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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

It would be nice if something was done about the amount of time it takes to progress after ascending. Right now ascending is very tedious because of this, levels ~5-40 are especially annoying since enemies instantly die and you are just waiting for spawns. There are 3 methods I can think of that would improve this:

-The number of ascensions also decreases the kills/drops progression requirements for each stage below your current best by a certain amount.

-An auto-progression feature that moves you forward based on how long it takes you to fight non-boss enemies. You would still have to check back periodically and buy upgrades but you won’t be sitting there waiting for insta-killed enemies to drop 15 macguffins.

-If you are killing enemies instantly/very fast, more of them will spawn so that kill/drop rate is increased.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Suggestions Thread: Aug 3 - Aug 9

I would like it to be impossible for people to join parties who are on stages they haven’t completed yet. It makes it harder to do progression when selfish people can join and drag you back to the first stage of the planet because that’s as far as they got, and then you have to walk them through each successive stage just to get back where you were two hours ago.

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Topic: Technical Support / Games won't work at all

Same problem for me. Chat loads, a few Unity games will load, but nothing with Flash loads. I have made no changes to any of my addons or settings since yesterday when everything worked, except for reinstalling Flash to see if it fixed anything (no). I use Firefox. Flash games from other sites work perfectly normally and fine (tested on Armor Games, AddictingGames, and Newgrounds).

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Suggestions and Improvements

Originally posted by AminKiani:

Heres a thought for alliance pvp.

Intergalactic beatdown wins from any player in an alliance racks up ‘activation points’ for an alliance. These activation points can be used for upgrading an alliance technology center. Other methods of increasing activation points could be introduced later on. It would be nice if the immolation set would fill that role because as it is now, it is completely useless. Maybe “chance for increased act. points” type of proc instead of increased alliance damage.

What his this tech center? This technology center has different towers which could be researched to offer different types of upgrades. To keep multiple of them active would take a lot of activation points and credits (which can be increased by player donation or tax). Upgrading the same tech center higher and higher levels will take exponentially more and more activation power and credits. But then there is a problem with alliances that just stockpiles activation points. We can have a monthly activation power decay?

Some ideas I’ve tossed around for the upgrades is maybe decreased summoning cooldowns, increased proc damage, increased stamina or energy. The upgrades would vary; this is just a rough idea.

This looks like an awesome idea, I hope this gets implemented.

I have some general suggestions for convenience/user friendliness:

1. Give us the tab box back, add a +100 option, or allow us to hold down the + in the add stats window to continuously add stats. At higher levels, we are adding hundreds of stats at a time, and clicking hundreds of times to allocate stats is not exactly desirable.

2. Loot All button in the raidlist, much more convenient for everyone.

3. If for some reason, Loot All is not a possibility, please allow us the option to auto-delete dead, unhit raids. Nobody likes having to “loot” these, get nothing, rinse, repeat. It would be nice if we could have the option of having them just disappear.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

It would be a nice feature if the game would warn you before entering into mission boss fights at less than 50% HP, since it can be easy to forget to refill before starting a boss.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Corrupted Erebus's Poem

Actually, this is already here:

Still interesting, though

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Corrupted Erebus's Poem

How to hear this for yourself: Turn sound/music on, empty your energy bar to ZERO, then click around on the energy bar and (the world raid) Corrupted Erebus’s face until it starts.

Words surrounded by ?‘s (like ?this?) I couldn’t make out and tried to approximate with phonetics.

An emerald trophy snatched from the foe
The blade of the man who was dragged far below
A ?(dray-vel/gentle)-alerts? minion gazed from its eyes
A subtle killer bonded/bounded and countless men died
The grasping fingers that left liberty torn
Fabric you must (humans?) wear so it can be worn
He pulls on a scarf, then the beat he does walk
What manner of sorcery allows this thing to talk?
The ?craven? comes his own, here to redeem
A warrior wears a name he doesnt esteem
She’ll give you six if you ever transgress
I hear crackling flames that you must supress
?e-mag-nem? sustenance, your hunger to sate
One final note before your watery fate

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Bugs!

Yellow raids are locked for me also. IGN is Seiru

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Cheat Codes

For the move teacher: learnmovenpc

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Suggestion Box

I would suggest redesigning city layouts, to make them smaller and easier to navigate.

Right now there is a lot of empty space in the cities that just serves to make the city take a long time to walk through. They could easily be half or even a quarter of the size they are now, and there would be plenty of room for everything useful in the city. A good city layout lets players get where they need to go quickly.

I would also suggest moving or removing many of the obstacles in Vesport. Hedges and lampposts and flowerboxes look nice, but they should not be in the middle of a player’s walking path. When traveling from one side of town to the other, you should be able to walk down the main street with your map open without running into anything. Also, there is an invisible wall in one of the vertical paths in Vesport.

Also, the ability to sprint/ride a bicycle, at least in ‘safe’ areas, would be a huge plus, and you should be able to teleport to previously visited areas.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Suggestions and Improvements

I would like to support Res3nt’s idea of being able to easily see the amount of damage you have done on a raid, either by having a place for it as suggested or by simply having your own name appear at the top of the attackers’ list, before the highest hitter. It makes no sense to have to (sloooowly) scroll through everybody or have to leave the page.

Another good thing to have on the raid screen would be the Fair Share damage amount for that raid, it would be a helpful reference to everybody, and possibly encourage more people to try to hit FS on their raids.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Suggestions

I’d also like to add a vote for more HP for stamina bosses. As the game gets older, there are more and more higher level players who can do tens of thousands of damage points, such that tier 2 shared bosses are easily killed in an hour. The current amount of HP was well balanced several weeks ago, but boss HP really does need to be rebalanced to take player level progression into account.

Also, a minor quibble on berserks on energy raids. My berserk on energy bosses requires 30 energy, which involves a session of tedious single attack clicks if I have ~20 energy saved. Instead, it would be nice to be able to choose how much energy to expend within the range available to me, for both energy and stamina raids (for example: if my energy berserk under the current system is 20, using berserk enables me to choose any amount of energy/stamina between 2 and 20 to expend.) If that’s not possible, berserks using only 10 energy would be preferable to 30.