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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Devs, would you please...

Originally posted by Dorus:

Oh right, i get it now. Still, unless you have 11+ level of the current equipment, the next first tier equipment is already better than the current one. No need to wait till you can buy two of them. Beside, if you have 10+ of the current level, you should have plenty of metal to get 4+ on the next one right away anyway.

Myself i never get more than 4 level before i go to the next tier equipment. I know it’s not 100% accurate everywhere, but my calculations show around 4 is the breakpoint where the next tier is better than the current one in terms of price/efficiency. Only exception is zone 1-30 where i buy 30+ equipment because i’m too lazy to do map farming in-between. The ‘in order’ map change is even a bit of a nerf here because i now have to grind trough a lot more equip early on where i first delayed pants and higher until zone 25+.

You are right that level 1 or at least level 2 will typically be better. Unless you really have high level equipment (which might be the case after some challenges). But typically you definitely ought to be able to prestige your equipment well in time.

At really high levels (>100) I also think I have to upgrade past level 1 again. So at some point it might be level 15 before you can prestige, making at least the level 2 value interesting to know.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / flutimp/goblimp suggestion

Originally posted by Glock555:

this is mainly for the flutimp but perhaps changing it to being 3% of your current frags would make it seem more useful than the current loot it drops.

i haven’t checked what i get from flutimp at later zones but at 1M fragments you’d be getting 30k per imp (perhaps thats too many, obviously its subject to change)

if anyone has a suggestion for how to improve their worth feel free to add to this idea

That would make for entirely different strategy… It would suddenly be best to run an easy and cheap map for a really long time, and then you never have to worry about fragments anymore.

Right now it’s quite well balanced. If you spend a lot of time on maps you have enough, but if you are 20 zones further spending only minimal time on maps, you probably will need to spend some more time on maps again…

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Tauntimp bug?

So actually you get your ~400 trimps. The carpentry bonus is added on top of those 88 trimps you received.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Can you revert the change made about how equipment upgrades become available?

At z80 he probably portals. So if he can get there prestiging only 8/11 equipments, he used to be able to save 3/11, so 25%-30% of his map running time.

If that makes the difference between being able to do 2 runs per day, and just not finishing that in time, it isn’t hard to understand why it matters to him so much…

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Updates are like Christmas!

Originally posted by Dorus:

OMG OMG OMG. Christmas is early this year. The latest patch contains 9 quality of life fixes I’ve been waiting for, on top of new content!

The Exotic Imp-orts boosts are especially nice. :D
Tauntimp now also is of serious value later in the game. It currently grants me around 10% extra trimps.

Level 120 was too far, but maybe with these extra imps I can just push a bit further, and unlock that new challenge… Although the skill it unlocks is too expensive for me right now. :(

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Devs, would you please...

Originally posted by Dorus:

I believe it already does that for equipment. What the OP is talking about is the cost for equipment upgrades.

It already shows it for upgrades, but he is quite sloppy with regards to upgrade vs. prestige.
He calls upgrading leveling, and prestiging upgrading.

So he’d like to see how much a combination of prestiging and upgrading costs. Which can be done by manually multiplying using the prestiging cost using the table I presented above.

For upgrading equipment the game indeed already shows what 10 levels of upgrading costs. But since prestiging is always one level at a time, the quantity buttons currently have no effect there, which I think is nice, since that means I have to click +1 less often…

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Devs, would you please...

Originally posted by firebrand459:

Er, no, it’s not. The tool tip tells you power per level of the upgraded equipment, but does not tell you the cost of leveling. Unless I’m just blind (completely possible), you can’t see how much it’s going to cost to level the equipment unless you actually go through with the upgrade. To clarify, I’m using the term ‘leveling’ as in boots III level 1 – > boots III level 11, as being distinct from ‘upgrading’, as in boots II → boots III.

You could make a multiplication table for that. You see the cost of getting level 1 of the prestiged equipment, since that’s the amount you need to pay for it.
Each upgrade ups the costs by a factor 1.2.

1: 1x
2: 1.2x+1x = 2.2x
3: 1.44x+2.2x = 3.64x
4: 5.37x
5: 7.44x
6: 9.93x
7: 12.9x
8: 16.5x
9: 20.8x
10: 26.0x
11: 32.2x

(All rounded to 3 significant figures, as the game applies similar rounding)

If I want to prestige and level up to 10, I will need to have 26 times more metal than just to prestige.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Updates are like Christmas!

Originally posted by braindwendos:

The first suggestion can’t happen without nerfing geneticists. They’re far too cheap right now, hiring a ton of them and only firing/re-hiring them whenever you need to breed is already way too strong past zone 90 or so. My armies usually last in the minutes, even into the hours if I’m just farming maps while doing other stuff, so an uncapped anticipation would result in crazy damage to go with my crazy health. Not a good combination.

