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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / and stuff?

Personally I find that the Ring of health is the most useful when you are just starting to kill the MEGABOSS. Also, enhancing your armor with the purple HP bonus can also really help. Unless you can kill him relatively quickly (in which case you wouldn’t need advice on how to defeat him), you WILL get stunned and the like, in which you really need that extra HP buffer to be absolutely safe. The substantial regeneration bonus is also quite helpful. The ring of resistance is also useful, but it will not help you that 20% of the time you do get stunned or slowed, whereas the Health ring should keep you alive regardless.

Damage wise, Ring of Cruelty is the best (unless you already have really high +Boss damage%), but starting out with the Megaboss you need to be safe. If you can kill him with the ring then you can kill him without it. Not dying takes priority over killing him quickly.

Also, Mastery>>>>>Power for potions.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Update2] NOTICE: Upcoming 2x EXP/Coin changes

What happens to the Pet’s 2x EXP ability? Is it also going to get nerfed, or is it going to be its own separate thing that is multiplicative with the cards?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Anti-Idle Song

I am amazing.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / item maker lvl up?

I had around 100 SCM, and I kept making LVL 5 Armor enhancer bonuses of various kinds while enhancing them with level 4 enhancer enhancers. By the end of my spending spree I was out about 8 million CM, 150 million Pixelz, and had gone from Career level 1-35. Your mileage may vary.

P.S. Each SCM used in a recipe adds 500 career exp, Crystal of Rarity adds ~600 I think, and Crystal of Ultimate Rarity adds 3,000 exp per used per item crafted. There is some formula for career exp. gained by enhancing items. I do not feel like finding it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / What Did You Name Your Pet?

Chizzle. I named it Chizzle.

P.S. Is there a thread for the new pet feature?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Explanation of how gems work

Uh, what Tenshi said.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai Decks

My Skill Rank is 27 (So my opinion matters, apparently), and I have been playing on/off since Kongai started.


Rumiko w/ Scroll is an amazing starter (Much more flexibility with her energy game, including double eviscerate). There are not a lot of “bad matchups” with her. I must state that for a long time I had used CC/Vial(&tome), but I found that my deck lacked staying power with the pirates. I replaced him with Juju because, with Rumiko leading, there can be opportunity to switch in Juju simultaneously as your opponent (which happens often enough), which is a very bad prospect for your opponent who would then have to choose between dealing with Hex (and a potentially crippling 50 energy disadvantage) or insta-death in four turns. Hex is the rock, and the Girdle guarantees that the Hard Place will be there to fall back upon (I play him primarily to get that particular move off; Mask may be better if you plan to use ToD simply as a threat move).

All decks are going to have weaknesses, so at some point you will have to make a decision from a bad position (Like Yoshi at far against Auger). With Rumiko and Juju (Corn also), you will rarely be in a “hopeless position,” such as if you were to have Andromeda at close or Onimaru at far. Instead of having to choose between “Switch or rest,” you are choosing between “Switch or Poison Dart,” or “Switch or Curse of Juju.” This is why I never use monorangers. At the higher levels Yomi is a significant aspect of play. The luck involved is trying to make the optimum choice from what you are given (i.e. switch/move1/move2/rest). Overall, I find myself winning far more consistently with a flexible deck as opposed to one that sacrifices flexibility for more “good matchups.” Yoshi also doubles as a far range threat (if you manage to switch him in at far), but very rarely will an opponent allow you to switch in and then successfully pull that move off.

On a final note for Yoshi. Being able to virtually guarantee that you can finish an opponent off while denying them their final blow and chance of escape all at once is invaluable, often game changing. 8 times out of ten, the opponent will be low on energy, so Yoshi can be just as effective a finisher when switched in at far (though this maneuver leaves him in a potentially unpleasant position as they can then switch in a card knowing that you cannot switch out). Having a finisher in general can be quite valuable, and Yoshi is simply the best as a pure finisher, and he can hold his own against close ranged characters (not for long though). I used to always forget about his innate until I dodged a cannonball. Ragequit.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Amaya

If anything, I do not think Amaya should have more health. The low HP is important for balancing issues (in my opinion), because her skills would be a bit overpowered if used with such a sturdy Character. Off the top of my head, 10 more HP would allow her to possibly survive two “The Old One, Two” (If it did not crit) with Statue, another attack from Yoshiro, two Shurikens from Rumiko, etc. That extra turn to use another Shadow Wrath or Curse would make her imbalanced, in my opinion, as there can be a huge difference between two Wraiths/Curses and three.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Awesome Decks


Rumiko Scroll
Corn Vial/Tome
Yoshi Insignia

I really like this deck because it is quite flexible (Not many staggering weaknesses, though somewhat Yomi dependant). Rumiko is one of the best openers in the game, due to both her innate (50% dodging an intercept) and her close range stun, which, with the scroll, she can use twice if someone switches out of it. Yoshi w/insignia is the best finisher imho, and he has a powerful long-range threat move (You do not land it very often though). I have Corn because he is flexible and has a powerful and moderately efficient close range move, and simply has the best track record personally (I refuse to use Zina). Vial and Tome may help him suck up another move so that he can get that last pilebunker off.

The main problems are against Helene (who cannot be stunned), Pixafari (The /b/tard), Balthazar Bomb-Britches, and Onimaru (especially if he has Girdle). I can defeat Onimaru and Helene by succesfully range switching, intercepting, attacking if they think I will switch, etc, and Balt is quite a difficult match up (largely due to the combination of his armor, hit points, and his resistance to stuns). God help Yoshi against any of these though…

Best Moments?

Dodging two cannonballs in a row with Yoshi’s innate, causing my opponent to rage quit. Also, I always yell F*ck yea whenever I intercept Tafari (Always).


Starbuck Grog
MLM Ring of Curses
Yoshi Insignia

This is basically my “other” deck. I use it because gets boring to play with the same one 500 times.