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Topic: The Arts / An electronically backed piece driven by symphonic elements.

Originally posted by Tulrog:

This was actually very solid work.

The first time I listened to it the instrument in the first seconds seemed a bit “low quality”. I’m afraid I can’t come up with better words for that. And when the Violin(?) kicked in I had the same impression. But after listening to it completely this feeling was completely gone the second time I played the song. So nice work!

What I’ve been always wondering about is how do you people come up with songs? Are there techniques based on music theory which help you create some sort of framework and all you have to do is fill in details? Or is this more intuition from start to end?

As this denotes a longer reply, I decided to mention it in its own post.

Thank you once again for the compliment! I understand fully what you’re talking about, as synthetic instruments are usually a dead giveaway the first time around. Sometime in the future, I’d love to be able to replace synths with the actual instruments to help alleviate the initial confusion.

As for music creation, I’m probably only speaking for myself with this. I’m sure there’s an obvious framework out there somewhere to follow, I usually just use the simple method of add until about the middle, let it harmonize for a little while, then slowly remove until you’re left with just a little bit (at least one sound being the initial instrument usually) to finish off with. Coming up with the melodies and loops in between is just a lot of trial-and-error “improv” over the parts of the song that have been created.

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Topic: The Arts / An electronically backed piece driven by symphonic elements.

Originally posted by Ruudiluca:

Very nice! :D

It makes me want to play rhythm games.

Heh, I could see the connection, actually. Thanks for the compliment!

Originally posted by AnAlt_Ver3:


Its kinda obvious that you’re new but you have what it takes to be a good artist. Keep at it (for a couple months) and you’ll get there.


Queen of Kongregate, Former FL Studio User, Award-winning artist

I’ll happily take a 6.5/10. I appreciate the positive words — music is definitely something I plan on keeping with.

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Topic: The Arts / An electronically backed piece driven by symphonic elements.

(just to initially set things straight, there are no vocals, it’s instrumental)

This is my fourth finished project to date. My first two are rather bad, my third is decent, but I feel this is my first “acceptable” piece (hence why it’s the first I’ve shared).

It’s somewhat short (2 minutes), so I’d love a listen if you have the time. Aside from creating the synthesizers themselves and the program of course, it is an entirely personal project. Therefore, constructive criticism is very welcome to help me improve in any areas that are lacking (dynamics, rhythm, harmonics, et cetera).

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Topic: Collaborations / I'm looking to find an isometric pixel artist...

Edit April 4th: " I’ve been making some decent progress, and am more in need of an artist each day. Progress will still be made, but not having to make placeholder art will speed the process up greatly."
Edit April 24th: " I’m still looking to find an artist, I will either post here once I have found one or close the thread entirely. I am also still checking each day!"
My last artist had to quit development due to major time constraints. So, I am now looking to find somebody to fill their position. To begin, this will be a mostly “hobby” project with only a few hours of of development required weekly (I’ll often put in much more, but I understand some people just don’t have the time available).

The project is being created in Lua in the Love2D engine, which means the code will run almost as fast as C++ with half the development time. The overall goal is to release into the general market (GOG, Steam, et cetera) with a potential tuned-down release here on Kongregate.

The game itself is currently in a state where many base systems are partially or fully completed, while most of the game content has yet to be added into the systems. This means most of the art is not yet completed, more or less in-game. Whatever your style is, there will be plenty of room for it. You decide the theme, and design the art (however, I will be willing to help out if requested).

(Also, the game itself is mostly fleshed out in terms of ideas and how to implement them. This isn’t a half-baked idea that will hit a wall due to a lack of planning)

As for the genre, it will be a mix between simulation, strategy, god-game, city-builder, and slightly idle. However, it takes a mostly laissez faire approach to gameplay, with the player only intervening with a few mechanics while retaining a feeling of controlling the development and overall progression on the long term.


If you’re interested in the project and would like a few more details to make a final choice, message me here on Kongregate with your preferred method of contact (Skype, Steam, private IRC room, et cetera) and I’ll be happy to further discuss.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Top 5 reasons why not to choose Kongregate.

