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Topic: General Gaming / The Line Game: Orange Edition: All Golds/Speedrun

Impressive, guys, thanks for playing!

Any suggestions for the next edition / level pack we will be launching soon?

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Topic: General Gaming / °°Ideas badges for "The Line Game : Orange Edition"°°

I have now implemented the Kongregate API, we send them the best scores for each level, total juice, total of each medal collected and number of levels completed.

Also fired an email over to Greg (who sets up the badges) politely asking for badges to be added and giving him some ideas.

Fingers crossed, we shall get some awesome challenges!

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Topic: Kongregate / Line Game - Impossible badge

Sorry about the bug guys!

Thanks for letting us know, and sorry about the few hour delay on the fix, work hard on that impossible badge!

(There is no way I’m getting it before I get any sleep tonight :) )

You should bug EverbodyPanic for individual level high scores :P

There should be individual level high scores monitored on Kongregate already, and there are the ones based on our site…

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Topic: Kongregate / Next challenge feedback!

No problem greg, thanks for the kind apology!

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Topic: Kongregate / Next challenge feedback!

Query: What is the total time for completing all the levels of the line game with ‘high scores’?

In mouse mode, a total time of around 150-200 seconds is a good time, which can be acheived with a bit of work.

To get onto our own highscore lists (not the kongregate ones, all of your stats are automatically submitted to and managed by Kongregate) you must get into the top 50 for that level for today, and we are aware some scores do seem a little too good, but we dont know of any cheats / bugs atm.

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Topic: Kongregate / Next challenge feedback!

Thanks guys, any more suggestions / changes / bug reports are welcome, and I will act on them asap.

I recommend using the Mouse Mode – Total Time, and having a target of about 1500 for the card, basically meaning they must complete 7 out of the 8 levels, and about 150 for the points – complete all levels in a very good time.

You have to finish all the stage in row, or all the best will reset to 999 on next play. :-(

I have now updated the game so that your personal best times are saved – you dont have to do it all in one sitting.

From the high scores, only the creator has done all eight levels, though I’m not convinced by the system – I think it records the number of levels you have done, not the number of different levels i.e. 8 could mean doing level A 8 times.

Correct, they are not strictly speaking a proper highscore – only a tally of how many times you have hit the green finish.