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Topic: Kongregate / Famous People of Kongregate

My fans list is about the same size as my friend list. I’m nearing my 200th friend/fan.

What I think is even more important is not just your fans list as a number, but your fans to friends ratio. Having only 50 friends and 200 fans would mean there are plenty of people who add you because you’re cool, famous, or a troll sometimes (some people actually think trolls are cool) and not just because you added them as a friend. If I added everyone on the site as a friend I can guarantee you that I would have a crap load of fans, but that wouldn’t make me at all any more popular. How many friends do you think Jessica Alba actually has compared to how many people want to be her friend? (probably 99.99% of all heterosexual males living today). So once again, having a larger number of fans than friends is the more important thing.

Anyways, to throw this back on topic, I would say Leeroy takes the cake unless someone like Bruce Willis has been gaming under cover. I bet he would have all the badges.

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Topic: Kongregate / Design a Halloween (2007) theme for Kongregate's header

Also, the artwork should not cover up existing content (logo, utility links, sign-in box), as indicated in grayed-out areas below.

Does this mean that the “KONGREGATE” logo must remain the same as it is? Same text, same exact position and same whiteness? Or can we change the text and even replace the “O” with a pumpkin if we wanted? It appears to me like we are just redesigning the red rectangle behind the existing content and the rest will hover over it in a different layer.As an example of my understanding, Nqkoi1’s banner wouldn’t actually work. It would have a big white “KONGREGATE” on top of his small gray one.

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Topic: Off-topic / JudeMaverick Day!

when I saw the title “JudeMaverick Day!” how on earth did i know it was going to be jude himself who started the topic?