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Topic: Off-topic / I'm famous!

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by DanielMontgomery:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by Gabidou99:

I’m seriously jealous right now.

Jealous of what? One of Zam’s posts being on some blog?

Emily greer said that, she now owns kongregate.

Your autism isn’t helping make what you say understandable.

I can understand what he said maybe you’re just retarded

It doesn’t even sound like it’s supposed to make sense or be funny, though.

Emily greer said that. In her blog.
She now owns kongregate.
Enough said?
Maybe your autism isn’t helping what you read understandable.

I understood that. The relation between posting something just barely related to what I said on her blog and her becoming the CEO a long-ass time ago is nonexistant. That’s the part I didn’tunderstand and which I thought was just your autism.

Have you considered that maybe you’re just a bit dense?

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Topic: Off-topic / Quote the user above you!

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by 10crystalmask01:

This again.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you pee in the shower? (serious thread)


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transgender Individuals

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:
Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:
Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

How can ya be so sensible on this issue and be so ______ on the child porn one?
-BTW, that’s rhetorical.-

Because CP is a much touchier issue for people, as is pedo-stuff in general, so it’s more likely for you to agree with me on this, than other issues, even though both are not really exactly what the majority believes about said issues.
I mean, is there not a movement for one, and not the other?

I don’t, and never will take into account the what the majority say when the few say otherwise.
I don’t care that according to most people pedos are evil child rapists who have no hearts because I have spoken to many online, and am friends with quite a few, and they say and show the complete opposite of that.
This is the same reason why I don’t mind trans-people whatsoever, because I have spoken to, interacted with, and am friends with quite a few, and I understand that they aren’t mentally ill freaks like much of the west thinks.

did u really just argue that its ok to rape kids because pedos are just misunderstood?

thats fucked up, bro

I think he was trying to point out that some people just get boners over kids and don’t actually go around raping them. At least I hope that was the gist of it….

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Topic: General Gaming / Swords and Sandals

If you put all your starting stat points on defence, you should be good for the first couple of tournaments.

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Topic: General Gaming / What game has the best story/character(s)?

Originally posted by ThetaPrime01400:


Well out of the zelda games I’ve played, the characters were frankly abysmal. The main protagonist doesn’t have any form of personality to speak of and most of the other characters are fairly bland.

My favourite game for characters was probably Fable 2. It allowed you to basically give your character a personality by giving you optional expressions and stuff. And their were some damn cool other people, Reaver was awesome.

Story-wise, I can’t really say. The Walking Dead was a very compelling story, however the ending, despite being the only game ending to successfully make me cry ever, was too linear for game that’s meant to be a choose-your-own-adventurey type thing. The Assasin’s creed story started good, but as the games went on it started to get a bit daft frankly. I mean what the hell even was Revelations. Some awful endings towards the end. I haven’t played 4 yet though, that might be an improvement idk.

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Topic: General Gaming / Discussion for the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Game

Originally posted by thenewampkit:

The most important thing is…


They shouldn’t “drop” it, they should be searched, kinda like how dead frontier makes you search stuff. Because as zombies were all people once, chances are a lot of them will have something on them, however useless. Logically if a guy with a backpack dies to a zombie, you’re going to end up with a zombie carrying a backpack full of loot. However no zombie game ever seems to acknowledge that, which annoys me.

If you look at say Rebuild or the last of us, realistically there are going to be some areas, whole cities even, quarantined and for the most part sealed off from zombie attacks, which is something a lot of other zombie games don’t acknowledge either, even though it’s perfectly plausible.

Some zombie games do an unrealistic thing where the best weapon loot locations are crawling with zombies, which is quite unreasonable, really. An army base for example would probably be quite well protected from zombies, at least at first. The army wouldn’t be completely useless.

The idea of players not knowing if they’re infected would be good. Also players killed by zombies, should logically, providing they’re not almost completely eaten or ripped to bits like in State of Decay, should turn into zombies.

One final thing is cars and vehicles. Like State of Decay shows, cars would probably be frickin everywhere, it’s not like anybody’s blowing them all up or removing them from the area. Fuel however should be a limiting factor, just being able to drive indefinitely makes things far too easy. Also some should fail to start or have engine problems or something. I remember a part of breaking bad where Walter couldn’t start the RV because Jessie had left the keys in the ignition for days on end and the battery had died. In the Zombie Apocalypse if people are abandoning their cars, or getting dragged out of them by zombies for that matter, it’s unlikely they’re going to take their keys with them.

Originally posted by Gamerboy98:

Next post, let’s talk about the zombies.

I’ve always wondered with zombies, seeing as they eat indiscriminately, surely they’re going to need to shit everywhere. I’m not sure if I want that to be a thing or not.

