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Topic: Off-topic / Top 3 Guitarists

As for the most technical guitarist, John Petrucci. His technical skills are the best that I’ve seen, but then again Dream Theater as a whole is extremely well learned.
David Gilmour take the trophy for the player with the greatest tone. His spiritually soulful playing on such songs as Comfortably Numb and those of the Wish You Were Here album ranks him in any top ten list I would make.
As for third place, the duo Travis Stever & Claudio Sanchez round it out with some extremely catchy riffs and amazing solos. I am obliged to include them here for the reason that, although they are undeniably not the best guitarists, they belong to my favorite band, Coheed And Cambria.

P.S. Coheed’s new album comes out April 13th! Oh, and if you’ve never heard of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, or Coheed And Cambria, then you should check them out.

EDIT: I am not an entirely huge fan of the seemingly unoriginal riffs Petrucci lays out, but by god if I don’t drop my jaw each time I here him play 64th notes at 300bpm :P

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you.

Meh, 5/10, just because of the vocals. Try this:
or this:

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Topic: Off-topic / top ten best guitarists of all time

In no particular order:
David Gilmour – makes every note his own (Comfortably Numb)
B.B. King – Expressive blues frontman (Blues Boy Tune)
Eric Clapton – Great musician hands down (Layla)
Dimebag Darrel – The definition of death metal guitar (Wake)
Chuck Berry – Greatest ex-convict guitarist ever :P (Johnny B. Goode)
Stevie Ray Vaughn – He looks like a drunken pirate, need we say more? (Hard to Be)
Jimi Hendrix – All around good player, like Clapton (Purple Haze)
Eddie Van Halen – Guitar virtuoso who reinvented tapping (Eruption)
Duane Allman – A great slide guitarist, who made the most of his 23 years (Melissa)
Jimmy Page – Basically created heavy metal with his great riffs (Kashmir)

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Topic: Kongregate / New! Art & Sounds Collabs, with Contests

And so Kong has evolved from a simple gaming community to the spawn of Newgrounds-influenced indie media. I expect in the future we will all be host to video as well… Oh well, all good things must pass.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Beta Testers Needed for Remnants of Skystone

I will.

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kongregate Photo Topic

This is me, all decked out when its, what, the only big snow we’ve had in ten years? I look kinda messy, but I had a massive headache from the flue, and it was freezing outside.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Suggestions!

Engineer in the Making (Easy): Finish the Tutorials.
Choreographed Construction (Medium, because of that darn Obstacle Course): Finish all of the regular challenges.
Mechanic Master (Hard): Finish all of the advanced challenges.

Blackboard Squash:
Stickman on a Chalkboard (Easy): Get a relatively easy amount of points.
Run, Erase, Repeat (Medium): Like easy, but with a challenging amount of points.
Chalkin’ Up the Score (Hard): Get X number of points without loosing a life

Shades of Gray (Medium): Play for about two and a half (or whatever is medium) minutes without dying.

Those are some suggestions.

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Dude, if there was an all Christian chat room, I would tear you to shreds. Don’t make yourself a chatroom for people like you. Trolls will mess with you even more than now if they see a room called “Christian Room”. That’s like a serial killer seeing a door that says: “Abandoned People Without a Family”. It’s a stupid idea, hate to burst your bubble.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate App.

I think that this year they are releasing a Flash Player for the Ipod, and it wouldn’t be hard to do. Maybe port Kongregate Chat into the background as the game that appears to an online user as they hover over your name. The chat itself, though I have no experience, doesn’t seem that hard to integrate. Just keep the chat.kongregate data in memory storage. As for everything else, I have the Kong Fire Fox thing, it works (though not very well), and Flash IS coming. You probably would even need Flash for this, if you had read my first post. This is purely information gathering and porting.

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Topic: Kongregate / Team thread: Seek and Destroy 2 (Anti-Hacking Squad)

Nice… I’m in, for sure.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why are moderators always afk?

