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Topic: Tap Adventure / Moczu's Guide for New Players

Originally posted by Moczu:
Defender/Conqueror – The first hero, Defender has ability “Shield” that makes your heroes invulnerable to hits for 30 seconds, pretty useful when you lack hp for your team. Conqueror, on the other hand, has an ability that deals high damage. In late game a lot of players prefer Defender over Conqueror because of “splash” attack. I recommend Conqueror for you.

Actually, the reason late game players prefer Defender isn’t the Splash passive. Your own description of the late game explains the real reason the Defender is superior.

Originally posted by Moczu:
After 1990th level you see your Defender/Conqueror lack of hp. Oh yea, maximum health level is 2000. After 2k, he’s dying. Epic boss on 2010 deals (with every artifact maxed) over 6,5 ooo and your Hunter/Ranger has about 9 ooo hp. Feral quiver which gives boost to hp gives you about 2-3 ooo hp so it’s not enough even if you open few chest (not every 20-40 levels like before but every 2-5 levels).
You can try to keep them alive, but you need A LOT of keys. If you want to lose few heroes, remember the boosts lost from them and less capabilities from abilities. It is literally HELL.

Since there is a point where your defensive abilities can no longer keep up with enemy damage output, the only workable solution is invulnerability. It doesn’t even have to be super late game, since an unlucky Epic Boss shot in the early game can still one-shot a hero that doesn’t have defensive passives. It’s just not worth the frustration of taking a Conqueror team through hundreds of levels and having to wait for resurrection timers every so often. If you use a Defender’s Magic Shield just before an Epic Boss fight starts, you’re guaranteed to either survive it without a death or at least have a chance to exit the fight safely if your damage is too low. I’d say it’s even worth waiting every 5 levels to use the shield on not just the Epic Bosses, but the mid-range Bosses as well. With enough cooldown reduction passives, this isn’t much of a wait.

Originally posted by Moczu:
Night Stalker/Fiery Fox – Wolverine and his younger brother of foxy mother. The biggest difference between those two are their skills. Wolve… Night Stalker gives bonus to global damage for certain time, while Fiery Fox – to attack speed. Sounds like the effect would be the same? NOPE – higher attack speed just lowers your damage per hit because DPS (Damage per Second) remains the same. Well, there are more differencies like Fiery’s regeneration and Stalker’s vampirism.

Fiery Fox synergizes well with the Hunter. Night Stalker works well with either, but the Hunter/Fox combo is more versatile.

  • Hunter and Fiery Fox
    • Fury allows Fire Volley to unload a huge flurry of shots on a single Boss. Attack speed boosts don’t generally increase damage done, but Fire Volley does 7.5x Hunter damage.
    • Fire Volley without Fury prolongs the shots across multiple levels. At max rank, it can destroy a Boss and the following two Commanders.

  • Hunter and Night Stalker
    • Rage makes Fire Volley stronger, but won’t allow it to focus more hits on a single Boss fight.
  • Ranger and Night Stalker
    • Snipe is a one-dimensional ability. Rage just makes it serve its one purpose better.

  • Originally posted by Moczu:
    Witch/Enchantress – Witch has weird ability: description says something that useless that you wouldn’t want to see her ever again, yet it turns out that it gives you so huge bonus that you can defeat that badass epic boss easily. More than that she gives Artifcat Booster AND Item Mastery, so she’s very useful. Enchantress tho calls Fay more frequently and also has Artifact Booster.

    Witch’s active Curse is more useful than Enchantress’s Ice Rain, but relying on them for progress feels bad because of their 1 hour base cooldowns. If you have a lot of active Kong fans, the Enchantress will provide you with better sustained damage. Witch’s Friendly Magic is completely useless for your own progress, as it will only increase the damage your clicks provide to your friends. The Enchantress’s version increases the damage you get from your friends. It says it’s +50%, but that’s misleading. It’s not +50% of the friendly damage. It’s +50% of your Magic damage. In most cases, this means you are getting +100% (twice the amount of) friend damage. If you’re clicking, Enchantress’s Chain Magic passive will help with clearing multiple enemies. Once you’ve gotten multiple/upgraded artifacts, Witch becomes stronger due to her earlier/multiple levels of Artifact Booster and cooldown reduction.

