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Topic: War of Omens / Suggest balance changes

Just as Kholai said, serpent altar is already very good. at times I would choose it over boar.

Tavern wench is a bit hard to use, that i agree.
Mainly because this card does absolute zero on its own. Just like cutpurse.
But with a much higher cost than cutpurse makes it really hard to play and be worth it.
Moreover, the both ally protection cards (frame,bodyguard) were recently nerfed, making it even harder to play tavern wench.

as for suggestion. seduce before attacking sounds good. but gain a health might be anti thematic.

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Topic: War of Omens / games won by top2

Suppose someone paid to the dev a lot, and still use bot all day all night.
I guess that’s fine.

Suppose someone don’t support the dev at all, and use bot all day all night.
draining the server’s cost. not to mention development cost.
well, that’s a behavior to be ashamed of.

technologically, it’s hopeless to prevent bot.
I can program on my on computer’s side to move mouse and read screen.
nothing dev can do to automatically prevent it.
banning account case by case is pretty much the only thing to do.
(I’m not condemning any specific person. I don’t know which case they are.)
Dev can probably ban because of term of use agreement.

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Topic: War of Omens / Purple probably needs tutorial

I still remember when I have only played Vespitole.
That time, I never really understood other factions by playing against them.
It’s only after playing as them that I understood how to play against them.

so, purple tutorial. or a tutorial for every factions is nice.
at least you have a hand-on chance to understand them. (even if you don’t have silvers to get a working purple deck.)
good for new player.
but for me personally? It’s not needed and I enjoy figuring it out myself any way.

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Topic: War of Omens / Vespitole Cycle nerfed?

Let me be that guy who tells zorro21 that every player starts with 10 coins and everything in the pile has uniformly equal chance to be drawn.

It has always been this way.

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Topic: War of Omens / Spacebar to End Turn

Spacebar to end turn is kind of common to other games as well.

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Topic: War of Omens / Proposal: Draw

In my case, my deck have both ransack and misinfo.
Had the opponent not keep stalling his turn, I will eventually win legitimately.

1. misinfo all his cards
2. ransack all from inventory (so he can’t cycle to heal anymore)
3. use damage cards

If he tries to have 0 cards in inventory, so I can’t ransack him.
I’ll skip to damaging step and force him to put cards back into inventory.

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Topic: War of Omens / Battle log desperately needed

Maybe it’s just me, but actually what is more important than battle log feature is the ability to view inventories.

Particularly useful for red decks. Sometimes I forget how many allies are already in the inventory.

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Topic: War of Omens / From Epic to Oblivion, a Babarus Obituary

jokes aside, it’s true that Barbarus needed a change.
I don’t want, in my favourite game,
to exist a deck that can win 15% of a time no matter how good the opponent is.
That wouldn’t be a win that shows player’s skill.

As the designer of OrbsCCG once mentioned,
game mechanics that is set to have an extreme effect on a small chance
can be considered balanced, but the balance can only be perceived larger number of game plays.

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Topic: War of Omens / How do you counter these cards?

I’ll just answer this one, because it’s kind of important to figure out.
“are 1hp allies not meant to be relied upon?”

Against malediction, malediction is a late game card.
[sure, it can be played on turn 1 but I’m talking out getting to play it consistently has to be on late game.]
So the question becomes: “how will 1hp allies contribute anything against malediction in late game?”

If you are green, it’s not hard right?
Your 1hp allies transformed into ‘spell amplifier’ for your own late game cards like ‘Spy network’ or ‘Benediction’.
So, they can contribute while it’s in your turn. Don’t need to survive the opponent’s turn to contribute.

If you are red, well…
Before ‘idols’ cards came, red was more of an early game faction. [It still is, I think]
Still, 1hp allies are meant to come and go in red because red revolves around sacrifices any way.
That’s why repopulate is such a key card to get.

Against infighting, it’s an early game board clearing.
If you played AS blue, you will realize how much of a ‘resource’ having a card in your bank is.
As and extreme example, you could make a blue deck entirely out of all the gold-efficient cards of blue
and still that deck wouldn’t do well because you’ll run out of cards to play. with gold left over.

So, a simple strategy against infighting [or mayhem ] is let blue ‘trade’ his resource of having infighting against just a few of your 1hp allies.
[And of course we are talking about early game here. For late game, just see the above strategy against malediction.]

If you are green, there is also Rampart card to help. It blocks a lot and doesn’t count as allies.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Suggestions

There should be a marker on which formula you don’t care to use.
The main reason for this is to make ‘Exclude heros used in formula’ check box more complete.
The heroes in ignored formula will not be exluded by the check box.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BattleCraft] ideas about what you want to be added to battlecraft

A filter in skirmish for the active entires that you still need to do something.
For example, those that you haven’t challenged all the fights yet
and those that you haven’t modified the deck from default.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BattleCraft] Q:Tie breaking in skirmish

I assume that if multiple players have highest number of win,
the winner is the one with more “points”.
See “Basic Skirmish 0297” for example, where 3 people tie at 8 wins each.

