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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [BUG?]changes in rule of tournament ranking

i got the same prob in the last 2h tourney. as u can see:
i ended 4th with 1108 points and 451 participants. now i only was rewarded for top 5% :(

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Upcoming Conquest changes


Originally posted by Aapje:

Please give us a picture of the new map beforehand, so the alliance can choose what tiles they will give to which alliance factions and the other faction can beg for the scraps. Then we don’t have to waste our time actually playing conquest, only to be ganged off because we end up in the wrong spot.


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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Consortium call

i think this nomination doesnt bring much if random ppl throw in some names. if devs want a balanced view they should ask each of the top factions to nominate 1 of their members. could be quickly done. 1 pm to the leaders of top10/top20 factions and there would be a result

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Better World Hacked ... This is Just a Game, Folks

what happened here really sucks. i hope u get all your members back.
moreover i hop all leader and important ppl of factions stata a comment that they want to play fair and definetly tell their members to also do so.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Recruitment] Better World - High Rank Faction Focused on Conquest

bw are nice guys and good organized, what i see
(hehe, first recomendation from a non bw-member)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Question for faction with 32+ tiles

as senior officer of tasw and after having agreed with our leader daplayah and our former leader kaeel i want to say:
1. tasw will not attack retirement home even after a nap with evo.
2. we are not allied with trh but like em.
3. we would be very happy if evo didnt attack trh.

1. ateneos view

Originally posted by Kristofuzz:
Originally posted by Ateneo:

let me shed more light on the evo vs tasw war.

evo has 21ish tiles and they want to reach 31. the only faction next to them that they do not have an alliance / nap is tasw.

obviously, tasw will not give 10 tiles for free (and lose points in the process).

First, do math/learn it/dont lie.

2nd, everyone have own truth and dont tell me that u own it.

3rd, Idea about RHome come from me and Stinkesocke said that some ppl at u think about it. So why u tell us that it’s an Evo idea? You just believe that ppl will now think that everything is like u say, but it’s not :P

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Topic: Faction Recruitment / [Level 21] "That's All She Wrote", top 5 faction... Recruiting :) discussion

yeah good argument. moreover we do great on conquest.

although having tons of applicants we now got room for 2-3 TOP PLAYERS being extreme active and able to do conquests

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Congratulations to Dragons...

i am 100% sure floorstone=ecb.
or was it ecb=floorstone :D

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by MSUSpartan3096:
Originally posted by catepillar:

Officially, this is my 3rd #1 faction. I guess I am attracted to power. What can I say?

And congrats to the entire faction. You have deserved it for a long time!

All your factions get nuked.

At least he ain’t ECB

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Congratulations to Dragons...

ty xyrus
we are not aiming for #1.
grats dragons.

Originally posted by tudordan:
Originally posted by Xyrus_G:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

Finally. So, how did it go again…

P-Rex, Conquest, BlOps, HoF, MoM, PAAA, MoM (again), IFS, LoA, IFS (Again), IBeB, IFS (3rd time), MoM, Dragons.

I’ll bet 100k Gold on TASW for the next #1! 8D

Too cowardish to do that. I think Dragons will be #1 for a VERY LONG TIME. (until they might disband)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Re: Conquest Defense too strong?

@ttekkers and relict

maybe there really should be a 2nd map fo rlower lvl factions. as in every sports there are leaugues for the best and for weaker ones. i understand a local sports team is frustrated having to play the superbowl winner/stanleycup winner/championsleaugue teams……..

devs maybe should gie lower tems a second card. but these cards also should gie less reward tokens to the teams. or do your local team players earn as much as lee bron james, bradley manning or messi?

the system for rewarding people for there hard effort is good (compare comunism vs capitalism). but as a ecomomist i understood evrybody wants to be a"freerider"

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Re: Conquest Defense too strong?

A very good analysis of the situation. agree to these arguments. but people will alway sfind something to complain or to missinterpret if they just want

Originally posted by cheersch:

Defense isn’t too strong anymore since the time limit got removed. Any organized faction can get any tile.

What do you all whiners want to do? A #20 faction on the rankings basicall could never beat a top 10 faction on the rankings. You are asking for this now on conquest. It makes no sense.

Really, since hte update yesterday attacking is plain easy. (FYI Ralkk, TASW took a Aksala tile with about 2.5-3 hours to go, 30 slots filled, them changing decks often – first 2 hours were in the old system). So no, it’s not hard. You all people speak without observing the battles. Most factions didn’t even play eachother yet, they only went for empty tiles. First observe, then conclude, please.

++ The huge flaw the OP makes, and many others make as well, is asumming you cannot surge 70-80% of the time in conquest. YES you cannot surge easily 80% winrate in faction wars against top 5 factions. But this is purely because def deck mix is random meaning you play the overall optimum deck not the optimum deck for each specific deck slot. In this particular case you can select the commander you build your optimum deck for and thus its very easy to score over 90% winrates against any faction. Especially if you teambomb a commander in the new system.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Conquest Beta upcoming changes

exact. very good cause

Originally posted by kevinexmx:
Originally posted by psycodiver:

I am in a 1 player faction and the current settings on the conquest has made it impossible for me to join in.
You get 300 stamina + stamina regen for 5-6 hours, and its not enough stamina to do it.
Single player factions are pretty much discluded from conquest for this reason.