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    Topic: Zombidle / List of Suggestions and Revisions

    Originally posted by henricones:

    I have 3x Common Power Potion, 1x Uncommon Power Potion and 1x Rare Power Potion. I thought they were cumulative, like in total of 140% dps when Bob sleeps, but no, just the Rare works generating a 50% only. can this be fixed to support stacking of potions, please?

    It already does work that way, though. However, it’s not just the potions that stack. Potions, Axes, and monster-specific loot all stack together. While you are indeed getting a +1.4 to your item factor from those potions, you may have enough axes and monster items to make that 1.4 a smaller portion of your item factor.

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    Topic: Zombidle / UPDATE PLEASE

    Originally posted by Fleecemaster:

    I’m defo still on the old version, is there a way to update? Do I need to clear my cache or something?

    Pretty sure it’s not live on Kong yet. If I’m not mistaken, the news alert is on their server, and all clients pull the news updates from the same spot. That’s why people see the update alerts long before they can actually play the new releases. The new content is live on their main website, so it shouldn’t be long before it’s available here.

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    Topic: Technical Support / Weird game re-direct.

    Unpublished closed beta, perhaps?

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    Topic: Zombidle / List of Suggestions and Revisions

    Originally posted by ForeverDead:

    -Clarification on effect of item “Bully Bunny’s foot”
    *5% to chance of white orbs appearing
    *5% increase to amount of white orbs drop

    This can be checked by fighting a boss with orbs. The boss has its orb count listed in cyan during the fight. You can see how many broken orbs you have in the expanded menu/inventory screen. If a boss has 20 or more orbs, your broken orb count will increase by more than the boss held. Therefore, it is a 5% increase to the amount of white orbs dropped, not a 5% increase to the chance that bosses will have orbs. I have noticed, however, that the extra orbs are sometimes not the expected amount (I have gotten 4 extra from a 21 orb boss, for instance, whereas it should’ve just been 1 extra).

    Originally posted by ForeverDead:

    -Clarification on crit hit effecting active gameplay or/and idle gameplay, i.e. clicks vs. ticks

    The Crit% statistic is just the chance to perform a double damage click. It doesn’t affect monster DPS at all, just Bob’s damage. I suspect the default value is 1% or so, since you can get critical hits without the 10% from Plague of Bats or 50% from The Big Plague. Stacking the Son of the Lich and Blackest of Plagues abilities guarantees critical hits for every click (including Sloth’s Form).

    Originally posted by ForeverDead:

    -Spelling, “Death Calice” to “Death Chalice”

    Calice is actually not a misspelling. It’s an archaic form of chalice, used in Middle English and Old French. The setting of the game seems to match feudal Europe, so it fits.

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    Topic: Technical Support / Ads making site unusable

    Awesome, glad to hear someone’s actively looking into this.

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    Topic: Zombidle / Scientific Notation

    The names aren’t that obscure. A lot of us are familiar with quadrillions, quintillions, sextillions, septillions, octillions, etc. Some people just prefer those names to exponential conventions.

    What others have disliked is the usage of Q, Q2, S, and S2 rather than more common abbreviations like Qa, Qi, Sx, and Sp. There have been multiple cases of people thinking Q2 is Q2, which is an entirely different beast altogether.

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    Topic: Technical Support / Ads making site unusable

    I’ve been playing Zombidle for a bit, and like most players, I’ve considered the dev’s use of optional ads for boosts in game reasonable enough to disable my adblocker. It was fine for a couple of weeks, until the other day. My browser started choking. FPS dropped to single digits, clicks were going unregistered. First thought? Maybe the game has a memory leak. I’d left it idling while doing other things, so a leak could’ve easily ballooned resource usage.

    I checked my processes list. My Kongregate tab was using over 900MB of RAM and climbing! Assuming a leak in the game was indeed the case, I refreshed. Within seconds, that tab’s process was back over 900MB. I closed the browser, waited for processes to exit cleanly, and reopened. Yep, another immediate 900+MB tab.

    So I turned on my adblocker again and refreshed. The game loaded immediately and smoothly, with the tab maintaining less than 200MB of RAM usage.

    Conclusion: one or more of the Flash ads Kong has on the page either has a leak or is just designed to use a lot of resources.

