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Topic: Clicker Heroes / When to put all your gilds on one hero?

Someone on reddit said:’[–]jonnovision1 6 punten 3 dagen geleden

it’s 1/33 chance to get the gild you want assuming you can’t regild the hero you just degilded, so that’s 66 souls spent on average, which is slightly less but not so much so that it’s worth the headache regilding manually used to be.’

As to when to do this, I would say when you have the souls to spare and it doesn’t give you to much gaps when lvling the hero. What I did was just regild to 6, then 5, then 4, and then to 1 hero. I found out that, because the HP increases way faster than your dmg, the differen between 1 gild, 4 gilds, or even 5 or 6 gilds is not really that big of a deal. At least not as long as you are still trying to get your first hero to 4100. I don’t know if it will matter more after that, but you will probably have just 1 gild and plenty of souls to shift+click 200 gilds, so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

So, point is: HP increases exponentially>Dmg increase, so it doesnt really matter when you do it, unless you do it too soon, creating gaps where you slow down. It will not make your runs that much faster, nor will it make you go that much higher in zones. More runs, thus more souls will make you that much faster and get higher.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Well... The New Heroes Suck

Originally posted by TheEeezzzyyy:
Originally posted by frumpish:

People play Clicker Heroes for the story? O_O

We aren’t worried about the stories, we are more-so of a quality control. We are just giving our feedback on the new features.

Do you even know what features were added? All I see here(and elsewhere) is a bunch of whiners, complaining about the irrelevant graphics, text and naming.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Why all the hate?

Originally posted by TheEeezzzyyy:
Originally posted by RocketZX:

honestly if this new update bores people I think they need to play a different game, cause it just seems like they want everything to change to where it’s not the same game anymore.

I don’t think it’s that is bores people, it’s just that for as long as we waited, it was kind of a disappointment.

With this talk it reminds me of what happened to Anti-Idle. That game started of great and then people wanted more and more updeates, untill the game was just a collection of way too many silly mini games, with unbalanced power-ups.

Also I notice how much different thoughts, point of view and questions are posted about the new heroes and what to gild and how the dps scales and so on and so on. I myself had several and was proven wrong more often than I can count and I have no idea if I can trust the proof.

I am amazed about the amount of talk and the simplicity of the update. Of course I would have liked some or other skill that for all I care does nothing usefull other than just not being a % addon for that hero, but extra dmg for late game was actually all that was really needed; I am loving the candy+Iris too by the way and my game doesn’t lag anymore when I switch to z+clicking when the gaps with AltGr get too big(ctrl also lagged like a [female dog])! <3<3<3

I am very grateful that we didn’t get some unbalancing update which ruins the fun for a lot of players except for a loud mouthed few who just keep demanding moar, moar, MOAR, and than whine about it being something else than they hoped for.


Less lag, Iris+food rocks, MOAR POWAH, higher top speed! Whine all you want; I am loving this!<3<3<3

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / New heroes

I am actually still wondering if it is actually better to have only one gilded hero or several. Don’t the gaps between leveling the hero ×25 get awefully big? Is it still better than having more gilded hero’s?

Edit: nevermind. I did a run with samurai going solo. Without even regilding him, he did just fine and I got to the same level(1200) in about the same time. Samurai is now lvl 3200. I guess that a single gild is better than several.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / I don't get it: what's the point of IDLE build?

Clicking build isn’t that good. You are missing a lot of gold from libertas, which you need to lvl heroes to get more dps for both idle and clicking. Lvling your heroes is important for both builds and your juggernaut will need skill combo’s to progress often.

This also means that the simple truth is that you need an autoclicker that magically coughs up coins AND lvls up your gilded heroes AND use skill combo’s and do it all without dropping out of its combo.

It can be done and then someone did the maths on Jggernaut:

‘Juggernaut level 130 gives you 1.3% per click. At 40 clicks per second for 3 hours, that’s 432,000 clicks or +561,600% dps.

Between level 1400 and 1675, monster HP increases by +3,602,879,701,896,396,800%.

Juggernaut didn’t help as much as you think it did.’

So my conclusion is:
More runs>long runs

Edit: skillcombo+clicking helps to pass bosses, before about lvl 1000(not sure when it stopped helping and I don’t have or want Juggernaut myself). After that it’s only useful to get a few more gilds, but I am not sure if it is worth the time or souls you would need on Juggernaut.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / clicking on the slimes

Sticky please. For posterity. <3

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / When should I optimize my gilds more?

Hm… Yeah… But it still only seems to work after I degild some heroes myself first. But I guess I can figure it out from here. Thanks a lot! :D

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / When should I optimize my gilds more?

Nice! Thanks! But it puts the new heroes behind my allready gilded heroes. Is this correct? Does it happens because they are too expensive for me? Or maybe a bug? Or maybe because I am just stupid(which I am :P, so it could be a valid reason)?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hello sweet people :3 - Mid game\ Late game build, gilds and other questions.

Thusia is best at lvl 0. I don’t think that clicking helps you after zone 1000. Even with Juggernaut and an autoclicker, I am not convinced that it is a good idea to click. Think of all the cash from libertas you would be missing and how long you would have to click without pause to catch up with that.

For the rest of the ancients, I suggest

I do hope that it gets updated to fit the 0.17 patch soon. But I suppose that for the ancients other than Iris, it still works fine.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / When should I optimize my gilds more?

Soooooo… Any chance that this calculator gets updated with the 0.17 patch? Maybe? Please? :D

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bugs and Glitches

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or that I have just misunderstood, but it seems that the Dark Ritual, used in this world doesn’t reset upon ascension.

