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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Black Screen

Hello I’ve been having technical problems with the game.

Whenever I open kongregate to play rotmg, the screen is just black. It doesn’t even go to the loading screen or the screen with the Realm of the Mad God logo. I refresh and refresh and nothing ever changes.

I have the latest version of Adobe Flash. The game works on Google Chrome but it’s so laggy I can’t even play. I want to be able to play on Internet Explorer because thats where I get the best quality gameplay.

Strangely, I am able to play on the rotmg website, but it won’t let me access the game on kong.

Please if you know anything that might help just shout it out. Thanks.

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Topic: Elements / Best Spins?

I got 3 arctic octopuses in 3 spins.

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Topic: Elements / new card suggestions

Instead of dive it should be submerg for two water quantum. and maybe 8 for the cost. cuz 12 damage is alot.

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Topic: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 / Farming Monster Fangs

How does Solaar get galaxy burst???? The guardian claw?

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Topic: General Gaming / ROBLOX Rocks.

Originally posted by Pinky12345:


Devinator2 is always innovating gnarly boats in the addictive world ROBLOX

Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version (CR 2009.09.02)

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Topic: Kongregate / The search sucks

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