Even ignoring that, though, it’s smart to have an upper limit, just in case. 30s is plenty high as-is.

The suggestion wasn’t to uncap it. The suggestion was to display larger times than 30, but leave the cap.
So if it says 37, you know a few more nurseries would make sense. On the other hand if it would say 30, you know it’s perfectly balanced, and more nurseries should be combined with roughly half that number in geneticists.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Exotic imp-ort spawns?

Basically, your chance of getting an exotic imp also doubles. So both will spawn at the same rate as your whipimp currently does.

Neither takes priority. If you buy venimp, the chance of whipimp is 3%, the chance of venimp is 3%, the chance of other enemies is 94%.
Right now for you the chance of whipimp is 3%, and the chance of other enemies is 97%.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / To the developer: Obsolete skills.

The Block is very relevant for some of the challenges. And if you do not need it, just skip that map… How much work is it to ignore that map???

I seem to miss the point. The Block has relevance also in our current game, and gyms are working fine for the late game. That shield block becomes irrelevant later on is true, but also gym block is no longer all powerful, with 20% damage leaking through. And since Gym can already provide all the block you typically need, making shield block more powerful later on won’t really make a difference. It will remain a better choice to have the health from a regular shield…

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Which Formations to use and when (SPOILER)

What you are typically interested in is the speed of beating your opponents.
So damage helps a lot, as long as you don’t get one-hitted by your fast enemies. Much more than unused or leaky block or useless health (if your regeneration is fast enough you can afford dying every now and then).

But depending on your regeneration rate, health and block may be important.

On maps, block can prevent you losing health altogether. So X or B could make sense.
But typically I try to own enough gyms to have enough block to just be able to use D…

In zones, 20% of damage leaks through your block, so it’s not that useful. Instead health can be important.
But X or H only makes real sense if your regen is low, or you’d otherwise be one-hitted.
If your trimps are dead for 90% of the time, it’s definitely time to switch off D.

Simply put: 4 X-hits = 1 D-hit, 8H-hits or B-hits = 1 D-hit. So if you can do more than 4x as many successful hits in the same amount of time using X, use X. And likewise with a factor 8 for H and B.

If you idle for a few hours, H may end up getting you further, as it can prevent being one-hitted. But on short time-scales, D typically should perform the best, especially if you check regularly to see you’re not being one-hitted.

Oh: one more thing: definitely never use B in zones. It halves your health, and in the best case 20% of the enemy damage gets through instead of the default 25%*20%+75%*100%=80%. I.e. you survive 2x as long, while doing only half damage. Instead focusing on health let’s you survive almost 4x as long doing only half damage. Therefore H is always better than B in zones.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / wormhole

Originally posted by Dorus:

Even when you can skip wormholes, you probably still shouldn’t. It makes no difference if you are making 100 helium/minute, and spend 100 helium on wormhole to save 3 minutes, or you are making 1 helium/minute, and spend 100 helium on wormholes to save 3 hours. In both cases you have a ROE of 180%.

If wormholes saved me only 3 minutes, i would probably be too lazy to buy them, but that does not make it a optimal strategy. Btw i’m also close to not needing wormholes for the coordination, but the double income they give is a great help to get a few extra tributes a little quicker, and my first collector.

I doubt 3 minutes would matter a lot. It probably gets lost while sleeping either way…
So if it’s a few minutes, I indeed would just skip them.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / wormhole

Originally posted by DayElven:

Newbie don’t need wormholes. He won’t even get to z37 on his first runs. He need to collect some helium before he can go further. But someone who can get to z40+ will get profit from investing into wormholes.

Maybe at really high carpentry you can skip wormholes all together…

I’m at z45 and have 5000/19314 pop (before carpentry) from wormholes. I’m not sure if I use the right amount of wormholes, but they definitely are no longer really necessary. They just speed me up getting to z50.
In any case, with 2-3 levels more of carpentry I have the same amount of population as I do now… So I guess at some point you could easily buy all coordinations up to z50 without any wormholes.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Explorers

Originally posted by Dorus:

What you are doing is save-scumming, and is a form of cheating yes. It is completely up to you if you consider it “unfair”.

@Flutimp: I haven’t thought of that one yet. Might be the perfect solution! I need to consider if it’s worth the 23k helium i could buy with the bones instead…

Might buy it on my next run when i want to go for zone 100+.

