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Topic: BattleCry / Lost Items

Is it happening to anyone else that your items go missing after you log off? I bought a gold booster to get my first legendary item (I got the fire axe) and then when I logged on later, it disappeared.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Lost 3 Draft packs: ID 65205

ID 65205
I tried to leave queue. Then it said I didn’t have enough draft packs to join, while I had 6 packs. Then, I lost 3 draft packs afterwards. I have a chat bar in the top left, indicating that the server thought I was in…
I then got a class choice thing, further indicating that the server thought I was in, whilst being unable to choose cards.

I would like a refund of these draft packs please. Thanks!


Refreshed, and got reconnected. Still missed out on the drafting, so got poor cards and had no time to build a deck

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Topic: Tyrant / Factions: Defense-First

Seriously, half or even more of my faction has quit because of this update.
Quitters=/= good.

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Topic: Tyrant / Next Expansion Card Discussion



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Topic: Tyrant / ridiculous but not surprising. ppl actually thought this is serious and completely missed the intent

No, just no. Not signing this. Although it’d be awesome if it happened to me, ya gotta support the devs too.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] Make Nexus packs buyable with gold

Originally posted by Crusader32:

To be fairly honest, it depends.. more assault card legendaries.. mehh already have tons of those. maybe some action card or more structure legendaries would be fun.

Lol, make some Legendary Actions xD

btw, I’m for this petition. People would be encouraged to play, but serious players will buy the new packs to gain that edge over their opponents/

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Topic: Tyrant / Nobody is recruiting

Originally posted by TGXC:

1 slot left. Maybe you can fill the empty slot. Remember that Nobody wants you.

This quote made me want to join this faction. Unfortunately, I have a faction.

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Topic: Tyrant / Elements, Kongai or Tyrant ?

imma go with Elements. Tyrant is an FB game with simple mechanics (strike, weaken, rally, evade, leech, heal, siphon, regenerate). Elements has a huge metagame, and even though competitions are somewhat down to the RNG, the long term draw is doable through probability.

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Topic: Tyrant / Soul Legacy Recruitment

How much rating do you have and how much time do you expect a member to spend online every day?

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Topic: Tyrant / [removed] is cheating?

Hmm… can you refill stamina?

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Topic: Tyrant / The best art

No love for mirror wall? That art is pretty damn awesome.

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Topic: Tyrant / The best art

They’re all pretty awesome

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Topic: Tyrant / I buyed a Tyrants DEck and didn't received!

You probably clicked twice quickly. Check your cards, you should have some new/extra cards.

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Topic: Tyrant / Promotional Card

I’m guessing probably not. It’s been that card since the beginning of this game, so there’s no sign that it is gonna change.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Got Badges!!1!one!!

Eh, the 2 hard badge’s would take forever. Luckily, I’ve already got ’em.

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Topic: Tyrant / Ai improvement Petition // sign here

How about instead of just signing it, provide some tips? It’s not very helpful to the devs by saying: Do this. More helpful is: I want this to be done. Here are some logical steps to what AI should be like.

So Tip #1:
It’s been repeated a few times, but let us prioritize which card should be played in what order. It would help defence decks so much.

Strategy. AI doesn’t play Action cards first turn. It plays low delay assault cards first turn or something like that. Perhaps you could categorize for early game cards, ‘midgame’ cards, and ‘endgame’ cards, and have the AI play it accordingly. It could be manual, or just evaluate the ‘worth’ of a card by expected damage vs. delay time, and play the cards with more ‘worth’ first.

btw, Signed,


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Topic: Tyrant / Quad walker...

Originally posted by TheIdioticIdiot:


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Topic: Tyrant / Quad walker...

Originally posted by craftymofo:

When I first saw Atlas I immediately noticed how he’s holding the bomb the same way Atlas holds up the world/sky in many depictions, couldn’t find a blatant one, but the pose is extremely similar Atlas is holding an Atlas.

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Topic: Tyrant / TIL Atlas's origin

Any other card origins you know?

btw, TIL=Today I learned

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Topic: Tyrant / cheap, fast imperial deck

minus 1 revolver. Add 1 sawblade/Irradiated infantry/Bazooka marine.
Revolver is Anti-Xeno. Not everyone runs a Xeno deck. I recommend picking a faster card anyways. 3 delay for 2 attack isn’t worth it.

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Topic: Tyrant / Algorithms?

I’m not too sure about Heal being random, because experimentally, it seems like heal targets the unit that has had the most damage done to it. Yes, I’ve had a large sample size, ~40 summat games.

The other skills are almost even. It’s proven that people tend to remember bad stuff more than good stuff.

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Topic: Tyrant / Speedy Missions

Hotshot, actually, it’s a surprisingly fast deck that isn’t built right. Needs more imperial troops. I ended up with a similar deck, that has netted me every speedy achievement I can obtain, with the exception of Speedy Wastelands, and probably Speedy Odeus.

Atlas, Hatchet, Tiamat, Jet Trooper, Enfeebler, Sawblade, Omega, Vamp, Stormrunner, Arc Trooper, Hydroblade.

The idea is to spam as many 1 delay, 2 attack units as possible, or put down something to defeat the first unit the opponent plays and play your stormrunner second turn.

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Topic: Tyrant / Speedy Missions

In Tyrant, those speedy achievements are pretty darn hard to get. So, please Share your decks with which you got any Speedy achievements with.

Best Decks

Speedy Cyprion(Mission 17):

Speedy Blackmarsh(Mission 23):

Speedy Swamps(Mission 28):

Speedy Red Sands(Mission 35):

Speedy Wastelands(Mission 41):

Speedy Sulfuris(Mission 53):

Speedy Odeus(Mission 59):

Speedy Blightlands(Mission 66):

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Topic: Tyrant / Nominate your favorite cards!

Normal Devision: Enfeebler
Silver Devision: Harbor command
Gold Devision: Missile silo
Unique Devision: Tiamat
Legendary Devision: Omega

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Topic: Tyrant / What's the best card in Tyrant?

I like Stormrunner. 3 delay, 2/4 and rally ALL imperial 2. That’s epic. almost doubles the effectiveness of rushes.