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Topic: Realm Grinder / What is the MAX R (after acsencion)

After a number of reincs there’ll be another ascension. Essentially any time the game is at risk of breaking ascension will be added back in

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Titans: Do S300 and C375 stack?

There are now 2 primary targets, HoL + random other building. S300 is actually weaker with C375 because it’s affecting fewer buildings… Once you unlock C375 you should never use S300 again basically

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Coin gain going down when buying royal exchanges

S200 and D150 are the two most common causes, I’ve been confused because of both as well

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Coin gain going down when buying royal exchanges

Do you have spells being cast? Do they have any long term effects (buff a building for X seconds)? What is the drop in coins per second actually amounting to?

The issue is there’s a whole load of things that can affect it, so you’ll have to stop spellcasting, stop any autoclicking, then see if it fluctuates without changing anything. If it doesn’t, then buy an exchange and record the change. Repeat for all 8, and come back with some solid numbers.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [POLL]What would you like to see next on Realm Grinder graphics preview?

As long as it’s not out on Paddy’s day, won’t be online at all then

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Grand Balance

what if you cast it 6,000,000 times…do you get two?!

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Late-game Offline builds.

Offline is almost never viable. Not being able to cast spells absolutely cripples offline play, and most of the offline boosts are insignificant. The difficulty the dev faces is that they need people actively playing, and offline isn’t particularly helpful in that regard. It’s only ever meant to be a stopgap for night time or a day off etc. Even still offline needs big boosts (better scaling for rewards based on offline time is the best idea IMO), so that you can feel rewarded for your offline time without looking to be offline most of the time.

On a side note, late-game is now R26++ (not sure on number) IMO, once you have all neutral faction researches complete.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / R31+ wanna talk about it.

Angelblood would take a long time to help more, since you’d have well over double the spell count for D55 with druidblood. I’d personally go angel if the computer could handle it, but it’s only for 2d++ runs IMO.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / New Faceless Upgrade Idea

Undead is worst faction, and it’d lead to a faceless 30s run → non faceless → faceless 30s run etc.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder 1.4.40 [Full Patch Notes & Expansion Announce]

Originally posted by NooBpLLus:
Originally posted by HungG:
Originally posted by NooBpLLus:

Oh god, just lost my save with todays update

im bad at this game and it took me so much time to get to R3 and now im back to the start

Is there something i an do to recover the save? PlEase…


Today’s update? What update?

I tought this was the update? because for the first time in a long time a changelog appeared when i tried to open the game, so i just closed it and was going to play until i realised i was back to 0 at everything.

If there was no update i have no idea how this happened, but i took a quick look at the forums and some other users lost their saves too, maybe something happend? I dont know
Im just sad, pls help =/. Hahahaha

Sorry for my english, thanks

The update has not dropped yet, your system crashing is what caused the changelog. The Changelog you see is probably talking about the version.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Bug: Current Mana

It does sort of work, you can find out what building LS will hit or what will come up in an excavation. If you’re abusing that though you can handle going to 1k mana.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [New Feature] Reincarnation

Well total clicks does give a literal boost, but not enough to make me scared of reincarnation

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

Suggestion for reincarnation:

Instead of dropping stats upon reincarnation how about you change it up slightly, so that you have:
Clicks: This game
Clicks: Total This Incarnation
Clicks: Total across all incarnations

That way players can keep stats whilst still reincarnating. The bonusses to factions can change as well, i.e. for Elves:
Click bonus = (Clicks_This_Incarnation * 1) + (Clicks_Across_All_Incarnations * 0.1)

It stops reincarnation being a ridiculous disadvantage whilst maintaining the core ideals of reincarnation setting you back.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?

Looking for a guild,level 17 sorc and 17 blacksmith,level 6 thug,regular player

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Topic: General Gaming / The Official Amberial: Nebulosa Realms Thread

any1 know how to get ace on level 12???