If you get to higher zones you also get a lot more helium for your 100 bones… So investing 50 bones to be able to do one long run may actually in the end earn you a lot more helium/bone. Especially if you hit a fragment wall…

I’m at 106 now and I’m simply hitting a steeper and steeper population wall… I’m behind 19 levels in coordination. Next run I’ll have 2 levels more of carpentry, so I guess I’d be able to get one more level of coordination. But population remains a problem even with my rather careful warpstation planning…

So I guess whether flutimp is worth it to you depends on how much fragments are hindering your progress, and to what extent population is becoming a problem… Because whatever you do, lack of population will end up halting your progress. Noone has carpentry at level 50 or even 60, which would be needed to make it to z100 without being unable to buy all coordinations. And at some point you’re simply behind too many levels of coordination. The enemies get 1.8x more hp and damage every zone, and without coordination you get almost 10x hp and damage in 5 zones, i.e. less than 1.6x per zone. So therefore you cannot keep up. (With coordination you get almost 2x hp and damage, so you actually could accellerate)

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Explorers

Originally posted by e0721907:

5M fragments at once? Flutimp definitely looks like a solution. Thanks! :)

It grows with level, I guess in a similar way to the map prices. So at level 80 it will be clearly less than 5M, but it becomes more and more interesting (compared to explorers) as you go on to higher levels.

For comparison a basic lvl 100 map costs 1.02M Fragments, with minimal difficulty it costs 6.28M Fragments, fully maxed (but no specific map type) costs 273M Fragments, and with a specific map type it’s 1.09B.
So if you want everything fully maxed this 5M per flutimp is still a bit on the low side, but if you don’t mind so much you can easily make a few decent maps for each zone… ;)

At level 80, the most basic map costs 62.4K, so roughly 16 times less. So I guess the flutimps give you around 300k at level 80. That still would otherwise take a long time with explorers, but the difference is definitely less.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Explorers

Originally posted by e0721907:

Having played to z80+, I must say that explorers/map fragments are a bit flawed.

1. When you are reaching z30 under half an hour, there is no way to build up enough map fragments for creating gateways. Sure, with high carpentry it’s usually not a huge wall, but still a valid issue.

2. On high zones (80+), creating maps is really difficult as sometimes you need hours just to gain another level of equipment.

There is definitely a need for explorer perk (at least for the late game).

1. You don’t need 20 gateways at once. Just buy them one by one over the next couple of hours…

2. 450 explorers give me 532 fragments/s on level 100, but still I haven’t really noticed your issues. Why?

Convenient! You stole 4.93M fragments from that Flutimp! It really didn’t look like she needed them though, don’t feel bad.

That’s like 2.5 hours worth of explorers…

So I guess you need to unlock flutimps to solve your issues. The gains from the flutimps grow a lot faster than those from the explorers. With a 3% chance per square of encountering these flutimps, you can easily speedup your fragment income by a factor 150 or more…

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / 1.091 - The Bone Trader

Originally posted by TheeCableguy:

Quick question. The whipimp, why does the % value fluctuate? Shouldn’t it be a flat benefit of what you have accumulated through portals? (It does say it transfers over) So if I have say 110% bonus at z80 and want to portal should I not start z1 with 110% bonus? This isn’t the case so far.

You don’t lose the exotic imp itself after portaling, but you do restart with 0% bonus.
This might also be apparent from the in-game description of beating a whipimp, which says that the trimps work harder after seeing a whipimp die. Since portaling removes all memories (except for the perks), there’s no way the effect can be transferred.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / I'd like to like this game...

Originally posted by nanofarad:

@Grabarz my point is that you will gain money in clicker heroes, not progress. That isn’t true for trimps. you cap out and both progress and money is lost. I’m not saying you should leave any game alone for weeks at a time, well except swarm sim. The point is you can’t leave this game alone it isn’t idle. if you believe it is your the one who is trapped by illusion. unless your going for deep runs into 60’s, idle in this game hurts more than it helps. That is why the original poster is frustrated with trimps. discounting his reason for a complaint doesn’t fix the issue. it is a good idle game with a bad mechanic. nothing you can say will change that. oh but if you do this it doesn’t hurt you as much. um yeah it still hurts the game. your just working around it. it is like a huge pot hole and your saying just straddle it, and you wont feel the bump.