I’d have to agree with most all of splejx’s points. However, the largest downfall that Kongregate suffers is the rather low amount of languages that are fully supported. By this, I mean languages such as Lua do not have an official Kongregate API, and many of the 3rd party APIs require workarounds which severely limit how you can upload/update (such as having to delete cookies to see new updates and forcing Iframe) and enough bugs to warrant an exterminator.

So, if you’re a C#/Java/Unity/Stencyl/AS2 or 3 developer, this is a great place to host your flash games. Else, expect a decent bit of trouble; even then, there’s still a good bit to make the site worthy of at least consideration. There’s not many places on the web that can grant this amount of traffic to a new flash developer.

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Topic: Game Programming / Which languages does Kong accept?

For the sake of being thorough, it supports (in theory) any coding language that supports the .exe extension. As you could imagine, it encompasses many “side languages” such as Lua, Python, Pascal, Perl, et cetera. All you’ll need to do is export as .exe and convert it to .swf (if not already a supported export option), which isn’t very difficult.

And of course, a way around this (as was mentioned above) is to just Iframe your .exe on another website.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / How To Move Your Game File Between Browsers?

Originally posted by crazye97:

The Chrome one is also listed in the FAQ opening post, however the beginning of the path is incorrect – start with LocalAppData and continue from there.

I actually found it after a lengthy (few hour) computer search overnight. Something should be done about the path in the stickies for sure. I appreciate the help however!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / How To Move Your Game File Between Browsers?

Originally posted by crazye97:

Take the save from one folder and put it in the other while the game page is completely closed. That’s all you have to do.

Do you have any idea of the location of these folders? I know where to find the folder where the firefox save is located, but even using the resources in the sticky posts (including the backup one), I can’t find my Chrome save file.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / How To Move Your Game File Between Browsers?

I recently had to switch from Chrome to Firefox after an update (Not a game update) which rendered the browser unusable. After going onto Firefox, I realized my save file was stuck on Chrome, and didn’t transfer between flash data locations.

My questions is how would I move the Kongregate .sol save file from Chrome to Firefox? (I know how to access and move the files, so that doesn’t need to be explained)

Thank you for checking the thread, and any input is greatly appreciated.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Wrong Master's pack description

Yeah, I agree with SummonOfYuna, that was uncalled for. I myself even made the mistake on getting confused a few times before I figured it out, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of confusion and asking questions.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Seaport duration/rewards

With the addition of the new lucky box feature, the 48 hour expeditions seem pointless unless you’re fine with losing a streak; just saying. But yeah, I’m pretty sure TheSench is correct, it just effects the slope of gain for the amount of time you have left it going. I’m pretty sure those times are there just to have a limit, so if you know you won’t be on for 48 hours or more, it’d be better to get 48 hours of rewards instead of just 12, even if the 12 has a higher reward rate (Stars).

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Topic: The Arts / Opinions on a 150x150 avatar

I actually felt I might as well try it out, and these are the results -

(With the Letters)

(Without the Letters)

I can see a bit more depth in them, and after touching them up a bit (Making the shadows/light look more realistic), it’ll have a better sense of realism.

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Topic: The Arts / Opinions on a 150x150 avatar

Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:

It loooks decent, but somehow the 3D look doesn’t work out because it feels like there’s 2D aspects of it. I’m not sure. One example is the book lying flat on the table and the paper under it doesn’t look like it’s on the table. Somehow it just doesn’t look real for me at all.

Pretty good job on it though.

Hmm, I can see what you’re getting at. Do you have any idea what could be done to improve it? (Maybe a bit of shading on the table would improve the depth?)

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Topic: The Arts / Opinions on a 150x150 avatar

Well, I recently got photoshop, and decided to revamp my avatar for most forums and sites. Also, I usually go by “Khranos”, which is what is seen on these images, this site is just a rare occasion.

All of these were done with a touchpad/trackpad on a laptop, using only the tools provided in Paint.Net/Photoshop respectively, without any reference photos.

