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Topic: Tap Adventure / Add friends for bonus


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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Add Friends!!

I like mangoes c:

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / -

Typo or bug relating to a quest

My current quest wants me to get 29 stat increase drops in the battle arena, however it does not seem to count ring drops which increase my stats. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it is either misleading or not working properly.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Suggestion: "Duplicate Here" Command

Originally posted by lackinglack1:

I dont get why you want to duplicate gems… it costs the same as making a new one the normal way

By your argument, there’s no reason to have hot keys or the upgrade option. All of it has equivalent costs, the whole point is to make things easier/faster. If you’re duplicating a pure gem, there’s very little reason to, sure. But I duplicate dual/triple gems all the time. Before I actually read the instructions, I’d manually level/create more and it was quite tedious. Duplicating made it SO MUCH faster and easier.

I think a third option you could consider would also be a shortcut to put gems in towers/traps/amplifiers/shrines. Kind of like how the continuous Gem Bomb mechanic works, but instead of bombing, it would load gems from your inventory into an empty tower/trap/etc. Then you could just hit d to duplicate and then whatever the new shortcut would be to load it into whatever socket. This could also be nice at the start, if you start with multiple gems.

Of course, all in all, these measures aren’t really desperately needed, since you can pause the game, but I do agree that any sort of efficiency would help the setup process.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Premium

There is one thing you haven’t considered. Even if you believe the premium content itself isn’t worth the $5, I tend to believe that when people make a game that I really like, sending a few bucks their way is perfectly reasonable. It might not be reason enough for you to pay for it still, but don’t you want to support the makers of such a fine game? I personally think that this game, even without the premium content, is already worth more than $5.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] This is a demo

I consider this a good free to play game with a $5 expansion pack. I don’t know why anybody would complain. People took the time and effort to code what I consider to be a pretty nice game, and they don’t even demand payment. It’s perfectly playable without premium content, and really $5 is a bargain deal price for a nice game like this. I believe if they just marketed the game for $10 total, no free content, it’d sell.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] worth playing without paying?

Originally posted by vice123:

Remember when I payed for that Premium Flash Game? Neither do I.

But I’ll forever remember people who use words that don’t exist. I don’t understand why people type “tryed” and “payed”.

As for whether the game’s worth playing without getting premium content… I haven’t finished it, but I enjoy it. $5 isn’t terribly expensive really. I think of it as, for casual/semi-serious TD players, they can play the game as is and have fun. For serious players who want it to be as challenging as possible, $5 is probably a bargain.