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Topic: Off-topic / If YOU had a Portal Gun?

I’m surprised how this thread has managed to survive for two years. Anyway -

I’d find a tall building, shoot a portal on the top (at an angle), jump off, shoot a portal on the ground and use the momentum to go through the city like Spiderman.

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Topic: Elements / Gravtiy

How about you try to make your point again after you’ve faced a false god.

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Topic: General Gaming / Amorphous 2: Rise Of The Overlord

Er… It’s a nice take on the game, but there are flaws that I must question.

Why is a Gloople friends with a human?

How is the Gloople smart enough to do so? They can’t even walk straight because of their lacking intelligence (game bestiary).

That’s all I can think up for now. Also, not to be a total grammar nazi, but some parts of that are confusing. I know not everyone is extremely adept at English, but to me, it’s barely understandable. Keep trying, and you’ll have a really nice story that may even rival those already posted on other forums within the Kongregate archives.

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Topic: Technical Support / KONGREGATE VIRUS (Experiment on 3/19 - Anyone see the virus?)

March 21 – No viruses for the past week.

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Topic: General Gaming / Aerow's Guide to Elona Shooter

Hey, in case the walkthrough maker comes and checks this forum now and again, your “Cool” skill statistics are wrong. The maximum isn’t 10, I think it’s like 30 or something, because I’m looking at my Cool 13 right now and it’s giving me 52% faster recovery.

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Topic: General Gaming / Bubble Tanks Tower Defense came out on ArmorGames!

I’m only posting here once and leaving it, please don’t try to reply to me…

The following is a suggestion: why not get a tower of every kind into a Mega Mega tower?

After all, each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses – combined, they become the most mega Mega Mega tower the world of megalomaniacs have ever mega’d seen!

Oh, and whatever slots are left, experiment with. Your mega Mega Mega’s done anyway, besides for those fill-ins.

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Topic: General Gaming / Trap Master Badges Forum

WARNING Due to the nature of this forum, there probably will be spoilers. It is pretty much a walkthrough forum too, so don’t go all “omg you took the fun out of it!!”.

This is a forum (hopefully) dedicated to hints and help for the Trap Master game. Please post any useful information that leads to guarenteed success within the game. I will start.

I’m currently at level 23, and whoo is it getting hard. Those turret-destroying units are really decimating my place, and I really need to focus to win these levels.

Anyway, I got this far by firstly placing one poison (green) tower on the 2nd level (whatever side dosen’t matter.) I followed it up with two more, top and bottom, and finished the combo with a slowing (blue) tower. This went over several levels, and during those levels I was tanking the side the turrets weren’t protecting.

I added turrets as the game went on, making sure to upgrade before creating new ones, and also upgrading myself and the chest once each.

I currently have, on both sides (they are symmetrical),

Bottom level: four incinedary turrets (red), two spikey stompers.
Middle level: two poison towers, two slowing towers and two spikey stompers.
Top level: two poison, two incinedary and two electro (pink).
Actual traps/barriers: exploding bridges, which have already been exploded and I don’t care to replace them, four incinedary ladders, four steel blocks.

So there is both my somewhat-walkthrough and my crisis.
I’m going to get destroyed because of those turret-demolishers, but the strategy gets two out of three badges. Help/contribution welcome.

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Topic: Kongregate / International Survivors Association - JOIN NOW!

… Give me a sniper and I’m ready… Preferably a gauss rifle.

(Sign me up.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Best and Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

Originally posted by AgentZ56:

I also have to say this. Sonic is too cheap, therefore, Sonic is for little kids that play brawl.

One: Don’t double post, there’s an edit option.

Two: If little kids played brawl, parents wouldn’t exist.

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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)


I’m assuming you haven’t played a rainbow deck. The Blade Master idea is out the window with one. But in any case…

Death: 5 Damage per turn to a creature? Are you insane here? Tell me anything that’s not on invincibility that could survive that.

Dark: … That’s Empathic Bond. Play the game a bit more, hmm?

Water: That’s a somewhat modified version of the Dive ability…

Life: As if you have trouble gaining HP. No need for that.

Fire: Anger and Destroy? How will we choose the abilities? Think these through!

Light: Wow, that’s just encouraging you to use it with Titanium Shield…

Entropy: … wait, what? Bad grammar alert!

Time: That’s Sundial. Stop with the copying.

Aether: Cheap much! Why not just send out six immortal Ruby Dragons, then!

Earth: … You’re kidding right? That’s a horrible idea. What’s with you and multiples of 5?

Gravity: That’s a horrible combination! It’ll be destroyed in one turn, especially in mid/endgame!