But I don’t know how the “points” are calculated/what they actually represent.
Anyone care to enlighten me?

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / A few Suggestions for Improved UI

Read the suggestion roughly.
Agree with point #2 completely, but partly agree for others.
But hey, that point #5 makes me feel like replying.

I can’t be the only one that doesn’t like grinding right?
As I remembered when tyrant introduced crafting, a lot of people responded negatively.
Or maybe instead of ‘want some grinding’ you meant to say ‘want something to do and/or want something to earn imps’.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

my little dragon was at 2/4 HP
the turn begins, 2 important action happen at this point, I don’t know which one is first:
1) insatiable blade is equiped to the dragon.
2) troll shaman comes into my field.
the battle plays quickly,
but at the end my dragon has 8 HP.

this shouldn’t be possible, the max HP should be 6.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Info about attacking friend's land

I just confirm these:
1. you can open portal to your friend’s land.
(In my case it happened because I added him as friend after the portal is chosen.)
2. if that happens you can not attack him.
3. you can attack him again if you unfollow him on Kong.

Maybe it’s a common knowledge but I don’t see anyone mention it in chat.
If someone get a portal chosen to be one of the current friend please reply below.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

I suspect there is a concurrency bug:
2 players A & B is invading player C’s island.
(I’m ‘A’ on the invading side.)

It’s shown that I’ve conquered a particular piece of land.
Then I went to invade another piece.
When come back to C’s island map again. it’s shown that B has conquered the island.

Of course, this could mean that C liberated the island from A. Then B conquered it.
But I doubt that is the case here because of the following:
- C doesn’t seem to be liberating other island pieces at all.
- C’s garrison deck is a beginner’s forest deck and the island is small. implying he should be a beginner.
which shouldn’t be able to so quickly liberate the island against me (with 350+ cards at the time.)

So I guess it could be that the game’s system allow 2 player to start conquering the same piece of land at the same time?

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Thanks for reply.
I should try running this on firefox instead then.
just FYI, the mem leak eats up to 3GB in my case.

And wait does this mean it’s for ALL chrome, no matter what platform?

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

I suspect huge memory leak.
but then again, I’m using flash on chrome on linux64 which I think making the effect more apparent.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / FAQ: Attack types & Extra Damages

Some comment that helps reading the chart:
The left side is the +1 extra damage.

The right side doesn’t have anything to do with extra damage.
My own guess is that:
red arrow = that element contains cards which win over the other element.
green arrow = these element contains cards that go well with each other.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / [Petition] Stop the PM Spam

or simply make it so you’re able to filter?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / How to do HW tournaments

I’ll be capt. obvious and say:

- fear (venorax, shaded hollow) + crush (clipper) + first turn preemption (blitz) + relin. power

- engulf chasm + low delay

what’s the point of this post again?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / disconnect from kong chat to stop page refreshing bug

credit to soleunit.
putting it here so people have more chance to see.

The way I disconnect:
Open another kong chat in another tab/window.
The chat in the first tab/window will be disconnected.
You then close the second tab/window and continue enjoy your game.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Originally posted by soleunit:
Originally posted by Sophisanmus:

Page spontaneously refreshes mid-game, and fails to reload unless this auto-refresh is stopped and the page is re-loaded manually.

The bug occurs on chat message. I think Kongregate makes a bug advertisement on chat… It makes this bug.
You can play game without this bug if you don’t look the chat message.

Thanks a lot, disable/disconnect from chat and the problem is gone.
For those above who is a little bit too literal with his advice,
you can try to disconnect from chat by opening another kong chat in another tab/window.
The chat in the first tab/window will be disconnected.
You then close the second tab/window and continue enjoy your game.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Simulation] 100% Card Set Completion

Good post. Some comment:

1. Fewest packs purchased & most packs purchased aren’t informative.
We all know fewest pack purchase is always #rares+#legen and most packs purchased is unbounded.

2. Holy shit simulation… I would have been thinking of how to solve for average while you already finished writing program. ha.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / tyrant packs are a bitch.

From some calculation:
Picking 1 rare/legendary card at random,
the chance that you will not get that particular card even after buying the first 75 packs is around 10%.
And the chance that you will not get it even after buying the first 150 packs is around 1%.
And the chance that you will not get it even after buying the first X packs is 100*((33-1)/33)^X %.

1. All rare and legendary cards have equal chance of appearing in a pack, that is one of those per pack.
2. Total number of rare + legendary in standard set is 33. (I might count it wrong).