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Topic: Tyrant / Why is Tyrant so hard?

I agree, why does he get Draconian Queen and I don’t? I call h4x1ng

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Topic: Tyrant / today its a great day...

Originally posted by coliny:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:
Originally posted by Eonian:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:

lol cereal beat dna

Its not hard.

that’s what she said.


lol pyramidz

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Topic: Tyrant / current meta decks?

I’m a semi newb when it comes to building decks, but I think the general consensus is WB.

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Topic: Tyrant / magic powers

OP powers r OP

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Topic: Tyrant / Tired of reading trash? Try this!

Necro’d because this is helpful.

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Topic: Tyrant / which promo card to choose?

All 3, they are all OP

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Topic: Tyrant / What's your favorite ability?

Activation: Blitz (Phantasm is OP)
Defensive: Prtect (Pfft, newb chose armor)
Combat Mod: Burst (Useful for taking out refresh units)
Damage depend: Disease (Goes hand in hand with burst to take our refreshers)


Topic: Tyrant / usually i dont use imperial cards in hw tourney(except 23aa)

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Topic: Tyrant / usually i dont use imperial cards in hw tourney(except 23aa)

Yeah I had to go against you, it was a b*tch and a half, good deck though.

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Topic: Tyrant / DNA's Standard Tournament Rankings Thread

Originally posted by dnaimagery:

Cards People Should Buy w/WB’s
3x Earth Quake Generator
2x Zarak
2x Monarch
2x Bulwark Guard
2x Shuddering Keep
1x Redeemer
4x Syco
1x Adamanite Armor

Terminus Cards Everyone Should Get
Lord Silus
Lord Halycon
2x Metalworks
2x Scmitar Exosuit
2x Flesh Reaper
1x Enrichment Vial

Takes about $100-200 dollars to beat everyone in the game. Done.

Thats’s quite a bit of money :(

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Topic: Tyrant / What should I do with my 20 wb?

save 5 and get nrg’s

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Topic: Tyrant / New xeno mission

Originally posted by PrimeNovus:

The new Xeno event is too hard for 25 energy working with cards that arent paid for…switch up the commander at least…

A lot of 90% decks aren’t paid for…..(save Dracorex which every player should have from saved up WB)

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Topic: Tyrant / Damn Legendaries

I got Hijacker, Razogoth’s Reborn, Blood Wraith, and Apsara, be happy.

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Topic: Tyrant / Augument vs. Mimic

Originally posted by leftylink:

Can we please not get into auguments about augment?

I picture a two year old saying this.

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Topic: Tyrant / Common Card Tournament

Originally posted by tudordan:
Originally posted by static11:
Originally posted by JIRAIYA31:
Originally posted by nrexplain:

orbo spam kill you all

orbo rocks


+ 180002


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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant for Mobile

For iDevices use photon, 4 bucks but w/e

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Topic: Tyrant / Post your sealed decks, let people guess

This was from the 2hr that just passed.

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Topic: Tyrant / yay! obama won!


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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] 11/6/2012 Terminus Missions released!

Since when does the Honored (insert faction name here) achievement not payback the total money to buy the cards? The total cost of the cards is 45k, but the ahievement only gives 5k…(according to the fansite). Am I the only one that noticed this?


Topic: Tyrant / Error #2025 - Hack or Bug

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Topic: Tyrant / Xeno Singularis VS Blood Wall?

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Topic: Tyrant / Notice to Players - Sucky Version of Halcyon the Corrupt will be here soon.

People still haven’t gotten it? Slackers.

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Topic: Tyrant / Buff Widowmaker

Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:

How about we stop giving troll suggestions so that synapticon wont just disregard everything we say?

Ok on a more serious note, I think its fine, most Faction rewards aren’t super useful to begin with.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Simplifying Components

Originally posted by titan2009:
Originally posted by 00craigs:
Originally posted by yannickky:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Moraku:

If I understand this properly, this means that Daily Crates, Raids, Quests, Tournaments, Missions, Faction Wars all reward the same generic component? And… Conquest would still be the only place to acquire Conquest Tokens? (And would be the only means to craft Phobos, Purity, and Blight packs?)

This also means the same component is used to craft Awakening pack and Terminus packs?

Well, having just 1 General Component actually sounds too simple.

How about 1 component each for -

  1. Raids and Missions (Energy Based Activities)
  2. Faction Wars (Stamina)
  3. Tourneys and Daily Chance (Skill and Luck)

+ Universal Shards
+ Conquest Tokens

This is simpler, but not too simple?


+1, because I like the idea of there being an incentive to participate in all aspects of the game.

+1, I would prefer that they keep some diversity in the components, so players have to play/ be good at different parts of the game to get the crafting rewards. But, I think the system has too many different components right now. So I like shadowhopeful’s idea, condensing the crafting components into the different parts of the game, rather than each individual activity. keeps players playing all parts of the game, but they don’t have to play EVERY area.


P.S. Yay for pyramids!

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Topic: Tyrant / Buff Widowmaker

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Xyrus_G:
Originally posted by PostCountFTW:
Originally posted by Xyrus_G:
Originally posted by PostCountFTW:

It’s been a while since someone brought up Widowmaker.

It’s been even longer since you were not the first person to reply to a thread 8D

Seriously. These were all posted less than an hour ago.

I see…you deleted some of your posts, didn’t you?! XD

As if. The only times I delete posts is if there was never meant to be a post in the first place.

Pyramid for post count!