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Topic: Off-topic / Would you be a real estate agent and sell houses for sex and money?

Imagine one day you’re a HOT lady real estate agent.

Every $1 million house you sell gets you $30,000! SUDDENLY all your purchasers say they WILL NOT sign the contract unless you let them take you to a hotel room and have sex first!

Would you sell houses for sex and $30,000 each? Yes/no/why?

You are a hot lady real estate agent~

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Topic: Off-topic / You are a golf caddy in Dallas and Ebola is hitting 100+ people Right Now..

Ok this is the situation: You are a gold caddy in Dallas, Texas. Right Now 4+ nurses and a Doctor who treated the first Dallas victim Thomas Duncan are NOW showing fever and Ebola symptoms!

In ADDITION to the above, the 2ND Nurse after Nina Pham who treated Duncan and who the CDC confirmed has Ebola, travelled on a PLANE with 100+ people the DAY BEFORE she came down with a fever! 100+ on plane are about to be quarantined…


As a golf caddy, would you recommend your golfer ~~
a) play 9 holes OR
b) 18 holes, OR
c) Something else!
and why??

You are a golf caddy in DALLAS

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you be scared if Ebola arrived in California USA?

Because it is here. In California. NOW.

Here is a picture from a Californian police vehicle where a report of an Ebola patient is being filed in!

Centinela hospital is in California…

Is it time to PANIC?

why or why not?

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Topic: Off-topic / You have Severely Abnormal Autism, but you work for Wall Street

Imagine you are a Severely Abnormal (rating 4+ on CAR Scale) 21 year old!

You cannot interact with people and can only type on a PC. But you can turn up to work and make MILLIONS for a Wall Street Investment Bank! They pay you MILLIONS everyday! All the office girls want to sleep with you!

If this was all true, would you~

1) Sleep with every office girl, pay them to have 500 children and breed an Autistic Kid Battalion to Conquer Wall Street?

2) Pay a corrupt fertility doctor to secretly inseminate even more girls, have 5,000,000 kids and breed an Autistic Kid Army to Conquer the World?

3) Refuse to have sex, just go home every night and play minecraft and post on kong? OR!

4) Something else, pls say what???

and why?

Here you are raking in millions~

This is what you and your kids generally look like~

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Topic: Off-topic / Wud you be happy, sad or indifferent if Obama nukes Ebola in Africa?

WHAT IF scientists say Ebola cases will hit 550,000 to 1.5 million by end Jan 2015?
WHAT if there are 2 millions Ebola cases by end Jan 2015?

Imagine if Obama orders NUKES to wipe out all Ebola areas.
Would you ~
1) Be happy Ebola is wiped out
2) Be sad hundreds of millions died OR
3) Say so what and continue playing Minecraft and other games?
and why?

Oh wait.. scientists HAVE said there will be 550,000+ cases end Jan 2015…

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Topic: Off-topic / If you are a world-class sniper, would you prefer to shoot girls with long or short hairdos?

What if you are a world-class highly trained sniper assassin?

And your BOSS says: You can either work your ENTIRE LIFE shooting short haired girls dead, or shooting long haired girls dead? Which type of girl would you rather make extinct?

Which do you choose and why?

here you are practising vs long haired girls~

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Topic: Off-topic / If your blood was green, and everyone wanted to drink it..

What if you have green blood?
And everyone wants to drink it (cos it is super tasty)?
And you can produce gallons of it EASILY and SQUIRT it like this?

Would you let people drink your blood for free? Or would you charge for it, and why?

People drinking your blood~~


Topic: Off-topic / Does Ebola scare you yet? What if McDonalds made an Ebola Burger?

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Topic: Off-topic / Finish a story by using this phrase: "The water tasted of root beer and then.."

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Topic: Off-topic / You climb Mount Everest and get a huge craving for a Mars Bar at the summit...

What if you are an amazing Mountain Climber and one day you finally climb Mount Everest! You reach the top, exhausted and suddenly you have a MAD CRAZY craving for chocolate!

At the top, you see in a special alcove, a MARS BAR placed there by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary as an offering to the Gods of the mountain 60 years ago! Beneath the alcove are the signatures of the hundreds of people who have come to honour the summit, the chocolate and the bravery of Hillary and Norgay!

Given your MAD CRAZY craving for chocolate, do you choose to EAT the sacred Mars Bar left by Tenzing Norgay, thereby shattering forever the ancient honouring of the Chocolate-Everest Vow? Or do you choose to go back down, saying farewell to the chocolate, and be forever sad, mad and crazy for the chocolate? Why or why not?

the ancient sacred chocolate~~

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.. placing the sacred chocolate bar in 1953~~~

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Topic: Off-topic / Assuming Chickens are as intelligent as Humans...

What if Chickens were as intelligent as Humans?

