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Topic: General Gaming / Choice games?

Only ones I can think of are by choice of games and not located on kongregate.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Playing game for Achievements

I won’t hide my hatred toward this game. I click multiple time on a single button to find that the mouse cursor changes but the button is useless, then I have to reload the page to equip armor or weapons on a sworn sword. I encounter a lot a lag and occasionally I click out of a window and am not able to click on the main screen, there for I must click on the purchase gold or silver button then click out of it for the game to work again. On top of these 1 out of every 10 time I try to view my character window I get blank pages. I HATE games like this and more obviously this one. I LOATHE the way kongregate puts badges on these MMO money grubbers. They do it to get people to play but is it really worth it? They aren’t getting my money, they’re only fueling my eternal rage toward MMO money holes. I declare upon this unseen forum that once I get the 15pt badge (or lose interest halfway) I will quit this game and never come back.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Robot Rising] Bug Reports

I hit a problem where after I build a building if I decide i want to build another building it is fixed where the top square of the building is on the bottom most square of the map. I then have to refresh the page to be able to choose where it goes, or to just build it.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

Hydra, about 118 million health and 69 hrs left.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Ideas For The Games

I wish i could see the stats of my current character. Like distance travled, tiles seen, monsters killed, and gods killed

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] RotMG Kongregate Community Guide?

Originally posted by PumpkinPies:

How I became successful at this game:

1. Start off slow. Crazy slow. As in pirate caves and cubes until level 10 or so (unless you have a big group)
2. Accumulate weapons and armor for your class by doing step 1
3. Get duplicates of these weapons and armor by repeating step 2
4. Store the duplicates in your vault, so that if you die, you can get a quick headstart by having better gear (equips count for most of the early stat increases except max hp/mp)
Most of all try to conserve armor. This is crucial because a level 20 with no armor still has zero defense. Def is only increased via equipment, as opposed to other stats.
5. Keep doing this making sure you have duplicates of your current tier before moving on to more challenging monsters. Seems time consuming, but less so than dying over and over again.
6. If you’re going to change classes after your next death, accumulate weapons in advance for that class to make a smooth transition

Miscellaneous info:
-Center of the map is where all the big baddies are. Use your mousewheel on the map to see the full map and know how little you’ve explored. take note of where you are and if you’re accidentally getting closer to dangerous areas (center)
-Exp train= (usually huge) Group of people running around making exp as simple as keeping up with the group. Be careful that their not training in a dangerous area for your level (i.e. close to the center of the map
-Be wary of teleporting to any random person who says to teleport to them. You may enter the god area and instantly die. :(
-In dangerous areas, be ready to click the return to nexus button, even if it’s a little premature. Better you miss out on some exp rather than die and lose the hour you spent trying to gaining levels

This is the best advice i’ve seen so far. I walked around the entire map on the beach. i killed about 1900 monsters on that runthru. It said on the wiki guide that the kill to rank is based on xp, and 100kill-1fame ratio. This is wrong because i got only 14 fame.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] Realm of the Mad God F.A.Q.

Is there a rubric to earning FAME? I cant figure it out. Is it based on quests?