5% It’s a rest-room/snack issue
20% It’s a game (perhaps without a pause button)
45% They are living their lives, like you should be doing, and so should I
5% It’s a phone call, doorbell, minor inconvenience, bathroom, etc.
15% They are doing work on the computer, such as typing a report, meeting a deadline, while also on Kong.
10% They are tired of putting up with you
100% They are silently waiting to strike…

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Topic: Kongregate / Favorite game in kong

My favorite game? Incredibots, any of Ninja Kiwi’s games, most of Hero Interactive’s games, Protector, Dolphin Olympics, Etc. But my favorite is without a doubt Seppukuties, in which I have about 75 or so stored levels from people who enjoy it as much as I. 10/10, great game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Age limit

Hehe, if you think about it, that rule is mostly jut to keep out under-age trolls. They’re all either people with nothing better to do, or young, immature brats that know to many words for their age XD

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Topic: Kongregate / Marquis le Morte is a girl?!?

Honestly. How the hell would any woman, no matter how hideously deformed, look like that?!? Female vampires (and females in general) of Kong are generally attractive, and young. He is neither. Meh, whatever.

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Topic: The Arts / I drew a toucan

Is that a person in the background? The black body looks like that of a person with a hoodie in the contrast of the neck’s glow. Nice job, though.

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Topic: The Arts / Gift of the Gods

Gift of the Gods

Gift of the Gods, brown leather bound
Oaken lid sealed, tightly tethered down
Blue clouds of Heaven, caverns of Hell
Where angels reside, where demons do dwell
This masterful piece, a heavenly etching
The Box sits, waiting, her eyes slowly catching
The gold leaf, design, the scenery carved
Panoramic pleasure, her eyes felt starved
So when no-one was watching, she crept to the Box
Gingerly touched it, then opened the locks
She heard it growling before it had formed
Smelling the sulfurous stench of those scorned
The wind brushed her cheek, then out they burst
Voracious, audacious, beings, the worst
Great winged beasts, infected with hate
Their purpose destruction, their passion was great
With one last effort, towards the Box she grasped
Fear stole her breathe, lock to lid almost clasped
The last of her life, poured forth from her hands
But the demons had already ravaged the lands
The last thing she saw through Death’s blurry, gray scope
Was the Gift of the Gods, a sliver of Hope.

This is a poem I whipped up in two hours of Algebra II and Com Tech. Hope you enjoy it!
P.S. I would like it if you could “rate” it, so-to-speak. Like an interpretation, how good/bad it was, what you think about it, etc.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your Own Quotes

“First the .rar, then my soul!” – Me, bargaining my soul on one of my friend’s .rar files

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Vangaurde, NICE…. Anyways, if you read the thing, it sounds like the Bible. They can say the FSM is invisible, yet not there, and who is there to deny it? I find it no less improbably than God being omni-everything. Oh, and I can disapprove that, btw. God can’t be omnipotent. It can be justified in this statement:

Can God make a rock that he can’t lift?

A. God made it, but he couldn’t lift it
B. He could lift anything, so he couldn’t make it

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Topic: Off-topic / How would you pronounce the name of the guy above you?

Rigg-hit-why-inge-zeeeeru-sixe. I just violated someone’s name again XD

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Topic: Off-topic / The Orange Poem

W00h00! My class liked it! To bad it wasn’t graded :( Now I have to analyze it. Lol, thanks guys, in advanced!

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Topic: Off-topic / does anyone play D&D

Meh, I used to play, but all the fun people left my neighborhood. I remember our parting words:
“Cya later, guys, I’m leaving you all my Nymph-bane +5 dagger”, and I go “You cheap little gnome! What about that artifact we got from the Elvin Bard?!? You know what, screw you, I hope you roll all ones on your next character! Jesus Christ, who fights nymphs anymore? You son of an Orc!”

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Topic: Off-topic / Cool names for kids

If I ever had a kid, I’d name
Him: William
Her: Lyra

Spot the reference. Hint, it’s not on Google!

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Topic: Off-topic / MY NEW SONG (s)!!

Who let the Frogz out? Rib, rib, rib, rib-bit! Who let the Frogz out? RIB, Rib, rib, ribb-it! Lol. I just pwned you froggzy style.

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Topic: Off-topic / Chuck Norris and RickRoll suck attempt 2

1. Rick Astley is beast XD
2. Type in “find Chuck Norris” in Google and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”. THAT is why Chuck Norris is so cool. Plus, you’ve got to admit, he can kick some serious somethin’ in Walker, Texas Ranger.

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Topic: Off-topic / I have around 1 year to live

Whomever suggested seppuku, what an ignorant and idiotic thing to say. I don’t know why some people can’t act mature enough to grasp the situation in an adult manner. >:|