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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

Anti Idle Expert

Can You Reach Level 3500 Without The Battle Arena, Achievment Bonuses, 10 Billion Maximium Coins, A Once A Day Button Machine And NO Idle Mode.. If Your Up For The Challenge Then Come And Attempt It. But Unlike Every Challenge You Cannot Idle, You Must Play All The Time

Objective: Reach Level 3500


1. No Battle Arena
2. Button Machine If Breaks Cannot Fix For Rest Of Day
3. 10 Billion Max Coins
4. No Achievement Rewards
5. Level 3499 Takes 5 Times As Long To Get To 3500
6. No Idle Mode
7. No Offline Progress


  • Medal Name: Anti Idler
  • Skin Color: #abcdef
  • Eye Color: 171/205/239