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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] Important guild issues.

I hate double post.. But i didn’t include this in the last.

Another issue is Base Designing, It’s a pain in the ass. But when you sit around and do it. Bases can be pretty difficult even for Higher Lvl’s. I’ve actually ran across a pretty nice base of a lower lvl Guild. Other Guilds who are above or below, defenses are just scattered about and not in a design to really protect anything.

We need a Base Design Tool Sublinet. ._.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] Important guild issues.

There are lots of games where Main Alliances Create Branches to their current one. (Battle Dawn is a good one, it’s on Kong as well.) I was in a couple of those Main Alliances that created Branch Guilds, most of the time they worked out. Other times they overthrew the Main or you’d have traitors who would backstab and then join the next Alliance who would take 1st.

The issue with people being fearful over a game, is silly. It’s a game. You rebuild. It’s not to hard to go ahead and attack Branch Guilds, i say go for it. More power to you if you destroy them. Most of the people who even talk about wanting to hit Branch Guilds, hit lower guilds then they are. All of a sudden because they’re not #1-5, they start crying it isn’t fair. Well, you’re on the First Page, and you’re attacking Guilds on the 3rd-4th page. (Joined in on a couple, and defended the Smaller Guild You’re Welcome Small Guild. :3)

If anything should be changed. It shouldn’t be 10% less Pts and that’s all you can attack. No, that’s just utterly retarded.
Correct answer – You can attack 10 Up and 10 Down.
It’s simple. Top 10 is Free Game. -Also Prevents trolling from lower guilds who just want to peek in on #1.

I do think there should be a delay when switching guilds, in Battle Dawn (Sorry, only game i can really reference that’s similar to this.) there was a 12 hours wait period between switching Alliances, so you took the risk of pretty much losing everything if you weren’t ready. Was surprised when you can just leave 1 Guild 1 min, and jump into the next.

I do believe there should be more incentive for Guilds in Top 10 and Extra Incentive for being #1.

2H Cooldown is really annoying, i wouldn’t mind the Tokens. 10 Tokens a day. Resets the next day.