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Topic: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 / Really?

I have been a long time fan of the mardek series and personally think its brilliant and I played from chapter 1 to 3 beating and collecting all the secret bosses and equipment.
I beat Karnos and Animus, Became arena champion and then one day I thought ok how about I finish all the solo arenas and I find all my save data has dissapeared completely with no trace despite allowing kong to store an unlimited amount of data on my computer.

So I raged and didnt touch it for a long time and now recently I decided to try it again and once again got through the first 2 chapters and carried all my data to chapter 3 and began it once again.

I have now once again came on to the game to find ABSOLUTELY NO DATA WHATSOEVER.

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Topic: General Gaming / Reviving in an RPG

probably easier battles since those final fantasy battles where bosses could 1 hit half my team made me rage so much because it doesnt matter if u can revive because the hard boss can keep on killing them over and over until you run out of revives

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Topic: General Gaming / The best Wii game.

Best game i played on the wii was monster hunter tri.
I spent a year playing it before getting a bit bored

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Topic: General Gaming / MW3 Vs. BF3

Originally posted by darver:

Why can’t we all just shut up and play a game that’s actually innovative and new?

If thats the case then Battlefield 3 would be the better choice you know what with cod being the same game with an extra mode and different coloured guns

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Topic: General Gaming / Why I hate PS3/Xbox360/Wii

Sure there are crappy repetetive and completely unoriginal games but the whole idea is that if your old enough to buy the game you should be able to realise if its a piece of crap in the first place and be able to pick out the decent ones.
And also just because cod is the same game over and over and over again and still the best selling dont think that everything is like it

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Topic: Off-topic / You are locked in a room with everyone that has posted before you in this thread.

Why its a very nice room we have here
would be a shame if something happened to it

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Topic: Off-topic / An outlaw is going to shoot you, and says "Any last wishes?".

I would wish that I lieked mudkipz

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Topic: Off-topic / Local Apocalypse

Prank call kim jong in a russian accent.
Then the problem will sort itself out

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Predict what OT will be like by the end of 2011

People crying about 2012

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Topic: Off-topic / Best places to Plank

Title explains it all

1.On top of a car while its moving

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Topic: Off-topic / You're getting some money out of the OT National Bank when a wild armed-robber named MFThomas appears

walk out before he notices I already took it all

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Topic: Off-topic / 1000 Reasons Why You Should Be A Nudist

Originally posted by finkidz5:
Originally posted by Sir_Kranix:
Originally posted by redjay17:

9?.you dont have to waste 1000 dollars on clothes

Read the thread before posting, moron.

What did he do wrong? O_o

Someone already posted that

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Topic: General Gaming / WEP/WPA2 help?

Usually my wireless router has used wep key but I changed to a new one which used WPA2 instead of WEP which i wouldnt be bothered about except for the fact that my ds can only connect to WEP for some strange reason.
So I went through the process of changing it to WEP and my ds worked online again.
But now my xbox live isnt working because it says i dont have the WPA2 code even though I changed it to WEP it still says its WPA2 and cant connect because of that so if anyone knows how to fix this without leaving one of my consoles unable to go online then please help

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your zombie plan?

Well considering over here in the Uk we dont have many guns.
I guess its
Lock self in house/shop
Pretend to be a zombie

Not looking to hopefull

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Topic: General Gaming / Trapped in a room full of zombies....

One word

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Topic: General Gaming / Whats wrong with my 360 controller?

I have a halo reach xbox360 with 2 wireless controllers (was cheaper and gave more than buying it normally) and I love playing on the xbox but lately somethings wrong.
I was playing mass effect 2 I had to go so I turned the console and controller off and took out the charger (I use a rechargable battery pack) and abouts 30 mins later im back and turn on the tv and the xbox and controller and put the charger back in and the controller stops responding and no matter what I press it doesnt do anything.
I have tried doing the sync thing, I have tried turning the xbox on and off, I have tried turning the controller off and tried taking the battery pack out but its stuck and no matter how hard I try it wont budge out of the controller.
and the controllers lights have been on for abouts an hour and the 1st,3rd and 4th lights have been on and arent turning off or anything even if i turn the console off it just keeps glowing and im really confused on what to do so if you know anything about it or anything that can help please mention because I dont want to have to throw away a limited edition wireless controller and my rechargeable batteries.

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Topic: General Gaming / Fanboys, STFU!

I like my xbox 360 and havent tried ps3 but from what ive seen they are basically the same in most things and have a few differences

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Topic: Off-topic / What time do you do your homework?

The night before I have to hand it in

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Topic: Off-topic / Captain Hindsight

Omg that episode was so funny and by the way “Were sorry, were really sorry,Sorry =)”

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Topic: Off-topic / What Would You Do If People Turned Into Zombies?

Originally posted by YuriMori:

I would barricade myself in McDonalds.

Bad idea the cause of the zombie outbreak is probably stored in their kitchens

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Topic: Off-topic / My weird dream, scared the piss out of me

I probly have some seriously wierd dreams but I can barely remember much of it when I wake up

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Topic: Off-topic / AWESOME FACE VS TROLL FACE (now ready!)

New challenger
Happy Face
= )

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Topic: Off-topic / Could Mary Poppins save the world from this?

Well if anything the zombies would be saving the world from her

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Topic: Off-topic / The voices in my head

Originally posted by theassassinator_:
Originally posted by z4m1n1nc4:

They’re telling me I have mental problems.

There is a high chance they are right.

The voices in my head are telling me that your crazy

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Topic: Off-topic / China takes over the world and orders you to colonise Mars!

Ill hide in a chinese take away for 6 months and blend in with them
work my way up to president and well be president