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Topic: The Arts / StickFigure Art (Only)

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Sticks. Isn’t it epic? XD

<img src=“; border=“0”

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Topic: General Gaming / SSBB Main Characters and Favorite Stages

Fave Characters:

1. Ike: He’s super strong and I love using him for my 3-4 person matches. I love his Side+A, Standard B, Side+B and he’s amazing at getting Smashballs. AND HIS FINAL SMASH IS EPIICCC.

2. Marth: Really fast and I love his aerial moves. His side+b and up+b are really fast and have good knockback. I love his final smash too, but I HATE KILLING MYSELF WITH IT D:<

3. Ness: His Side+B and his Side+A make a good combination and his Up+B is amazing when you know how to use it.

Favorite Stages:

1. Pictochat: It’s a fun stage. I hate when the wind blows and pushes you off the stage though. :(

2. Castle Seige: Also a good stage and I like destroying the statues. Amazing music too!

3. Final Destination: Meh, I use it for my one on one battles. ’Nuff said.

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Topic: General Gaming / Funniest Smash Bros Moment

I was having a stock match with my cousin and my friend (I was Ike, my cousin was Lucario and my friend was Wolf) and a few funny moments happened.

1. My cousin got a smoke bomb and threw it at me while I was charging Ike’s Quick Draw. The bomb landed on his head and it looked so funny! :P

2. Just before I died, I threw a Pitfall in the middle of the stage, then my friend ran into where it landed and he fell through. Meanwhile, my cousin was waving around a hammer without it’s head. Once he was done, he got the hammer head and threw it at my friend. My cousin won the match in the cheapest way possible :P

3. I grabbed someone in the middle of the match (that was the first time I ever grabbed someone with Ike) and I pressed A to cause some damage before I threw him. So Ike headbutts the other person and I was like “WHOA! It’s the last match of FIFA all over again!” :P

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite Character

Here is a list of some of my favorite characters.

Ike (Favorite Brawl and Fire Emblem Character)

Luigi (Favorite Melee and Original Smash Bros. Character)

Cartman (Favorite Southpark Character)

1337f0x (Favorite Smashtasm Character)

Brian (Favorite Family Guy Character)

Fancy Pants (Favorite Flash Game character)

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Topic: Off-topic / word association game

Red…I don’t know why but when I think I of lush I think of red…

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your internet culture IQ?

bedroom toys

The first half I knew the answers to, while the second half not so much…:P

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Topic: Serious Discussion / PETA...idiots or geniuses?

A little known fact is that they also oppose pets. Sorry all you pet owning PETA supporters, they don’t care about you!

What, so they want us to leave animals on the streets for them to get run over or killed? That’s pretty weird coming from an organization that cares about animal rights…

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl

Here’s my last screenshot…

And here we see Ikecus Bluehairicus in it’s natural habitat, the northern wasteland, performing it’s mating ritual. :P

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl


LOL! I was laughing so hard when I read that. :P

Here’s one for the Ike and Marth fans (OMG THAY ARE SO HAWT XD). ;)

Wario’s face looks rather pink and fat today.

Looks like all those french fries and burgers have finally caught up with Yoshi

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl

I found a website that can convert the screenshots into jpegs so you can upload them properly. Also it’s pretty easy to get the pictures, you just stick an SD card into your Wii and put the pictures in. Then you put the card into your camera and connect to your computer. Hope that helped. :)

Now for more screenies!

GAAAK! (Feed me babies sounds funnier though, thanks Entomber!)

I have this one as my desktop. Except it says at the bottom “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…”

It looks like Ike is stealing Captain Falcon’s move! Gasp!

Aww..poor Sonic, he’s the only character that can’t swim…

It’s too ugly! I can’t look at it! >_<

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Topic: Off-topic / A Random Survey

1. At home, talking on MSN

2. No one right now.

3. I don’t think so.

4. Yeah, my pink iPod Mini

5. Yeah

6. Hmm…don’t remember. 3 months ago maybe?

7. Nope.

8. Water from the water bottle right beside me.

9. Pancakes

10. Sushi probably.

11. Jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue sweater.

12. I don’t have a car.

13. I was at my friend’s house.

14. Cat

15. I broke my nose once.

16. Last play….hmm…not sure.

17. No answer right now.

18. Watch some TV, draw a bit, be on Kongregate…just stuff I do at home.

19. I dunno.

20. I did when I was 11, but not anymore.

21. Nope, not yet atleast.

22. Nothing really, I just go with the flow. :P

23. Nope.

24. Probably at home.

25. Nope

26. Big Casino by Jimmy Eat World

27. I collected stuffed animals when I was little.

28. Like I said before, I don’t have a car and I don’t drive.

29. “Give me Steph’s phone number K?”

30. Nope.

31. Last night.

32. I don’t do my laundry.

33. Meh..they’re okay. :)

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl

This one will really make you laugh.

Isn’t he just adorable? XD

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl

Hey has anyone started to post their screenshots yet? No? Then I’ll start with the collection I have (none of these pictures are mine since I don’t know how to put them on my computer yet).

OMG! It’s King Kong! Oh wait, that’s just Ike.

And it was THIS big!

If you haven’t seen this already…well…this will be a treat for you. Behold, Donutman!

Don’t make Ganon angry, he’ll eat your face off.

Insert Marth joke here.

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Topic: General Gaming / retro consoles

I have NES, SNES, the original Gameboy (black), Sega Genesis, N64, Gameboy Pocket (x2) (it was a small version of the original gameboy), Gameboy Color(x3), Gameboy Advanced and I am about to a get a Famicom (Japanese version of the NES).

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Topic: Off-topic / The desktop thread

I was bored and made another picture of my desktop. It has my important files out now as well as my avatars. Also, I never really bothered to explain everything. Enjoy.

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Topic: Off-topic / Weird things

I searched “cat” and found this. Doesn’t everyone want a mutated cat parrot?

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Topic: Off-topic / Saint Pattys!

Nope, I’m GreenPhoenix for the day! XD

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl

Here’s my friend code if anyone wants to fight me.


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Topic: Off-topic / Saint Pattys!

I did make a green version of my avatar but the site said that it wasn’t the right file (it was a normal GIF…). So I just used this one. :P

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Topic: Off-topic / The desktop thread

My screen resolution is 1280×800 and I had to edit this thing so many times and I eventually had to change it into a TIFF to get it to upload properly. By the way the top left thing says “I’m too lazy to close this program”. Stupid compression. :(

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Topic: Off-topic / WHATS GOING ON!?!?

No I mean days that are like Pi Day and stuff…uh…. Kongregate Holidays. :P

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Topic: Off-topic / WHATS GOING ON!?!?

Are there any other days besides Pi Day and Towel Day? I just was wondering.

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl

My favorite stage is the WarioWare one. It’s so much fun! :D I use it for all of my Wi-Fi battles.

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Topic: Off-topic / super smash bros brawl

It might be the disc. Just return it and get a new one. Either that or you need to update your Wii.

Who’s your favorite character fellow members? My favorite is Ike. :)

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Topic: Kongregate / quick poll.

I use Firefox so my homepage it’s that Firefox search engine thingy. But I do have Kong as one of my bookmarks.