Bomber: Uh, 15/0 means instant suicide. Lulz…

Vendetta: … “attack it each turn after it is destroyed”… So… how does it attack… WHEN IT’S NOT THERE…?

Guilt: Finally, a somewhat-good idea… but you realize there’s no “killed” counter right?

Drown: What’s “ressives”?

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Topic: General Gaming / Most epic fail ever

That should be on failblog.

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Topic: General Gaming / Best and Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

Oh great, an “opinion” forum. Look at all your answers… all opinions. But I see real hate going to the following characters:

Ice Climbers, Diddy Kong, Sonic… Peach.

You hate because you do not realize. You hate because you do not know.

Ice Climbers can be seperated and controlled as two characters, battling across the screen.

Diddy Kong can take out three level 9 Pits even, if you play him right. (Yes, I did this.)

Sonic… wait what? Why do you hate on Sonic? He has mad speed and his final smash is invincibility… Oh. So you can’t control him. Too bad! Learn to – especially his final. Whining gets you nowhere.

Peach is way too hated on… sure, she’s limited in attacks and is quite weak. But let’s see what you say to Toad. COUNTER’D! (Make use of that!)

I see Pit being repeated as a “Best” over and over again. Sure, he’s cheap… nobody can fully deny that. But it’s all in the timing, the moves, the choices, the control. For example, I kept on pulling Dair Spikes with Fox… I killed two level 9 Pits, but the third one caught me off guard in Sudden Death with a grab.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t hate and don’t over-love… until you get decimated.

One more thing: Jigglypuff = Wall of pain. (Flight, Pound, repeat)

EDIT: Yes, I’ve beat 3 random level 9s on team matches with every character.


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Topic: Off-topic / What to do when zombies are here?

On the topic of zombies.. how do they even know where you are? It seems like every single zombie just somehow knows where you are at the very beginning and they all centre in on you. What the.

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Topic: Kongregate / Zombie Week

Originally posted by Flooded:

Greg said he has no involvement in putting the first two challenges up. And also, for a full-list of the games that are going to be in Week of the Living Dead go here.

I kinda expected Super Energy Apocalypse on this…

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Topic: General Gaming / MUTE

Silence is golden.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pokemon nearing its end?

Originally posted by Jeimuzu185:

pokemon will last forever

Now that you mention it, wouldn’t it be cool if, in the future, you put on some sci-fi helmet on and enter the world of Pokemon for yourself? Actually throwing the balls and whatnot?

No, Pokemon will not end anytime soon.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pokemon nearing its end?

Actually, three Pokemon games are coming. The definitive version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer of Time/Darkness was announced some time ago as Explorers of Sky, apparently with many new sub-plots and new features, like a little cooking cave planned to be near the intersection part of the town.

Gold and Silver are coming back as HeartGold and SoulSilver. Since it will be for the DS and DSi, you can expect it to be very different and of course dual screen. Get ready to welcome Lugia and Ho-oh into your Pokedex, late players.

Feel free to google and feel free to contribute.

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Topic: General Gaming / FIRST!!!

Not important. Really.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by knio:

The name of the game is Breach, BlazinIce.

Thanks. A lot.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Game on kongregate. Scroll from left to right game where you shoot walls and blocks of binary to get through the level.

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Topic: Kongregate / EPIC WEEK!!

Let’s hear it for Gre-… I mean,


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Topic: Elements / Elements CCG: Real-time PvP is now live.

Originally posted by nsbbeachboy:

the deck is better if u throw in an anubis, if u ask me, and titan works through sundial- good for a lil extra damage…

Everyone has their own way. I’ve taken ideas from both Scaredgirl’s and Breach’s rainbow decks and put them together for my version.

Originally posted by RareWolf:

Dang 3000 an hour is pretty good. Im guessing you get 2-3 upped cards from the roulette spins? Do you leave the fight rite away once you face the harder gods or do you play it out?

I always play it out, since I can defeat pretty much every false god.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Eternity is extremely useful in these decks! When drawing like a madman, you sometimes come across the problem – “Oh no, I might deck out!” But with Eternity, you can just cycle in and out a firefly or skeleton to keep in the game for as long as you like.

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Topic: Elements / Elements CCG: Real-time PvP is now live.

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

what do you meen by “gods” in the game?

Seriously? Dude, check the quests.

Also, for the good deck. Look on the last page.

Look on the previous page.

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Topic: Kongregate / Your First Impossible Badge

Most certainly Streamline. Call it whatever you want, be it good reflexes or pure skill, but man that game is easy.

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Topic: Elements / Elements CCG: Real-time PvP is now live.

If you count selling the rare cards the roulette spins give us, (and accounting for the fact that I make a move every several minutes because I’m also watching TV usually), three grand per hour. But if you focused, you could probably get ten grand easy.