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Topic: General Gaming / Contour Levels

<spoiler>Hookshot,1-46,3-1,2-1,3-1,1-10,8-1,1-2,6-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,6-1,1-8,11-1,1-2,5-1,2-2,9-1,2-2,5-1,1-8,11-1,1-2,2-7,1-8,11-1,1-2,5-1,2-2,18-1,2-2,5-1,1-5,12-3,11-1,1-2,6-1,3-1,2-3,3-1,6-1,1-5,11-1,9-2,1-5,3-1,4-1,3-1,1-7,11-1,9-1,7-1,2-1,1-5,11-1,1-8,11-1,1-1,2-3,1-4,11-1,1-8,11-1,10-2,2-3,4-1,2-1,20-1,11-1,1-5,6-1,1-4,3-1,2-3,4-1,2-1,20-1,11-1,1-5,6-1,1-3,6-1,18-1,20-1,2-2,1-3,11-1,1-13,2-2,1-1,17-1,11-1,1-14,18-1,2-1,6-1,13-1,1-15,15-1,10-2,1-24,t63:281,t69:281,t135:281,t141:281,t216:238,t234:238, #</spoiler> 5 Clicks Anyone?
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Topic: Kongregate / Metagame rulesheet, updated screenshot, and full Rumiko details


I guess I’m a little confused – the disablement of items is only temporary, correct?

Anyways, the game looks sweet. Can’t wait.

EDIT: Strike that question.
I just looked up what PAX was. Now I understand :3

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Topic: General Gaming / Xeno Tactic

Well, the “mission” aspect isn’t really any more than stages of increasing difficulty, but I liked the incorporation of various map layouts.

The sci-fi theming is kinda fun. I enjoyed it :3

(Desktop TD has a bit more finesse to it though.)

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Topic: General Gaming / [Challenge] Kongregate vs. Newgrounds

Meh, not my favorite challenge. Fairly easy, really, except for the last battle in convict’s story.

But I can’t complain about getting a card and 60 points :3