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Topic: Off-topic / Whats Your Favorite Music

Alternative Rock
Hard Rock
Most kinds of metal


Topic: Off-topic / DashNet Reacts to Zam's Permabanning

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Topic: Off-topic / AMA (Mikkmar)

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by adv0catus:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by adv0catus:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:

Is a shallow ditch a valid answer?

Why are you so emo?

Because suicide sounds pretty good right about now.


Because the alternative sounds shit right about now.

stop being a pussy and be happy

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you have friends?

Originally posted by TheInternetRules:
Originally posted by aguspal:

Friends are overrated

1 or 2 are cool…. but more than that….. why?

When you’re forced to suffer the adult world, I’d like to see how well you do with your meager two friends.

I’m not even pissing on you, you’ll need a decent social circle. Your standards of what constitutes a friend will either lower or become more inclusive. Sure you think the 3 guys you always sat with in high school will be your friends, but what if people grow apart? What if you get to see them so infrequently because Jim’s always working, Mick became an alcoholic and Brad moved up north to live with his girlfriend? Who do you hang out with then?

why do you need to hang out with anyone, dont be a weirdo

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Topic: Off-topic / Damn! That's a cold-ass honkey


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Topic: Off-topic / What do you think about Anonymous?

le super secret group that nobody can enter

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you have a nickname?

yeah i get called “the guy with the glasses” by people who don’t know my name

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Topic: Off-topic / What sites do you frequent on?

Youtube, Facebook, Off Topic, /int/, /v/, twitch

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Topic: Off-topic / Daily reminder that everyone who likes the song "All about that bass" should be executed

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Vladimir Putin A stronger leader than Barack Obama?

Originally posted by DrOctaganapus2:

Depends on your definition of “Stronger”.

In terms of physical fighting; Obama has become frail and soft from sitting for the majority of his job and probably has callouses. Putin? Well he’s younger I think.

In terms of how well they lead their countries? That’s debatable.

Putin is 10 years older than him though

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Topic: Off-topic / On a scale of 1-10, how bad do YOU think you are as an OTer?


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Topic: Off-topic / So today, I kissed a real girl for the first time in my life...

Asexuality is just something people who’ve given up use as an excuse
Didn’t expect anything more from mme

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Topic: Off-topic / A Hacktivist group in Turkey just deleted $668.5 billion USD in power bills.

Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:
Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:
Capitalism is the best system. It allows the strongest to thrive.

Stupid zam, did you join the faggot army or something for real, and you weren’t joking that time you tried recruiting me?
Fascist-communism is the best.

stupid AND edgy


Topic: Off-topic / Gabidou admitted to me he's gay

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Topic: Off-topic / So, ghetto kid who I hate, and hates me came to my face and asked a few questions...

ITT: Stuff that never happened
You tried op

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you think anyone has ever had a crush on you?

2 fat ugly girls said i was cute one time
thats about it

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Topic: Off-topic / Gardevoir looks like a chicken

minecraft is a boring game and nobody likes it

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Topic: Off-topic / omgfinalboss

look at gabidou derailing another thread

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Topic: Off-topic / Briefly describe what your mom looks like.

Average height
Muscular-fat (her body doesn’t look half bad though)
Dark olive skin
Dark brown hair, brown eyes

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Topic: Off-topic / If you went to an OT convention, who would you make fun of first?

Nobody would make fun of anyone because we’re all pussies and half of us have mild autism anyway

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Topic: Off-topic / Questionare for OT

1. Pretend I don’t see it and keep walking
2. dont care
3. ???
4. dont care
5. dont care

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you going to shoot your colleagues when you get a gun?

Originally posted by gtgtgt2:

I seriously just reported this to the Police dude. You do not joke around about this stuff as you are about to learn.

this post seems too serious to be a joke
its just too bad OP probably doesnt live in the UK

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Topic: Off-topic / tl;dr version of gamergate

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

Honestly what I find most strange on this entire thing is that people have just gone [expletive] nuts or insane. If someone writes an article talking about guy gamers who threaten women? Don’t [expletive] threaten that same person when they already wrote an entire [expletive] article about it. You’re proving the entire point from the start that they wrote correct.

There’s just so much immaturity with this and I don’t understand how peeps keep on fueling this on. Those journalists will and will continue to keep writing on about this as long as these [expletive] idiots keep creating more for a new story to be written.

Seriously if peeps don’t want to be written about in a negative way, then just stop it. It’s sad that the only real time that the gaming community gets published all over the news is with headlines such as, #Gamergate leads to death threats against women in the gaming industry (that’s freaking PBS right there saying that), or Feminist Critics of Video Games Facing Threats in ‘GamerGate’ Campaign, or for serious [expletive] what the actual [expletive] is wrong with you [expletive] people who led them to write this headline, Video Gamers Are Having A Bizarre Debate Over Whether Sending Death Threats To Women Is A Serious Issue.

For the love of sweet baby bunbuns why can’t we talk about gamers playing games for charity or gamers doing super awesomesauce fundraising for food pantries and homeless shelters? Oh right, because the news loves the sensational idea that internet ermagherdimagameranddisishowireactwhenifeelinsulted react with threats.

Got it. This is probably the last time I’ll ever write on this subject since it’s stupid enough as it is.

no point in censoring yourself

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Topic: Off-topic / Terraria>Minecraft

gabidou why do you speak like a black person, i thought you were from canada

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Topic: Off-topic / autism ranking

Can you test me