Also the graphics of heroes which you haven’t bought are a little higher on the screen than after you purchase a hero. Not that it affects gameplay, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 0.17 Patch Notes

As far as I know, candy allready stays on the screen on ascension. At least it did with the halloween candy. It really makes Iris worth your while.

Be sure to save before trying out which level you want Iris at ;)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hello sweet people :3 - Mid game\ Late game build, gilds and other questions.

I think it is pretty safe to assume that the level cap stayed the same and that the best heroes to guild just shifted to the new guys. So we all wonder how to redistibute the guilds and when.

By the way, zone 1481 with only 77 ascensions? I assume that that is either a typo and it should be 177 ascensions of that you have done 77 runs which lasted for an average of 4 days each.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 0.17 Patch Notes

Great update! But ehm… the Dark Ritual count doesn’t show added damage % or show energized DR. I suppose it’s not really needed because once you energize DR, you probably don’t use DR without energize, but I, for one, would love to see a double count for energized DR and/or a damage % in brackets behind the DR count.

Besides that, I think that the skills of the new heroes are missing something. Maybe a 10%dmg to the total dps on the last skill of the last hero to or a maybe a fun activated skill like: The next enemy will turn to a primal, or maybe: for the next 30 seconds every enemy will be a box. Which both would be pretty much useless for those who can actually pay for the hero and the skill because such a skill would make you drop out of idle mode, but anyway, it’s just a thought.

Also I think that the next logical thing would be a new ancient to boost the candy.

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Topic: Technical Support / weird chat issues

Same here. Yellow plug, slow chat, get kicked off a lot.

Windows 8.1, 64bit
FireFox 33.1, no 3rd party plugins


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / I have found Bobby Fisher!

So there I was, like a lot of us, optimizing my guilds and I wrote down the list of best heroes to get gilded to the least good, so as not to have to switch tabs to look it up.

‘Samurai Britt Ivan..’
And there it was! Right after Mercedes and Athena:’ Bobby Fisher.’

I have found him! Bobby, Bounty Hunter, The Wandering Fisherman:D

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Topic: General Gaming / HACK SLASH CRAWL - complete Title bonuses and how to earn them

Originally posted by shrikedecil:

So, I want Traveled and Marathoner.

What precisely is a good guideline for figuring out “distance traveled”? Or at least approximating it?

10 “laps” of the first level of the dungeon? 20? 50? 100? 500?
Does it care if we just run in circles? Does depth or covering “new” ground count at all?

^ This.

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Topic: Technical Support / chat and badges problem

I also have problems getting badges. Lately I have to report nearly every badge that I should have gotten. So I report them. Not only are there a lot of games in wich you can’t prove getting the requirements for a badge, like the impossible badge in Pandemic 2. It just doesn’t fix the problem. Or did you find all your badges scared into submitting after reporting others? The simple temporary solutions we can get on chat and even in the game and achievements tabs. I connect to the chat just fine. I hear that others stayed offline for months because they can’t connect. After not getting and not being able to proof i earned an imp badge, I feel that there still hasn’t been done anything and there has not been presented a reason or a solution. If this continues, I too will stay away from kong.

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Topic: Technical Support / I'm not getting any more achievements.

Same problem with badges here. No firewall, no problem with connecting to chat, problem occurs on all browsers, no addons and it happens for all badges and just for the last few days. I strongly believe that the source of the problem is not client side. Nothing in my system (Windows Vista) or browser changed. Perhaps flash was updated, but I get the same problem with unity games (Perhaps I said something really nooby since maybe flash runs the submitting or whatever. But then again, chrome uses a different flasplayer.)

And ehh…

Originally posted by tehgrimreaper:

Report the missing achievements

Gosh. Why didn’t I think of this. Oh I know! I did!! Some badges are hard to prove though. Like the badge of the day from today. I finished it but before I noticed i didn’t get the badge, the game started over again.

Sidenote: In flashplayer’s storage settings I clicked ’Don’t ask again’. For some reason that also set the storage setting to 0 instead of the ‘unlimited’ where it has allways been. After that saved and all my save games were deleted I did get the easy badge i had reported missing just a minute before that.

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Topic: Technical Support / Chat Issues

Are either of you running Better Kongregate? the Chat Highlighting Script has been messing up chat recently and causing it to not display other people’s messages, disabling it fixes the issue.

Indeed. I noticed there was another topic on this subject with this solution. I came back to post that here, but you beat me to it :)
Thx. :)

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Topic: Technical Support / Chat Issues

Originally posted by julien62:

i got also a problem about the chat, i see no more the post of the other and mp but mine so i am unable to chat (its like chatting alone) they can see my posts but i cant see their posts. (ive tried with friends) any way to resolve this?

^ This

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Topic: Off-topic / Sarah Palin or Barack Obama?

Lol wut? Anywayzz.. Point is:

Originally posted by brammetje:

Rawr, Sarah Baraccuda FTW, she’s smart ‘n stuff y’know

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Topic: Off-topic / Sarah Palin or Barack Obama?

Thats easy. When the defendant is proven guilty of premeditated murder or rape.

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Topic: Off-topic / Sarah Palin or Barack Obama?


What about the death penalty! Don’t rapists and killers deserve to die? You want them to ‘rehabilitate’ and work during their parole in the hot dog stand 30 feet from your daughters highschool?


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Topic: Off-topic / Sarah Palin or Barack Obama?

Originally posted by julesofwar:
Originally posted by Stiltonchees:

Palin may be completely braindead and about as fit to run the country as your average third grader, but at least she’s not the anti-christ.

Agree :)

Amen, brother!