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Topic: General Gaming / Which is your Favorite Game?

Originally posted by Spartan_Warrior_:

My favorite game most recently would have to be from the steam store. This game happens to be Banished, an indie game.

Banished is too stressful to be fun for me, like god damn I just wanna build a town not spend the whole time stressing about numbers of workers

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Topic: General Gaming / Which is your Favorite Game?

Originally posted by Shockwave443:

Okay, for one thing.

  1. There is no “little buddy” character in Super Mario
  2. What game are you playing? There are hundreds of mario games.
  3. Why did you put “The Battle” at the end of your post?
  4. You have lots of spelling errors. Let me correct you.

“My name is Susan Lee. I like playing super mario. It is my favorite game. I play this game a lot. When I can, I play super mario online. I like little buddy.
I hope you like this game”

What exactly is your question? You do not seem to ask it.

Small note, the name may not be an error, as it’s their username. Also the question is in the thread title.

My favourite game is probably Crusader Kings 2.

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Topic: General Gaming / How to load a saved game


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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Originally posted by rowjo:
Originally posted by Darver:
Originally posted by rowjo:
Originally posted by Darver:
Originally posted by skyman129:

now hold on star wars Is in no position to fight force is rare halo is becoming better than the star wars trooper and jedis now I am not going to get into the spaceships disscusionbecuase of right now that would be something between covenant and star wars

Halo is not becoming better than star wars troopers, what are you smokin’? Master chief’s default weapon is still a ballistic assault rifle for god’s sake. A single droideka is probably well equipped enough to take out a spartan. Has shields and your typical star wars laser weaponry which is much better than all the weapons in halo.

Originally posted by rowjo:
Originally posted by kirdaiht:

in starwars they blow planets into tiny little pieces. how could halo possibly compete with that?

Um the halo ring kills every living thing so yeah….

Now, I’m no expert on the halo ring, I didn’t get very far into the campaign, but could it not be blown up by the death star? No? Am I talking out of my ass?

Cold war all over again? or who shoots first

Well if star wars shot first they’d have to shoot the right thing otherwise when Halo fires second everybody’s fucked

yea and every body saying jedi are so bad ass what if one of the flood got them and then the flood would find it easier to get another one

A flood couldn’t get a jedi. They have heightened reactions due to the power of the force.
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Topic: Off-topic / If I were to make an RPG...

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

A massive statistics page to track everything. From battles won, to ‘you had 54 copper gladius’’

That sounds damn cool.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can you take as much as you want at all you can eat buffets, or is there a limit?

I’ve been to a couple of all you can eat chinese buffets, they don’t really even check how much people are eating, so I’m guessing it doesn’t matter.

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Topic: Off-topic / Describe your life with the title of a movie or song.

The only thing coming to mind is “I am the Walrus”, so that’ll have to do.

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Topic: General Gaming / 4x games

For shit like that you’re not going to find it as a flash game.

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Topic: General Gaming / I need (your) advice on MMO's

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

I’d suggest you stop falling for release-and-abandon MMOs. They’re all going to be abandoned and eventually shut down, once they stop being profitable and you’ll be let down again and again.

Oooh if you’re looking for one that makes infinite profit then eRepublik is the way to go.

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Topic: General Gaming / top messed up ways to die on kongregrate games

Shitting your pants (Don’t Shit your Pants)


Topic: Off-topic / Who else has a legit obsession over waffles?

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Topic: Off-topic / Search '[your name] the Hedgehog' and post results.

Well after typing robbie the hedgehog I got fuckin becky.

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Topic: Off-topic / Beat my internet speed challenge

How did I do?

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Topic: Off-topic / A mad billionaire offers you $10 million to pilot a rocket full of cockroaches to Mars

Well as long as the rocket works to take me there and back then yeah, why not?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

That set of laws has always confused me, am I not supposed to look down if I have sex under the age of 18?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / warning to read this topic you must speak french

Er… je ne comprende pas. Tu parle l’anglais s’il vous plait?

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Topic: Off-topic / Iphone users be like

My iPad is saying it’s available, but it’s recommending I plug it in before I start or something, and I can’t be bothered to find my charger.

The icons look like shit though.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Originally posted by acsagers:
Originally posted by skyman129:

never once have i seen a jedi deflect laser using the force they can stop missles shps and mostly any thing thats not over 100 miles fps

in star wars episode five, vader deflects han’s laser blast on cloud city.


your equation is incorrect, because the halo rings aren’t split up exactly 25000 light years.

it would still only wipe a fraction of the milky way

And seeing as all the facilities for the star wars armies are on planets not in the milky way (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…) we can safely say that the halo rings won’t be much of a big factor