Yeah, with good cause

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Conquest Beta upcoming changes

+1 cheersch is totally right. i think the faction timer of 2 minutes is good and makes the conquest mode more tactical

Originally posted by cheersch:

Pleassssssssse DONT CHANGE from faction-protection to per-player basis Synap. That will totally INCREASE and EASE the possible abuse of in-faction members on a tile!

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant celebrities

Originally posted by Moonfrost:


+1 :D

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] 9/11/2012 Announcement about Conquest

its quiet funny when one of the few living players of a botfaction (botmaster?!?) discusses about keeping the game alive. and i dont mean kadler with this

Originally posted by ProkkER:
Originally posted by kadlerkj:

Any idea of when this will actually be released?

Did you even read the OP? ._.

thanks for the update, can’t wait to try it out

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Are you hanging onto Tyrant by a Conquest thread?

Originally posted by duskshine:

I know I am. the game has sadly becomes more of a boring, boring burden w/ the introduction of AWK shards (ha, to think that I was on the sycoin’s side @ shadowhopeful thread), with the single most significant problem being – guess what – that theres just no point for players like me to continue playing: basically you spend energy or stamina in this game, for energy you get XP, GOLD, CRAFT MATERIALS; for stamina you get LP and advancement of your guild. Now,
whats the point of XP after LV150?
whats the point of hoarding Gold after homeworld which’s almost 1yr old?
whats the point of crafting materials if you got all your heracles, longshot etc?

good analysis of current situation.
whats the point of getting LP beyond a certain amount, and ultimately,
what do you guys think about the power level of those shiny faction(i.e.guild) rewards now?

Yes, there’s AWK Shards still; but you cannot get more than 3 per day, with one of them requires about 5mins login and other two brilliantly determined by RNG and nothing else – OT: i’ve seen 2 shards from quest only once in the past 2 weeks, hidden nerf? – and then what? you get a skiff = in the whole week you make no progress at all. would you call that critical ralkk? :p

Yes, I see this as the demise story of tyrant, once a great and much beloved game on the kong, reduced to a mere pudding slime by shortsightedness of devs who no longer knows anything about “fun” and “rewarding”, and sold their very soul to the whore called “RNG” today.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Who is Razogoth?


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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Looking for a Faction

Originally posted by ProkkER:

but he said rising

hey prokker are you the main botmaster of your faction? everytime you attack, after 20 minutes already 29! people emptied a full bar on fight and u are the only one surging :D

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Topic: Faction Recruitment / [Level 21] "That's All She Wrote", top 5 faction... Recruiting :) discussion

we got more than 2 seats cheersch. a small merger with some guys being strong enough to survive in top10-faction-wars is always possible

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / ElectroMagneticPonys looking for merger

strange thing. agree to shattered. anyways if there a faction really is interested in merging into top10 we (tasw) can offer up to 17 spots

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Fallen Veterans is looking for mergers!

i totally agree to cheersch.

close your faction and join a higher one. if you average lvl is really 98 you should try some more challenging opponents :D

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Soviet Union Disbanded?

hehe i also have little posts. so whose alt am i :D

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / TASW restructuring - Level 16 - Top 10 is looking for a merger

Hey All,

TASW is looking for some new recruits or even better a faction that wants to merge into us. Don’t worry, our faction currently consists of about 7 previous merges, so we know how to handle this easily :)

So what do you get;

- Fun, lots of fun.
- A long going faction with a strong active core, which means lots of certainty and virtually no risk of catfacers
- A very fun hangout in channel #16. The awesomes of the channel can be confirmed by many silent leeches of other top 10 factions, who apparently find us very interesting to follow, yet don’t want to participate in our high quality conversations!
- All rewards up to level 16 (we have been +4.000 so the rewards stay).
- A drama free environment. We like to stay under the radar. We have reached to top 3, but a stable top 10 for a while now. Still there is a high chance you don’t even know TASW, as the famous trolls try but fail to link TASW to any drama topic :)
- A strong no nonsense fairplay philosophy. No faction is perfect, but we try to stay clean of all stuff that we don’t consider fairplay (which is one of the reasons we lost the top 5 position), including speedhacking, botting, refilling, low level attack shields etc. People may or may not agree with our philiosophy, but please only consider joining if you do ;).

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / kkk1234kkk

i totally agree to DinoCro, Vieew and toranx. combining their statemants all is said.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / kkk1234kkk

i absolutely agree to cookiemonstaah. i know kkk1234kkk from the time he was in tasw. he is a intelligent guy knowing which cards to choose in sealed tourneys and which card to play when