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Topic: Sonny 2 / Sonny 3 Suggestions

Hmm.. Interesting, i don’t think it needs a big graphic inprovement, but i might be totally wrong about that (please dont quote me about that saying; yes you are totally wrong) there will probably more classes in Sonny 3, that pretty much come down to: a healing class, a fighter class, a poisoning class, a defensive class and an all-round class. i think they should also make some ‘’input commands’’ which means you will have to correctly input the right keys at the right time to succesfully complete your move, if you fail to, you will do less damage for every failed command. a longer story, and more scenes, in sonny 2 i was just beating fights, annxiously (yeah, i know, that’s a spelling error) awaiting a new scene. story really adds something to a game, it makes you want to play on, because you want to know how it ends. i think the variety of items in sonny 2 was good, however could be improved, and i was very glad all items could be worn by any class, which was not possible in sonny 1 i played the game on heroic difficulty, and i think that was just the right difficulty for the game, so maybe, in S3 a new difficulty should be added, like, impossible or something, that would just add a lil’ challenge for people who want it really spicy.