    Other players have mentioned problems starting around the same time a couple of days ago. A few of them panicked and tried scanning their computers and uninstalling/reinstalling Flash since the performance degradation was that severe. Could one of the admins have a look at the ads in rotation, particularly any that may have been added over the weekend?

    I understand you rely on ads for a portion of revenue, but Flash ads are both inherently more resource-hungry than text/image ads and often far more invasive. I’m sure a lot more people would be willing to leave adblockers disabled if Flash movies weren’t the norm. Stacking multiple Flash objects on a page just sucks.

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    Topic: Zombidle / Item Priority

    Just so there’s no question about the factors involved, here they are:

    B = Base Damage
    Mo = Monster factor (1 + sum of applicable monster upgrades)
    I = Item factor (1 + sum of applicable item upgrades)
    S = Skill factor (1 + product of applicable ability boosts)
    O = Orb factor (1 + (orbs x [per orb % boost]))
    D = Devil Deals factor (1 by default, 2 if active)
    Me = Medal factor (product of all individual medal boosts (e.g., [1 + boost1] x [1 + boost2] x [1 + boost3]…), maxes at 4.5560061448330050262856355977911)
    H = Hell factor (1 + armory bonus)

    DPS formula: BMoISODMeH

    The Commutative Property of Multiplication dictates that the order of those factors is irrelevant. They can be swapped around and the same product will be reached (e.g., BMoISODMeH = SHIMeMoBDO = MoODHMeBSI). For the Stone Tablet vs. DPS item dilemma, all we care about are the item factor and orb factor. We can treat them as a standalone factor IO. If IO increases, DPS increases. If IO decreases, DPS decreases. We always want IO to grow, right? Right.

    You can reasonably quickly calculate if a Stone Tablet or a Power Potion will be a bigger DPS boost for you by looking at your current orb count, per orb % value, and item multiplier. Since individual monsters have different values for I due to specific monster items, this example will just focus on the Flying Squid since that is most people’s late game primary damage source and likely to have a lot of upgrade items.

    • Check the current value of I by hovering over the Flying Squid’s DPS value. You could calculate it by summing your Power Potion, Axe, and Squid’s Teddy Bear totals, but this number is usually low enough for an exact number to be displayed.
    • Calculate the current value of O. Don’t use the displayed value from the DPS tooltip because that is often rounded. Multiply your orbs by your % per orb in decimal format, and add 1. (e.g., 10,032 orbs at 53% per orb gives a boost of 531,696%. In decimal format, that is 5,316.96. Your O value becomes 5,317.96)
    • Now that you have your current I and O values, you can calculate whether another Stone Tablet or a Power Potion would give you a larger boost as your next item. Assuming that they are Uncommon tier, calculate a test O factor with a 1.5 larger per orb % value. Likewise, a test I factor will be your current I + 0.3.

    IOStoneTablet = ICurrent x OTest
    IOPowerPotion = ITest x OCurrent

    You’ll find that for small values of I, the Power Potion can be a stronger boost. If my I value was only 3, I’d get a greater increase from a Power Potion. However, with my current I in the 70s, my IO value is over 9 million greater with another Stone Tablet than with another Power Potion. In most cases, you’ll have looted enough incidental item upgrades when the Stone Tablet isn’t available to make the Stone Tablet a larger boost every time it’s offered.

    Personally, I always prioritize Stone Tablet > Death Calice > Power Potion > Power Axe > Squid’s Teddy Bear. Due to item availability, I still have almost as many Power Potions as Stone Tablets without ever having to skip a Stone Tablet.

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    Topic: Zombidle / This isn't real life. Take one shower and stop.

    Someone asked about the math behind prioritizing the other buildings over the Golden Shower of Deathness. A common assumption for newer players is that more showers is the key to finishing the Easter challenges. Here’s a chart with some math to explain why I don’t agree. I managed to clear all three bunnies in less than a week from a new account while mostly idling and never using an autoclicker.

    For simplicity’s sake, I’ll ignore all multipliers except Hell. I’m also going to use the full building times, since not everyone has reliable ad boost access.

    The following chart should be self-explanatory, but I’ll point out a few things. I obviously didn’t include the Corporate Bank of Capitalism. I’ll get to that.

    The yellow cell should be your starting point. All three buildings are important, and you should have all of them. This chart is merely an illustration of the damage differences between Armory and Shower upgrade paths. From the yellow cell, further upgrades to either the Armory or Shower can only move you to the right one column or down one row.

