are bringing in a pretty small amount so you may not realise it. It would also explain why your car wash subsequently did the same.

Sorry if this is actually totally irrelevant to your problem – as I said, it’s difficult to work out what you mean without being able to see it.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / New UI Design

Originally posted by Soulflare1928:

The only thing I haven’t heard discussed is the light on the Upgrades button. Great idea and it would be quite helpful if it didn’t also light up for angel upgrades, which are purchased almost immediately after starting the game but are usually not all purchased. This means that the upgrade light is always on and doesn’t really tell you anything.

Completely agree, the light on the upgrades button is a nice touch. It’s subtle, which may be why it hasn’t been mentioned, but I think it’s great. The angel upgrades button light wouldn’t add any useful information for me as things stand either, but may be a nice prompt for newer players to let them know that they can buy some angel upgrades. So I see no reason to remove that feature, and it’s probably best to be consistent between the cash and angel buttons to avoid confusion IMHO.

Overall I really think there have been some really big usability improvements in this update, probably more than people realise… but I have to agree that we should be able to turn the flishy-flashy-scrolly thing off. At first I thought maybe it was in anticipation of bringing back anti-idle features; that they would eventually use flishy-flashy-scrolly to highlight something. But if they’re actually all going to sit there flashing away, it’s just going to get annoying.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Known Issues (and how to fix them)

With all those stickies on the adcap forum, I’m surprised there isn’t one for bugs yet, and I hope this gets sticky’d (…stickied? stuck? stickyified??). It can be difficult to keep track of all the different threads related to each issue so I think this is really helpful, and you’ve done a great job of collating the relevant information to make it accessible.

On a slight side note, I think there are actually too many stickies now! But I still think bugs should be one of them – maybe it’s time for HH or the mods to take down an older or less relevant one?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Stuck around the 600-700 mark

It’s amazing how many people don’t see it. I didn’t at first. The fact that so many people aren’t noticing the angel upgrades suggests they should change the design. Part of the problem is the angel upgrades button appears directly over the capitalist picture. It does have an orange border to make it distinct from the background, but colour changes aren’t really perceived well in peripheral vision. The underlying problem is that it’s not within the upgrades “window”… I mean, in upgrades, your attention is focused on the coloured lightbox-type section of the page and the button isn’t there. Maybe tabs would work better? Or just find a way to fit the button into the upgrades part of the page, not outside it.

(For the record, I’m not not a phase-2-hater and I’m not moaning about the aesthetics here. Just a usability issue that could do with tweaking.)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Overall profit/sec

It doesn’t cost 10 kreds just to check, because you cancel before making the purchase (it shows what you would gain before you actually buy). But personally I would like to see the total profit anyway, for a more immediate comparison.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Lack of Communication Between HyperHippo (Devs) and their Players

Originally posted by Albynos:
Originally posted by Killzerz44:

2) They said next week. That has two meanings. 1 meaning is 7 days. The other is next week, and since he posted in on a Monday, that could very well mean up to Saturday of the next week (12 days in our case). He did NOT say 7 days; he said next week. So either interpretation could be correct, and due the circumstances, it seems like the latter one is the correct one.

English is not your native language? (asking out of interest). Cause there are two expressions: this week and next week. And that’s all.

I’m not weighing in on the argument of whether devs should have updated or communicated by now, but I do want to weigh in on the language bit; I agree with Killzerz44 that there are two ways this could be interpreted. They didn’t say “next week”, they said “in the next week”. Where I’m from, “in the next week” can (and usually does) mean within the next week, i.e. within the next seven days. If I said “my report will be sent in the next week”, my colleagues would reasonably expect to receive it within a week from this point. However it is definitely ambiguous because they could just mean “next week”.

Not that it matters, because they were very clear that they couldn’t say for sure. So even if they HAD meant “within a week from now” we were made aware it wasn’t definite.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

Originally posted by cabbage888:

If I may ask, why do you look for players with high rank? Its not like the contributions can be transferred when moving to a new city. Am I right or am I missing something?

No, contributions are not transferred, but people like to know they’re recruiting someone who’s likely to help out. Rank isn’t a guarantee of what a player will contribute in future, but it does show that they have been contributing so far.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

483k city recruiting. All buildings are complete except for the final castle upgrade, which we’re nearly half way through. We normally require a minimum level 70, but we may accept a lower level player if you’re active, growing, and willing to contribute.

Message me through Kong or in game if you have any questions or would like to apply.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / 1.4.5 Preview

Originally posted by Stereotomy:

Actually in my buying chain, there is a short stretch where donuts are the best profit-generator.

And I think the dev is saying that newspaper upgrades will be improved enough that newspapers themselves will start generating a decent profit, in addition to how much they boost other industries

Exactly this. The fact that everything changes at different stages is actually one of the things I really like about this game – the most and least valuable change as you go along, so you can’t just pile your money into the highest earner. It sounds as though this will be the case even more with the new upgrade, so… yay!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Weird inconsistencies in buying newspapers?