This is the avatar I’ve been using on most sites up until now –

(Done in Paint.Net, and as a last-minute thing if I’m correct)

Now, after having Photoshop for about 3 days, I figured I’d take it a step further and try it out. I’m pretty happy with my results, which are here -

(With the letters)

(Without the letters)

I’d love to get some feedback, to see if there’s anything that stands out greatly that needs improvement. Thanks for checking out the thread!

(By the way, the pen in the picture is a Lamy Safari for anyone interested; quite a nice pen)

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Topic: The Arts / A pixel art house I made for my game.

Originally posted by MoonlaughMaster:

Protip: Black outlines are bad and you should feel bad. Make the outlines a darker color of what the inside is. 1

1 unless it’s the edge of the object. Black outlines are okay in that case.

Ah, I think there might be a few more exceptions, but I’ll modify it to remove the black outlines, and see how it looks.

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Topic: The Arts / A pixel art house I made for my game.

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

It looks like you’re creating a Tudor-style building. It’s kind of the go-to architectural style for medieval buildings. Tudors are often brick or hand-stacked rock on the ground floor then heavy beams for the 2nd floor (and higher). The heavy beams are often filled with waddle and covered with plaster, then painted white. (Waddle is like straw and mud and stuff.)

Red-fired bricks didn’t really enter the architectural scene until later, but bricks (in the general sense) have been around forever. They’re one of our oldest building materials. Before red bricks, they were often sand-colored… shades of brown. The corners of buildings needed to be stronger, so stacks of heavier blocks were sometimes used at the corners to help strengthen the building.

Windows didn’t really exist on ground floors. It was usually more like barn doors and shutters. The second (and higher) floors were where the people lived, so they had windows. Windows usually had a simple paned design. Older homes like this were heated by fire, so a chimney, (usually attached to the outer wall of a house), was common. Roofs were usually slate and hung taller and narrower than our common shingle today. (Don’t know if that level of detail really matters; the color is right.) It was common to see the ends of beams sticking right out through the side of the house, or holding up the eaves. (The roofs often overhanged the building by quite a bit.)

This is Mel Gibson’s home. It’s a Tudor-style.

Ah, that’s a very nice detailed description of a Tudor-style building. I was actually going for a kind of modern, but revamped old house (Like the house is older, but was recently revamped to fit modern needs). That’s kind of a sketchy description, but is the best way to explain it. (And if this helps any, I’m trying to get an apocalyptic modern look to the home.)

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Topic: The Arts / Gallery of Stuff - TWA: Game/Comic/Other Crap Artist

I’ve been looking through this thread in my spare time, and I’ve got to say, I’ve quite enjoyed what I’ve seen. I happen to enjoy your art style; for it is done in an intricate sloppy way, though I don’t know the exact term if there is one. You also seem to match colours quite well, to make things visible when needed, while keeping the colouration entertaining to the audiences eye. I would add in a few things that you could do better, but I usually only work on pixel art (I can’t seem to do anything but just that), so I’d not exactly have a fair say of what should be there, and what could be better.

I also checked out your tutorials expecting to learn nothing, but I quite enjoyed them, as to I learned a bit that I have either forgotten, or never learned in the first place. I also liked the way you added humor to liven it up at some parts that are inevitably boring no matter how they’re explained. The only problem I found was that there were a few spelling and grammatical errors littered throughout some of the tutorials, but that’s only a minor issue, and is easily overlooked.

I also think that your animations were done quite well. I think the paper-like crinkle overlay in your most recent animation was a very nice touch, as well! I just don’t exactly know what a “Rowntrees” is, so I didn’t entirely get the point. But anyways, if you could let me in on the program you used to create the animations, I’d be quite thankful, for I’ve not found any animating programs that are anywhere above sub-par.

I wish you the best of luck on your future artistic endeavors, and am looking forward to your future projects!

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Topic: The Arts / Which logo is best?

Definitely 4, but 10 and 11 seem quite cool too.

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Topic: The Arts / A pixel art house I made for my game.