    I highly recommend leaving Golden Shower at Tier 1 until the other buildings are maxed. While a quick glance would suggest that [Armory 1 | Golden Shower 2] is a worthwhile alternate to [Armory 2 | Golden Shower 1] (Z value = click bonus), it’s not as helpful as it seems. Unless you’re undergoing an experiment in repetitive strain injuries (like carpal tunnel syndrome), testing the limits of your mouse/touchscreen, or using an autoclicker, you really shouldn’t be relying on clicks for progress beyond the first few resets. Non-click DPS scales so strongly with multiple factors that a hands-off approach is both safer and more efficient. Power Potions are also ridiculously strong when stacked, so clicking can even be detrimental. Grab the first level to activate the passive, use it on the Easter Bunnies, then idle your ass to faster gains.

    Golden Shower upgrades are a static 5% OF monster DPS per tier. Armory upgrades are a geometric increase TO monster DPS per tier. Upgrading your Armory will automatically increase your Golden Shower output. Upgrading your Golden Shower will not increase your monster DPS. In other words, Armory upgrades both itself and Golden Shower, while Golden Shower only upgrades itself. Compare [Armory 3 | Golden Shower 1] to [Armory 1 | Golden Shower 3]. Both result in 30% of base monster DPS being applied to click damage, but the higher Armory upgrade also grants a massive monster DPS increase. The discrepancy is magnified even more when comparing [Armory 4 | Golden Shower 1] to [Armory 1 | Golden Shower 4]. Focusing on the Armory results in over 5x the monster DPS and a higher click output than focusing on the Golden Shower.

    I’m sure you’re thinking that the huge differences can be addressed by taking a more moderate approach and evenly distributing upgrades, right? Except not really. There are two costs involved in Hell upgrades: diamonds and time. Remember, there is a third building, and it’s one you don’t want to neglect. The Bank costs more diamonds than the other two, but the timers are the same. It also upgrades on the same scale as the Armory, ending in a whopping 1100% skull value. Similarly to the Armory, the Bank also increases the other buildings’ output. Since your skulls are worth more, you can buy more monsters. Those monsters increase your DPS. Higher DPS increases your Golden Shower potency.

    The bottom row of the chart clearly outclasses other cells with comparable time costs. You don’t want to delay your 4th tier Armory/Bank upgrades by inserting more Golden Showers, especially since it benefits from the other buildings anyway.

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Atheist forced to go to church

    One of the ways I finally convinced my parents to quit griping at me about going to church with them was explaining that it was so boring that I was having a hard time not falling asleep in public. They didn’t like the idea of being that family with someone asleep in the pew.

    Wasn’t being contrary, either. I really did have a problem with passing out in church.

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Nudism: Inspiring, or pointless

    Originally posted by NickWalker12:

    Not sure how factual this is, but I’ve always been under the assumption that less sexual repression is a good thing. Being nude all the time would help shift peoples opinions of nudity from objectification to normalization. Thus, I’d assume violence of a sexual nature would go down. I’m feeling lazy, but if anyone has any stats, would love to read.

    I don’t know… there’s a big gap between seeing more skin and getting laid more often. Just being used to nudity in general isn’t going to remove the desire to shag. Let’s not forget that the animal world is pretty naked. Prostitution and rape still occur in non-human animal societies.

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Pagans viewed wrong and the god/goddess part

    Originally posted by SolidSnake6:

    …why do christians and the other religious and non-religious people always think of them as evil and satanic or they(in the case of christians) think they deal with the devil…

    Some do, but not all of them. I was raised Roman Catholic (I’m lapsed; I am not religious), and never was I taught that paganism was the equivalent of Satanism. I have close ties to a priest who worked in Rome under the authority of Pope John Paul II, and that isn’t the way he discusses pagans.

    Do Christians believe paganism is wrong? Of course they do. Most religions view alternate beliefs as wrong.

    Do Christians believe paganism is evil? Define evil. Define Christian. There are those who follow Christ who don’t fall under the typical Catholic and Protestant denominations. One of the tenets of traditional Christianity is that God forbade mankind from worshipping other deities. For the sake of argument, assuming the Christian God is real and that command exists, does that make someone who worships another deity evil? I wouldn’t say that is an automatic yes. Someone who was taught that a different deity (or pantheon) was real and that the Christian belief was wrong could very easily be a committed good person. Why should he believe what Christians are saying more than what he was already taught as part of a different religion? So no, Christians are not explicitly taught that paganism is evil. They are just taught that it is wrong.