You do continue to get gems and fragments, since they have uncapped storage.
And especially in the endgame gems become a limiting factor…

So I’m inclined to disagree. You do gain MORE valuable resources in trimps than in clicker heroes.
Additionally, buy enough storage… When I was on holiday I was able to log on like twice a day, yet I still managed to make quite some progress. That was my first run past 40…

Yes, if you get more idle you should focus on longer runs. So to me now that is runs to like 90-100 and 1-2 resets per week. No, it’s not the perfect performance I could get. Resetting more often would bring me more He/hour. But it is quite acceptable, and I can be more idle…

Regarding the idle tag. I don’t think it’s really right either. But apparently a large group of people disagrees and voted it up…
Since you do make progress without doing anything, in principle you could argue they’re right. But it’s not a game that entirely plays itself…

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / CPU usage - solution (current)

I really like this performance mode. It also makes it clearer how much damage you really do in a hit. :)

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / State of Trimps - 2.212

Skipping levels causes you to miss out on the exotic imp-orts for those levels…
And honestly, 1 to 20 only takes like half an hour… I definitely care more for beating 60 whipimps (19.7% more resources) than for that half hour, especially considering what time those resources will save later on…

Nurseries keep being very strong late game… Dividing the breeding rate by a factor 10 just meant we needed more nurseries, it gave no major changes. I guess more gathering like Niklas suggests also means we just have to buy more nurseries.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Artisanistry wording is misleading

It is exactly what you’d expect for a -5% interest rate. So yes, it is like compound interest, thus compounding… Every level you upgrade it gives you 5% lower costs.

Suppose I have a bank account with $1 on it. Each day the bank takes away 5%. What they do is leave me with $0.95 after one day, $0.9025 after two days. 5% of 0.95 is absolutely speaking less than 5% of 1…
So -5%, and then again -5% is actually -9.75%. So it’s compounding, not linear, in which case -5% and again -5% would be -10%. (Translating this linear behaviour to equipment prices would mean at level 20 you would get your equipment for free…)

And of course anyone with some sense knows it cannot possibly ever become FREEE!!! That would end the game, as you’d be able to afford infinite equipment upgrades, thus pass all levels trivially.

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Topic: Trimps: Bug Reports / [Fixed] Discipline challenge is easier than no challenge

The discipline challenge currently changes the damage you do to the range 80%-200% of your total weapon damage.
Without challenge (and without range perk) this is 80%-120%.
So actually the “challenge” just allows you to do more damage, without any strings attached.

What I was expecting based on the description was more like a 20%-180% range, which would be more challenging because while some enemies suddenly get one-hit, others take much longer to kill, therefore the net result would be to slow you down.
Maybe even 10%-150% would be applicable, really also shifting the average down.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / bone trader cost/benefit analysis

Originally posted by KaidokJ:

@Niklas91 – I do remember instances of getting +.04 but I think it is a rounding issue (actual increase might be 0.35 or something), because I just went from 49.8 to 50.2 at level 46, so I am pretty sure there is no compounding going on.

The chance of encountering them is clearly mentioned as 3% per field while working on zones. So on average 3 per zone. At the start of level 46 you would have encountered on average around 135. And 1.003^135=1.49839377. Note: 49.8% bonus…
And beating one more would give you 1.003^136=1.50288895. Note: 50.288…%. I believe Trimps always shows numbers rounded down, so it would be displayed as 50.2%. So actually these values you mention are quite logical if it DOES compound.

But due to the low factor 1.003 (0.3%), the difference between simple linear increase and compounding is very small…
Check the plot on[{100*%281.003^%283*x%29-1%29%2C0.35*%283*x%29}%2C{x%2C0%2C100}]&lk=4&num=1
Actually until zone 40, the equation with 0.35% works almost perfectly. It will give a bit higher results in the very first few zones. But around zone 46 you actually should be able to notice that the steps are 0.4% and 0.5% so your 0.35% cannot be true.

In a more practical sense: whether it compounds or not is not so relevant. You’ll only really notice the faster increase for zone 50 and above… And that’s not a zone number most of us typically encounter afaik.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Importing Magician's Pouch?

Originally posted by ClarissaGavin:

I say all of us who bought Magician’s Pouch somewhere else already should nuke the ratings for this game. I think this is really lame, and the creators should really thought of a solution beforehand. I can’t even import my save from Armor Games cause I used the online save.

1/5 stars.

Judge a game by its worth. Not by how much you liked it on Armor Games (enough to buy the pouch there) and the impossibility to get the paid version on Kongregate for free.
Honestly, playing the game without pouch is definitely a nice experience as well. So maybe you can just continue playing it without pouch here for the extra challenge? And of course you can still keep playing it on Armor Games with pouch… After all, that’s precisely what you paid for.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Pouchless achievments

Originally posted by BLOONINCINERATOR:

I did get the all skills unlocked one. I guess it means all free skills. The most shadows I’ve gotten on one map is 2 or 3. Play X2 on glaring, starting all waves at once (use a red-yellow-white gem).

I was not able to get the “Skillful” achievement without pouch.
I have unlocked all but the four pouch skills, raised the ones I had left at 0 to level 5, and played the first map (looming). No achievement…

Maybe your level 100 talisman fragments contributed in your case?