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Topic: Realm Grinder / Bitcoin miner...?

Originally posted by why_amihere:
Originally posted by gEasS_53:

If you read a bit about bitcoins, you’ll see, by now it’s only worth it if you have a really strong graphics card, or a dedicated mining rig, otherwise the electricity cost for running it will be higher than your gains.

Is that the electricity cost of running the graphics card, or of running the entire computer? If you’re leaving your computer on overnight for RG anyway, would mining bitcoins be a sensible thing to do?

Your computer is not always using maximum load. I have an 850W PSU (Power Supply Unit). That means it is capable of providing up to 850W. Most of the time it’s significantly underload, though: The PSU I have is more than my entire computer can use (as a safety buffer and for upgrades), the vast majority of that is used on the graphics card and CPU. When I’m sitting at idle, my graphics card is barely in use and my CPU is relying primarily on one core. My actual power used is probably below 300W right now while just using Chrome (which is supported by my PSU fan being off, as it is designed to turn off under 40% load).

Bitcoin mining is using your GPU for all its worth, which means it’s running at close to full capacity. Depending on your graphics card, that could mean very little increased power draw (some cards draw as little as 16W at full capacity), but with a strong graphics card (Mine’s draw is a bit over 200W) the difference in electricity use between “peak” and “idle” is pretty substantial. The only way I’d say that it’s worth your money to mine at night vs leave your computer idle is if you don’t pay your own electricity bill and the person who does pay it doesn’t read it.

Addendum: If your card is one of those smaller ones with low power draw, it’s worth mentioning that that means it’s even less worth your time to mine with it, because it’s frankly not strong enough to do anything by trying. The big cards are struggling to break ground as it is, should be pretty obvious why you can’t do much with a small one.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Equality Advice - New Players (Guide)

I got mine reinc 0, but that’s because I found out about it with 4 days playtime as good and 3 days as evil, so I just synched Good and Evil and then went titans for 3 days straight, lol.

Also it’s a bit more than “just one trophy”. The upgrade it gives you is double production. That can make a big difference.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / How long does it take for lightning strike to average out?

Originally posted by langelangeweile:

Such bad luck is normal. With low gems it’s better to cast the combo anyway and abdicate more often. With waiting for ls to hit the buildings you want needs to much time sometimes. With many gems I also hate it.

Never reset a titan run before you get a full LS+CtA combo on either DM or Mona.


Doubly never if you have low gems, because the pain of getting all of those faction coins again for no real gem gain is significantly worse than the pain of waiting for more mana. Doubling your gems doesn’t mean much when waiting five minutes more would have gotten you 20 times as many.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / So, you're stuck in Re2?

Originally posted by GunsNRoses1:

Actually Dwaries are far superior and it isn’t even close….you get 100-1000x your gems before your reincarnating point in about 10-20 minutes if you managed your excavations well enough.

But what if I’d rather spend those ten minutes looking at pictures of tits?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / So, you're stuck in Re2?

Originally posted by gregthegiant:

Easy fix. Play Dwarf/Fairy. I have found that I can easily go to 1Ud and even 1Dd gems on dwaries in less than a few hours, doing quick resets. Use excavations to gain faction coins at the start of runs. Each run shouldn’t last much longer than 10 minutes.

Waaaaay better than Dwarf/Angel.

Way better than dwarf/angel if you have nothing better to do. Even if you’d only prefer to look at pictures of tits than a treasure chest and are otherwise “active”, dwangels beat out dwairies for playing somewhat inactively. Dwairies is only better if all you’re doing is grinding realms.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder humour

Originally posted by darkraiders:

I make more money in a second than all the money that have existed on earth until now and all money that will exist in the future for probably billions of years and yet that’s not enough to build a new farm.

Inflation is a fickle mistress.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

On the buffer cash note: It may just be an issue of server desynch, the game did just go live on kong lately, they might be a bit slow.

I noticed an odd bug earlier when I switched my ace monkeys flight pattern around. I was flipping through to look at them, and when I was going between the circle and one of the two figure eights, the monkey pilot just… Flew off screen. Decided to tour the world. Kept going in a straight line. I waited a bit in case the flight pattern was just wide enough to make him go a bit off page, but nope. He came back into the flight pattern again when I changed it, but I’ve been afraid of that circular one ever since lol.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Where are monument upgrade rebirth bonuses applied?

By my understanding, the rebirth effect of upgrades is applied to your stats at rebirth. Watch your rebirth tab as you complete your fourth monument and you’ll notice a very sharp jump.

It appears that the effect is based on how many of that same monument you have constructed as well. I’m not positive on the exact relation, though.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Endgame Asymptotic Behavior

Originally posted by MichaelM1164:

Instructions too complex. Genitals caught in ceiling fan

You too? I got mine caught in the xbox disc tray. It wasn’t even turned on!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Will there ever be a mobile version?

Originally posted by Coltonh65:
Originally posted by Petko69:

I believe cross-platform means mobiles? What’s that? Shameless cross platform promotion? Bad dog!

