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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Bugs in the Game. (Put all of them here)

Just a quick note for mososh the deleting of champions might have caused a little problem with pvp, the problem is i am lv 608 and i can hit players lv 10. Find about it today and maybe some have found it before and are using it in a bad way, so maybe it should be looked into because i know ppl will get mad at that.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Suggestions for the game

The one thing i would really like is a battle x10 button just like the x10 stam but for battles. This would make pvp faster and less of a chore for those that dont like to click 20 billion times the same thing plus it would also help the big guys cause i like to pvp but damn doing 30k + can get kind of painfull. (so imagine 1mill ;P) if its possible that would be great :D

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / TWS wants you

Originally posted by Marine851:
Originally posted by HULKSMASHEDU:

TWS is full of alt abusers

The corp has no more alt abusers. Almost a totally different roster now, except for a few who help the rest.

Yea of course there is no more alt abusers they wont try that shit anymore and even if they did TWS doesnt have enough ppl to make it anyway, so yes TWS is dead all good real players left because Umar f**ked up.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Where did he come from?

Wow already trying to make us look like cheaters nice try but its not good work we dont cheat :P

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / TWS Penalized

Ok i want to say some things, the alt usage on me has stopped at the start of the week so i got 0 wins from alts because the one doing it cant do it anymore, which i like, because yes i got hit multiple time by is alts and i have tried to make him stop. So right now im more pissed at him than anyone esle because he didnt listen to us and the 4 new “guild members” that were put in the guild its true they got a lot of wins in a really short time but they were low lv (-30) so they coudnt make tier 2 raids thats why they got the boost, and also there score had not been activated so those wins were useless to us anyway they were in just to make low tier raid, not make us win in pvp.
Yes i got alts of my own but i use then like SASP said to get me to lv up when i need like 50 xp, i also use them to hunt for codes when there is none around but i have never used them everyday of every week just so we could win in pvp i just used what i needed for a lv or a code, im glad the alt usage as been blocked like this because now the player that used them cant anymore, and to finish i want to say im sorry for what he did but it was just him that used that much alts i dont know why he did it like that and really i dont want to hear from him at this time but i think he should leave the guild because he made us look bad and i dont want ppl to think we all did this, i can easy get 2k wins a day so i dont need alts to boost me and no one should do it its really not the way to go because thing like this can and will happen to those that go too far. So again im sorry for that im a respectful player and i dont want my name to be dragged in the mud like this or anyone else that had nothing to do in this.
I think if this ever starts again the guilty member will get his butt kicked so hard he will never feel his legs again.