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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / Android save transfer to new phone

if you have saved data on the device and need to overwrite your Kongregate save data, then you MUST select the always option when selecting the device save data when you first open the game to merge your data to the Kongregate account in order to transfer to a new device. Was afraid to select that option but after hours and hours of going in circles, but finally tried it and IT WORKED!!! YAAAAY!

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Topic: Collaborations / The True Story of a Collab with Four Artists

AWESOME FREAKING GAME!!! My son actually found Pingu one day on netflix and DEMANDED to watch it… now I’m hooked as well! I thought I had seen them all until I played this game and played the movie theater and saw all the additional episodes that they don’t carry… I LOVE THE MOVIES! and fishing, gambling, the stock-market type fish-market… well you get the idea! BEST IDLE game I’ve played! it’s all well done, the only issue I’m seeing is the half-hour prize fish gifts keep disappearing while I’m playing… they are there for about 15 mins and then poof Pinga ate em I guess…
P.S. my son is only 3 and is now demanding that I play your game so he can watch the videos… he finds them unacceptable via youtube directly! You guys make an awesome team and you’ve definitely put your hours in and I’m commend that you’re still going and upgrading as the game grows! amazing work, wish I could donate to you but I barely made my rent this month… good news for you is that I’ll probably still be playing when I get paid next!