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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Epic Replays Threading the needle What goes around comes around (pay attention to orange) Possibly the best accidental suicide ever. Or perhaps this one.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

There was this flash game I played a year or two ago that I’m looking for again to play. Heres what I remember about it:

• The main character you control can really only be described as a vampire.
• The word vampire is never mentioned.
• According to the town doctor the traits your character exhibits is due to a hereditary disease.

During day you can go interact with people by expending some energy. Each person has their own sort of conversation or task depending on how late into the game it is and whats happened. When your energy is up you go home and it switches to night. At night you can either chose to feed on somebody by leaping to their house or just stay in. Each time you don’t feed, your energy goes down for the next day. When you do feed your energy goes up and the person you picked becomes another vampire and starts feeding on others causing a sort of chain reaction where everybody gets infected. Also when a person is fed on they disappear during the day entirely.

• Throughout the game you’re playing entirely from a birds eye view of a small village, the viewpoint doesn’t change.
• The graphics were 8-bit in style