Originally posted by clasher235:

Looks a bit flat, you may wish to add some diversity and wear to the bricks. As for the windows, the cracks just don’t look right IMO, but I can’t make good broken glass either, so I’m unable to help you there. The roof looks very nice, and the problems I described probably wouldn’t be offputting to anyone playing the game, so you don’t really have to worry, though fixing them would improve the piece as a whole quite a bit.

Anyways, I like RPG type games(I assume this is what you’re making, based on the perspective and style), and I wish you luck creating yours.

Ah, I was actually planning on making some kind of wear (Or maybe cracks) in the bricks and just the walls and such, but when I tried the cracks, it just didn’t look right. And I’ve been messing around a bit with the wear, but I haven’t found what fits the style of the building in general thus far. Heh, and yeah, the glass does seem a bit off, now that you mention it. I’ll play around with that a bit too, and see if I can’t make it any better. Thank you about the roof though, I felt I could have done a bit better on it (As to it looks a bit odd in the very middle, but I couldn’t find any other way to give it symmetry and a roof-like look), but it’s nice to hear that it was apparently done well! Ah, and I’ll definitely take some of those comments to mind, and see what I can do.

You’re right about it being an RPG styled game, and it’s the first time I’ve actually done the art myself, without collaborators to help with the art, so I’m just looking to the forums for anything that can be done better, and just any helpful advice that can be given.

Thank you for the wonderful critique, and luck though!

EDIT – I went ahead and looked into a bit of your advice, and made a second prototype. I think the variation made a world of difference, but I’m not sure if it still needs more done to the bricks.

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Topic: The Arts / A pixel art house I made for my game.

I’d love to have any feedback on it possible, for I’m not sure what to do to make it better. Thank you, and I hope that you like it! (The name in the top right says “Khran”, which is short for Khranos, my pseudonym. And the red grid is what I’m using to put the house itself into the game, to make it easier on level design). And lastly, for anybody wondering, the house is supposed to be in more of an apocalyptic and modern state.

- Prototype 1 –

- Prototype 2 – Newest!

(Added a slight variation to the bricks, and modified the windows a bit, but I’m not entirely sure whether for better or for worse)

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Topic: The Arts / - Change - A poem by SeerOfShadow (Khranos) -

This happens to be maybe my 15th or 20th half successful work of poetry I’ve had, and I felt I might as well share it here, with the Kongregate community. It’s my most recent work as well, and another one should be finished in the near future. And for any of you wondering, “Khranos” is my pen-name. I hope that you enjoy this poem as much as I enjoyed writing it, and any constructive feedback or criticism would be much appreciated!

- Change -

In my distress,
I must confess,
How this world has come to be.

The clarity is gone,
Blindness has won,
I, for one, not for me.

To be changed,
Is a diamond for the poor,

And if you wish,
You may as well be a fish,
In the midst of a poison sea.

To not understand,
Is a strategy to be undone,
You’ll only be a pawn, against a queen.

But to see the facts,
You’ll stay intact,
Though will be a king, in a player-less game.

By that time,
You’ll have already won,
And have life’s only key.

Though it’s required,
By your entire,
To escape, conformity.

But the people won’t see,
Until the world will change,
Therefore all of eternity.

~ Khranos
5 / 10 / 12

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] The Storm for Gems

I’d laugh if they got more than one sale, on any of the packages.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Game Page Changes and Bug Fixes

Ah, this was a very useful update indeed. I’m glad that the tags will be a lot more sorted out though, because I’ve been seeing a lot of sorting problems with games because of them.

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Topic: Collaborations / I'm a musician looking to collab on some small and maybe big projects

I may actually be interested in working with you. I’ve got a small project currently, and I’ve been looking for somebody that does that kind of music! Just send me a PM, if you’d like any details whatsoever, because the game currently has no music at the moment.


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Topic: Collaborations / Need beta testers for Pipeline (new collab tool)

This program looks very interesting. It’d probably help a lot with the lack of communication me and my developing team is facing. Is there a place I could submit a few suggestions though?