Also- what if Humans had the eyes of a chicken, and Chickens had the eyes of a human… Would you then prefer to be a HUMAN or a CHICKEN, and why?

Humans have eyes of chickens, and chickens now have eyes of humans~~

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Topic: Off-topic / If humanity had to migrate to another planet, but wud end up looking like this, wud u go?

I was just thinking, what if 100 years from now scientists say humanity cannot survive on Earth any longer. They say 30% of us have to migrate permanently to Mars, and the rest of us can die natural deaths in Earth.

No one can have children after the 30% leave for Mars, because Earth will become unlivable in 150 years time.

The thing is, those who live on Mars will eventually adapt, and after 100 years will end up looking like this. Martians :-

Would you personally choose to become a Martian, or would you choose to die on Earth? and why?


Topic: Off-topic / If your sex toy was lost in MH370, and then found floating in the ocean, would you reclaim it?

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you pay 1/10th of current airfares if you were to fly 100% sedated the whole way? why or why not?

Say guys, what if airlines offered plane flights where everyone is packed like sardines in racks? You are strapped in and then the whole cabin is filled with sleeping gas and you sleep for the whole 9 hour journey.

Would you fly on such an airplane service? Let’s say London to New York, Seattle to Tokyo etc etc whatever—- all sedated you never feel a thing. These flights could cost maybe USD100. Go to sleep and wake up at your destination!

u will be packed asleep like sardines. will u buy the ticket? why or why not?

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Topic: Off-topic / If you were a parrot, and you discovered atomic bombs, would you stay a parrot?

What if one day you are a really smart talking parrot, and one day you discover the SECRET TO MAKING ATOMIC WEAPONS!!!!

If you discovered this, AND escaped alive, would you stay an ordinary smart talking parrot, or would you try to become a MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE? and why?

just how power hungry are you?

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you be a gay judge on a gay idol show for $1 million p.a.?

What if there was GAY IDOL show like American Idol where all the contestants and judges have to be gay!!!?

And you are invited to be a GAY JUDGE on the show for $1 million p.a.!!
(You MUST have gay sex with a competitor once a week for one year)
Would you accept? why or why not?

American Gay Idol Show ~~

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Topic: Off-topic / This is all the info left on where MH370 is. You are now in charge of the entire operation!

Imagine you are put in charge of the ENTIRE search for MH370 the missing jet!
This is the only map they give you.

Do you
1) give up?
2) wait 1 week then announce everything is hopeless and go home?
3) something else?
and why?

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Topic: Off-topic / Another massive 230+ people dead on massive Boeing 777 crash - will you still fly in planes?

Boeing 777-200 missing about 3+ hours now. 230+ people aboard. The worst is feared!!!

Are you scared yet? It’s Malaysian Airlines! All these asian airlines crashing everywhere :( It’s HORRIFYING!!!

Will you still fly in planes? or stop completely? why or why not?

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you kiss this girl on her lips if she has Herpes Lips? why or why not?

What if one day you met this girl and she asks if you would KISS her on her LIPS!!! She also says she has HERPES.

Would you kiss her on her lips? Why or why not?

in case you can’t see the pic, try this separate link~

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Topic: Off-topic / What if one day you are Batman and you receive this message from your Father?

What if one day, you are the REAL Batman..
Then you get a letter from your REAL father and this is what it says~~

After this happened, would you fight for ~
A ) Good or
and why?

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Topic: Off-topic / Score yourself out of 30 on the "boyfriend" scale

Assuming you’re a guy, and that these are the 30 rules to be a “good” boyfriend, how many of them would you satisfy? and why?

Score yourself one point for each, out of a total score of 30~

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the answer to 1 + 1, and why?

What is the answer to 1 + 1, and why?

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Topic: Off-topic / If rocket powered poo made you run faster than Usain Bolt - wud u use it?

Imagine if one day athletes discovered that explosive poo could make them do the 100m sprint in 5 seconds flat, FASTER than Usain Bolt!

If this was a new discovery and you are a world ranked sprinter, would you use this new explosive poo technique and become the FASTEST RUNNER in the world? why or why not?

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Topic: Off-topic / How long does it take you to figure out how this works? Or does ur brain give up?

How long does it take you to figure out how this works and what makes it move?
1 min?
2 mins?
3 mins?
5 mins?+ (give up?)

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Topic: Off-topic / You have $100 million and the mob is coming to get you..

Imagine you are the 1%!!! you are the 1% of the US population that is super rich and super powerful!!!! You are worth USD 100 MILLION!!!!

Now the rest of the 99% WANT TO SMASH YOU!!!!! They will tax you 99% unless you FIGHT BACK !!!!! The 99% are at your door smashing it in NOWWW!!!!

Do you fight back? or do you give in and give them $99 MILLION ? and why?

The MOB is coming to tax you 99%!!!

Do you Fight Back??