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Topic: Spellstone: Technical Issues and Feedback / Please help a bug in clash event

Same thing happened to me. Now i will not get that epic pack i stayed up for..

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / New card game Siege, put it in Hot New Games.

+1 Give it the spotlight! Stop promoting crap games and give this one a chance!

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Is lvl 150 in 80 mins possible?

I did mine at 950-1000 idols, I opened 2-3 silver chests to buy levels for my dps guy to be able to perform instant-kills again and actively picking gold, no buffs used and I had 2 minutes to spare, with a fast computer so yes, this mission does not give you too much time to spare but you should be able to do it if you do all waves insta-kill

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Silver Chests upgrades

342 silver here, 3 or 4 upgraded. so yeah 1 in 100 is a good estimation

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Topic: Holyday City / My UI Design UPDATED

really great! so much better than the actual Dev’s UI… you have my vote , awesome!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Dear Devs... Don't update yet! XD

well without the update you would not be able to make it past the wall anyway so the end game would come even later than it will now

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Topic: Wartune / R2 Vets WTF

I’d also like to contribute to this topic by saying a huge thank you to vets. Finally got some good advice like. “get gold to buy stuff” or “if you are kiled, you die”. Surely the title Veteran suits them !

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

Yep, dumbed carts, got 0 amethyst..

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Topic: Wartune / Using a rune after sylphing

In china , many months ago, last year it was, that in sylph form, you could use your runes. They are there, like when you are in normal mode.
So we’ll wait the update. They already had evolved sylphs too.

Also as I mention China.. the urban legend that holy seal is removed is a lie. It is still there !

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 5/8 @ 3:30 AM EDT

7 day mount ahahahahahahahaha

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Topic: Wartune / Circuit Quests Need to be Changed

Circuit events don’t even give out good rewards. If you hate your life, do them…

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Topic: Wartune / Jewel Helper

nope, 25 is max. We even got a system message now if we hit it.

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Topic: Wartune / Astral for knight

Goddess blessing is the astral that any class player should be using. When you reach level 70, go crit build too+ also use Guardian Angel to avoid crit hits on you. For now, use goddess. Your block should be low anyway now for it to proc all that well.

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Topic: Wartune / master chest?

Level 80 archer. Tons of master chests, tons ! NO PURPLE ! ;(

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Topic: Wartune / Jewel event cool moves

I just did something for fun in my jewel hunt, I thought i ’d share a screenshot.
I wish I could put 1 green jewel in the middle..

Maybe you want to share some nice moves too?

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Topic: Wartune / The best event this month

7 gold packs, rage-amnesia-chaos
2 archer packs, puri-guardian

Not too bad and still got plenty left to level up. best event ever !

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Baby Griffin Packs

With 6000 balens we should be getting a Griffin family, not just the baby..

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Topic: Wartune / Class Wars Return February 20th!

Just wanted to mention, class wars matching is terrible. When are you going to make it same points for each win?

I matched vs 160k people, even won against an orange apollo! Still, a guy 40k br+ lower got a few more points in prelims, by losing matches on purpose!

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Kobold Looter

its a rare encounter :

Kobold Loot Bag

Dropped by Kobold Looter miniboss in NM Fog of War
Contains one of:

1) Mathala’s Armor Scrap 6 2) Vuncot 3) Flail of Endless Agony 4) Bjorn’s Razor 5) Enchanting Runes: Iulian Rune

source :

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Topic: Wartune / Level30 LD

the description in the Lord Divive medal says “required level : 1”

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 1/22 @ 2:00 AM EST

I was sure you would mess up the maintenance…

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Topic: Wartune / sever grecce

I am creecc from greecce and find the post offensive

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Topic: Wartune / Thoughts on Jewel Hunt and Fishing

Jewel Hunt is the first think I do in Wartune when I login!
The game is fun the rewards great! fishing is not bad , but it is a bit boring having to wait for a good opening to strike

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Freezing effect

This serves no purpose other than annoying the players, if you want raids to fight back make an effect that might dodge a hit partially….like my 20-honor only deal 15 worth of damage or something else, deliberate lag effect only pisses me and I hope everyone else.

if you want to go down this road make button start floating around so we cant click them or completely invisible!

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Topic: Wartune / What keeps you playing?

Originally posted by CiprianB:

The friends I made and the upcoming updates

exactly the same for me, my only complain is because the daily events are timed, I cant spend 2-3 hours in a row to do all at once but I have to divide my time daily to make WB…amethyst…bg…gb….all have their time, I never had timeschedule before and with this game I do…