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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] WMG, Speculation and Theory, General MARDEK Talk talk! (Spoilers!)

Here’s how I see Part 4 breaking down:
Gaspar hits Belfan like a ton of bricks (changing the map up enough like the Dreamworld does in Part 3) and aims to destroy the Aether Crystal at the heart of Belfan, wiping out the planet as well as Mardek, Rohoph, and the “Resistance”.

The dungeons would be:
*The area Gaspar blew up (the starting area)
*The Sky Temple (for the Air Crystal)
*A new part of the Sun Temple (for the Light Crystal)
*A confrontation with Muriance/Steele for the Dark Crystal (maybe even causing Steele to join because of Muriance taking the Crystal from him we don’t have a permanent Dark ally yet).
*Aether Temple/Belfan’s Core: Where the fight with Gaspar happens, using the six Crystals to stop him…
*And of course, a fight with the Heroes at some point.

Epilogue: I don’t think Rohoph having all 7 Crystals will be a good thing…

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] what we would like to see next in gemcraft

I was thinking a recoil gem would be nice as well (white, perhaps?). For black, maybe some kind of slow-firing percentage based attack, that levels up with the gem? Something like Demi from Final Fantasy (but not that dramatic, maybe 1-2% at higher levels)… it won’t kill the enemy, but will help other gems do the job (think of it as an alternative to armor piercing in the way shock and slow are alternatives to stopping enemies).