I can’t replicate the price difference buying at different increments on mine (just checked the price for 10 oil companies, then bought them one at a time and added up the costs to compare – it was the same). Are both computers running the same version according to the info screen?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Ad Cap Suggestions

AlphaCenturian, I absolutely agree about upgrades. Progress in the game feels somewhat “lumpy”, with long phases which are painstakingly slow while at other times you can be playing constantly, resetting every 30 minutes and making rapid progress. I currently have two games in progress, one started long after the other, and have really noticed that one game can be zooming along while the other seems to be getting nowhere. That said, every time things slow down to the point I feel I might get bored of the game, those lovely Hippos come along and plonk some new upgrades in for us. So as long as that continues, I’m a happy capitalist.

The one sort of caveat with that is that they need to start thinking about future-proofing the UI. It sounds like they’re going to be re-doing it (and hopefully, specifically looking at the upgrade menus), which is great, but they need to make sure it can accommodate lots more upgrades of various types in future, not just that it works well for the number and type of upgrades they have right now.

A minor suggestion is perhaps to change the export feature so that it’s a bit more user friendly. Pasting the exported string into a file and saving it isn’t exactly difficult or time consuming, but it’s not really seamless either, and I’ve seen one or two people in the comments and chat saying they don’t know what to do after they’ve pressed the “export” button. So perhaps they could just have a local save feature with maybe 3 save slots, storing it to a default location (which maybe the player could change if they wanted to).

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Topic: Kongregate / Does anybody else hate - / + comments?

Basically, yeah. But one jerk still can’t downvote something all by themselves. I’ve seen it be pretty successful elsewhere. Effectively you’d be saying that people over a certain level have been around Kongregate long enough and played enough games to be able to make informed judgements about comments. It would also give some kind of bonus to those who have committed a lot of time to this site (there have also been many discussions about the fact that levelling up doesn’t really give any tangible perks). Just an idea though :)

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Topic: Kongregate / "Rate this game" Tab

The same topic has recently been raised in a similar thread – seems everybody thinks the same about this.

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Topic: Kongregate / Rate ALL THE GAMES

IMO it appears too soon. Asking players to rate after a few minutes won’t give an accurate reflection of game quality/enjoyment for many games. Some games seem good at first but then you realise they don’t go anywhere or they’re full of bugs, while others are frustrating when you first try to pick them up but are amazing when you get into them. I’d suggest a longer delay before making this appear in the first place. And personally I would prefer an option to “dismiss” (i.e. go away, and don’t come back for this game) than rate later.

And there should definitely be a way to switch off the avatar change requests.

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Topic: Kongregate / Does anybody else hate - / + comments?

Different people interpret the voting system in different ways. Sometimes it’s whether they agree with the post, sometimes it’s whether they think the comment is helpful, sometimes it’s just if the comment makes them smile. One option would be to have +/- as helpful/unhelpful, and “like” as a separate button, but honestly I think that would complicate things.

Having followed the Adventure Capitalist comments for a while, I assume that the question about investors was downvoted because it has been asked – and answered – literally hundreds of times already in the comments. But this just illusrates a problem, really – the helpful answers aren’t making it to the top. I think one of the reasons for that is once the top comments are showing, everybody sees them so they’re more likely to be upvoted even further and will stay above other more recent posts, even if those other posts are more useful to be visible. I think people rarely click to view more comments (if they did, they’d see those questions/answers).

Personally I wouldn’t want to see the voting system disappear altogether. Another option I’ve seen on other sites is that players don’t all have an equal vote rating. For example, when new Kongregate users press +/-, it counts as one vote; players with Kongregate level over 15 count as 2 votes, players with a level over 40 counts as 3 votes… or something. Basically this means that people who have been around a while and have played a broad range of games have more influence over which comments are voted up and down, which may make the ratings more sensible.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Beginner's Guide on Fast Lving, Money Making, and Best Workers

Elite membership is a one-off purchase. There are three packages available and they cost different amounts. You get several premium items (the exact number depends on which package you choose; you can only have one package) and moreover you get an extra quest slot for dungeon quests (so you can send four adventurers out at a time instead of three). You also get a new unlock path of items for your shopkeeper to craft, which for early- to mid-game are good price items for the time and resource they use (the items are on the shopkeeper section of the SP2 wiki if you’re interested).

Up until recently I’d have said it’s definitely worth it. But now we know for sure that this game has a limited life ahead of it, and is likely to be taken down this year… well… it’s your call, really, whether you want to put money into the game for maybe 6 months of play (and bear in mind we have no guarantees of how long the game will run now; could be less, could be more). If you do want to put money into it, I personally think that the elite packages offer better value than buying premium items separately. You get a good variety of premium items included, and the extra quest slot is great for getting customer XP and extra rares, at any stage of the game.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

It does exist, and fooz is right about turning it on in the settings, but not all purchases have a confirmation even when it’s switched on. Not sure if that goes for refills (seriously, edgebee, NOBODY wants to pay 5 starry coupons to refill a T1 bin), but I know for example there’s no confirmation if you contribute to a city building using hammers. I’ve been stung by that one :(

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

funnyguy, I believe there are some known issues with Chrome. I use firefox and only have occasional crashes (although still get the black screen in build and hire, of course!). I’ve heard that disabling Pepperflash helps hugely with Chrome problems. Pepperflash doesn’t seem to get along with this game.