I’m pretty sure that, in this instance at least, the developers are referring to using Twitter to show an update instead of using Kongregate proper.

Agreed, though I think that between Phase 2 apparently being a UI overhaul and the update that preceded it including the mobile phone easter egg do hint towards it being a possibility for either the next update, or something stemming from it. I don’t have a smartphone so it’s not too important to me, but it would certainly be nifty.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Phone

Originally posted by QueenofPrydein:

When did the mobile phone with the mouseover text happen in our Capitalist’s picture? Have the devs confirmed they’re making an app? ‘Cause… you know… that’d be swell.

As I recall, it was added in the update that added achievements going up to 1100. Given that update named 1100 everything as “The End of Phase 1”, the most recent one has made 2k everything “The REAL End of Phase 1” and they said that Phase 2 is going to involve a redone UI (but take a month to finish)…

I’d say that you might be more on the mark than this thread is giving you credit for being. Something can be a reference and a hint at the same time, lord forbid there be such a thing as a dual meaning.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Banks better than oil Companies! (proof pic)

But on a more important note, did you know that you can play the Arachnid Quarter in Naxxramas for FREE?

EDIT: MFW nobody got the joke.

Look at the screenshot a second time, morons.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Lag?! In AdCap?!

There have already been a few people mentioning the issue in this thread.

Originally posted by Azrael_Adonis:

I’m having a similar issue and i have a VERY nice gaming laptop that is less than a year old so i don’t think it’s an issue with hardware on my end

Also, lol at the oxymoron of a “gaming laptop”.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / This update!

For some reason, the achievements tab makes everything (on my entire computer, not just the tab) lag to hell and back. Noticed a few other people mentioning this as well.

Looking at task manager, it seems as though my CPU usage jumps up every time I click on it, going from ~10% to around 24%; given I have a quadcore, my guess is that it’s hogging an entire thread to itself. I cannot even begin to imagine why this problem is going on.

Firefox 31.0, on Windows 7 HP 64-bit SP1.

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Topic: War of Omens / Speed League - or god give me patience but make it fast.

That is an obscene level of impatience. Between you/your opponent’s hand and bank alone, there’s 16 cards that you want to look at and be aware of, never mind deciding what to do with/about them, never mind, y’know, the board itself (or your resources other than coins).

If I can finish a match faster than I can make a hot pocket in the microwave, it’s fast enough already.

And please don’t just say “oh they can have two leagues”, that is the largest fallacy in every MP community and I’m tired of seeing it. The reason devs always put major consideration into adding another playlist is because doing so reduces the players in each of them, and if you have any point at which you have a multiplayer list too small for people to readily find matches, then that’s the fast track to those people dropping the game. People drop the game, you have less people in each playlist, death spiral begins. It’s a hefty decision, and not one a game that is trying to get greenlit is going to go for until it’s already on steam and successful.

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Topic: War of Omens / Please remove or change the "Win X Games in a Row" Daily Quests

Originally posted by BuddyPharaoh:

If you go by card strength, you could still have the problem of the only other person online being your nemesis. But aside from that, some cards are simply not as good as others in the same tier and level, and furthermore, some combos are much better than others. And all of this in turn all gets affected by random draw – my master farming deck has lost to an apprentice due to a spectacular difference in draws. Which means any hypothetical deck rating mechanic would likewise be dominated by in-game factors, and you’d still get lots of nerdragey upsets.

What I meant by card strength was sheerly “number of upgraded/maxed cards in your deck”. I feel that’s a simple enough system for it to be considered fair, but still do what it needs to.

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Topic: War of Omens / Please remove or change the "Win X Games in a Row" Daily Quests

“Win x games in a row” is annoying to me, because it basically means “don’t play multiplayer for x games”, given I only got into the game about a week ago and don’t have that many upgrades yet, so the random luck of who I get matched with is what bones me (on that note: devs, please set in some sort of deck strength factoring for multiplayer matches, I doubt these guys with almost all maxed cards are having fun beating me in three turns either – it must get boring eventually). And when it’s “win x multiplayer games in a row”, it just becomes a slot machine (borderline literally if it’s 3 in a row).

Svtpro mentioned the “play x games” quests and the idea of adding new ones to add variety:

I agree play x ones are boring, though that’s mostly the no-faction-no-wins-just-play 20/30 quests; just the site of that blank, uncaring and empty bar is discouraging. It doesn’t make me want to play more when I see I have to grind something to get a reward. I only had the wherewithal to do the 20 I adjusted my clock and got 40+ hours of time to do it, my girlfriend saw she’d rolled the 30, played two games, and figured “well, there’s a quest I’m not getting today”. (And if you think my last six or so games weren’t just smacking neophyte around, then just bless your little heart). tl;dr: They suck, get rid of them.

On the note of new quests… Why not make quests a bit more interesting than just “do this thing”? Give a player a card and say “win five matches with this in your deck somewhere”. Maybe it’s a card they already use? There are good odds not, though. Bonus points: If everyone has a different card (or cards, there are multiple quests in a day), there’s a chance that we might see people messing around with some slightly different decks, instead of mostly similar ones repeating.