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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Useful References for the Masses

Originally posted by Contracter_1:

can u please explain the mobility to heavy weapons………….

I spoke to your heavy weapons. They have it explained to them now.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How much movement should I be giving my ships?

well since it is the first instances, everyone here is forgetting about the rate of movement.

The rate of movement has to be factored in when considering how much movement to equip. The more movement equipped, the less the rate of movement will be a detrimental factor.

Also of course it depends on your speed and agility points, just like defense and protection points will respectively up your ability and capability.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Offline still works(Including proof) (Please check if offline doesn't work)

Offline hasn’t worked for me since January. I stopped caring yesterday after downloading the app & not because I realized I have a life. App 1: Life 0

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / I want to tell the crater something

Talk to craters, and you end up like this.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / this forum now serves both mobile and web players

i came here looking for why my iOS cloud save doesn’t load on the full site version…. that kinda sucks

as for a combined forum… yeah….

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Your own commander Skill.

Originally posted by sorrowthewolf:

This is an idea that i had out of shier boredom. Why not have a yearly event where you can make your own card and people can vote on it? And the top 3 become legit divines. This idea may have back fires (people being jerks and making troll commanders) but of course there are guidelines.

1. No insane skill…..
2. the skill must makes sense
3. Tell where the commander can be obtained from
4. Make it have a interesting name :D
5. make sure it can benefit both f2p and WW.
6. there is no limit to the # of ideas u can make :D

REMEMBER: This is for fun! Not for a legit event.

Shier boredom, you say?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How to attack people?

In English, you don’t just say “how to.” You say, “How do I attack people?”

“How to attack people” is not a fully formed question. The reason is that in English, you need a subject. It’s not hard once you pass primary school.

Now, to answer your question —

Follow the in-game instructions. You will find them a great help.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Prime World: Defenders] rarities & probabilities?

Someone needs remedial English and math lessons….

The only part of huntard’s misconceived ramblings that has a gem of truth in it is that indeed extrapolating from a small number of trials can be prone to error. But as Dasquian says, even so, you can quantify just how improbable the event should be were it a truly random selection. Having seen it once means nothing, but if pretty much everyone finds the same result, you could reasonably conclude something non-random is going on.

String theory, of course, has nothing to do with it. And anyone studying so hard in theoretical physics ought to spend just 1% of his time taking a remedial English course — it would be a shame if great discoveries were obscured by an inability to form coherent sentences.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Drexler Ratchet Strategies

Originally posted by Kernal42:

Use Drexler Ratchet on humaroid ships designed for low-* commanders.

With 31 agi eurus (and even more so with LW2s), you can run humaroid9 with 600 dodge. This is achievable on a 1* titan divine; such a commander may however have trouble dispatching the enemy fleets rapidly. Meanwhile, the Light & Darkness commanders in humaroid9 slowly reduce the hull of the ship to 1, at which point a non-0% hit rate shot will destroy the ship (even if you have enough negation, which is stupid). This is countered by drexler ratchets on the ships, or mechanic chips on your commander, or (ideally) both.


Not entirely correct beacuase resons


Topic: Galaxy Online / Need fix

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Dr.Idea

Who is the moderator for Galaxy Online, anyway? Whoever it is, it has no respect for even halfway pretending to be unbiased. Just goes around deleting comments that aren’t breaking any forum rules, no racism, no profanity, just honest opinions the moderator disagrees with. #RIP Griz

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Dr.Idea

Looks like the moderator is taking sides with IGG again. Surprise everyone! They spend more time and effort not listening to “ideas” than doing anything productive to fix this “game.” #RIP Griz

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Topic: Galaxy Online / boring

nope, pretty much stays boring. If anything, it gets worse. #RIP Griz.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / R.I.P Griz


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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Brewertown 470k recruiting!

i am not qualified for this opening

however i would like to sell potatoes

i have 2 potatoes and a rock that looks like a potato

i am asking $500

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Space Raids

Originally posted by alphamap:

First it’s “Remember a single digit number.”
Then it’ll be “Why can’t you remember my birthday?”
And a bit later “Did you forget my phone number? You never call!”

All I’m asking for is a little help from IGG.

IGG is deliberately designing the game this bad so that your memory improves. Also, they want you to look at dorky scifi art. And women with heaving bosoms.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Space Raids

hahaha when will people finally get it


Topic: Galaxy Online / S01 Gold Lottery Idea

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Topic: Galaxy Online / noobs these days

Originally posted by BlinX1098:

lik if u cri evry time

Some people just want to lick things

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Sparks to Cubes exchange

IGG doesn’t particularly care about your ideas

— just an idea

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & 03 Merger on April 25th

Originally posted by 4EvrIwin:

Yeah, thanks IGG for giving us such a small galaxy to tick us all off.

Also a horrible game with the same purpose


Topic: Galaxy Online / Dr.Idea

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Topic: Galaxy Online / WARNING: MP purchases are bugging ATM

Good news! They fixed it so it is 100% safe now to do this. They are giving out bonus MP (but it’s not announced because it’s too much trouble to develop the announcements).

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Topic: Galaxy Online / R.I.P Griz

This topic never dies pun unintended


Topic: Galaxy Online / April 15 Maintenance and Content Update

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