    Let’s turn your question around the other way.

    Why do people think that Christians believe pagans are evil and/or Satanists?

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    Topic: Kongregate / The greatest helper in chat

    Originally posted by LakeSnow:

    Candy knows the answers obviously me, last weekend I had to file 1000 reports on different users all in different chat rooms all for different reasons.

    You know… flooding the administration with reports isn’t very helpful since people have to actually read every individual report. If a mute is sufficient since people are handling the person’s presence well enough, leave it at that.

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    Topic: Serious Discussion / Nudism: Inspiring, or pointless

    I remember back in the 90s that it was legal in some places here in the US for women to breastfeed in public. Never saw anyone do it, though. The women I knew said they were either too embarrassed by the prospect or just didn’t want to make waves, but they were glad for the progress.

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    Topic: Kongregate / Happy Wheels

    There’s a default filesize limit (20MB? Too tired to verify), but Kong has stated in the past that they make exceptions if the developer contacts them and it’s reasonable. It just takes administrative intervention, and is completely at their discretion.

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    Topic: Technical Support / Please help tech support sucks

    Originally posted by IXIjustclutchIXI:

    thats none of the technicians are responding or helping

    adv0catus wasn’t asking about that. He was asking what the problem is for which you were seeking help. He can’t help you if you don’t tell him.

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    Topic: Technical Support / Ban immeditely

    Originally posted by iCrystalina:

    Use that instead of making a public thread. Be sure to include a video to serve as evidence. Screen-shots can not and will not be used as sufficient evidence to take appropriate action as they can be electronically altered.

    Thank you,

    This is the wrong place to go to report cheating in an MMO. Contact the developers. – Project Leader

    You can also send an e-mail to, which is the contact address on the game’s main site.

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    Topic: Off-topic / What the fuck is this piece of text from¿? (RIDDLE THREAD)

    Burger King. Wasn’t hard to find references, either.

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    Topic: Kongregate / Game down?

    Which game? Fantasy Online, Realm of the Mad God, or a different one? You might get more informed responses if you post in the game’s dedicated subforum.

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    Topic: Technical Support / CREDIT CARD DISABLED

    Contact or

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    Topic: Technical Support / Login issues

    If you haven’t already rebooted, you can do that or flush your DNS cache to force your computer to look up current DNS entries.
    From a command prompt, type: ipconfig /flushdns

    Is there any chance your security settings/software are blocking access? Any recent changes to your firewall?

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    Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

    Originally posted by brolyfrost:

    I have a request for a game i would like Kongregate to invest in having a game on their site called Magic:the Gathering.
    The reason i want this game is i feel that many others will like this game also. because there are many people whom I know of that enjoy the very game and time and time again i have gotten on here and searched in hopes that you guys would maybe have the game but I then became sad because i got my hopes up. So please i am asking you guys to please put the game o here for us all enjoy it. Thank you :)

    If you want a game on Kongregate, don’t tell Kongregate. Tell the developers and owners to the game’s publishing rights.

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    Topic: Technical Support / Login issues

    Do you know anyone who might have the DNS names or IP addresses of the individual game servers? I haven’t played Wartune in months, but there have been outages where mandatory redirects weren’t working right. If you can get the server names/addresses, you can try pinging them to see if there’s a loss of connectivity for you. The primary login server has a different address, which is why it’s possible to reach the login screen without getting to the game itself. Since your browser is in Portuguese, I presume you’re not located in the USA?

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    Topic: Technical Support / Login issues

    Originally posted by iCrystalina:

    The first error sounds like a malware problem/virus.

    No, it really doesn’t.

    Originally posted by pom828:

    Hi. For about a day now I try to login in wartune and keep on geting the same error: Unable to find site:kong_0014«scriptype ,Redirecting to login screen in 3 seconds… I also cannot load other games, such as sands of the coliseum. When I sign out from kongregate and sign in again, it just doesn’t happen. I have to close the window and when I open a new one I’m logged. Any thoughts, please?

    Which server do you use? Have you tried connecting to a different one?