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Topic: Technical Support / Windows 10 + Unity = *CRASH*

After upgrading to Windows 10 I was no longer able to start Unity games. All I got was the screen you see when you haven’t installed Unity Player yet. (As a reference, this screen: ) Unity player worked (most of the time) fine before upgrading to Windows 10.

I already tried installing Unity Player and retrying. After that I deleted Unity Player and installed it again. It didn’t work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Topic: General Gaming / Kongridle

The game looks pretty neat. There aren’t very many features yet, but the basics are enough to be interesting.

I just found the minigames to be a bit disappointing. Let’s start with X-pong. The idea is pretty nice, but the controls are slightly worse. Like it is now it’s very hard to keep multiple balls on the screen. The controls are also complicated, because you have 8 keys to control the paddles. I suspect it would be better if all paddles could get controlled by the mouse.

Now the second game, speedvoid. Again, the idea is very good, but the best tactic I found so far is to move as fast as possible and make the other balls so slow they’ll take a long time to reach the center. As soon as they do you’re dead, because there are no real holes in between all the balls. I suspect the game can get improved with two things: a higher minimum speed for the other balls and less balls that are spawning. That way it’ll really be more about dodging and less about moving as fast as you can.

And the last game, ParticleShoot. It’s not very well explained that shooting stuff gives points. My finger also starts to hurt from all the clicking, so an auto fire could also be a nice addition.

Now an entirely different topic, feeding the kongcompanions. I have all 12 so far, and it can take quite some time to buy all the food and feed it all. The discount is nice, but that doesn’t save clicking. I think a buy 10 and a buy 50 kandy and kongrebun button could help making the buying quicker. I don’t really know how the feeding could be made quicker, but maybe a ‘feed kongrebuns until hunger is 0%’ button could help.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

Toggle the wall upgrade
After I bought the wall upgrade I got slightly annoyed that on the customers page not all customers were great and the max level 5. So could you please make a feature to temporary turn off the wall upgrade so I can still make them happy and level them to the max.

Sort the customer page
For a second suggestion, again on the customer page, it’s slightly annoying that it shows customers that don’t visit your shop. It would be helpful if it was possible to toggle who you want to see on that page and who not.

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Topic: Kongregate / The problem with Kongregate, in a nutshell

Alright, I agree on lots of points with you, but I also disagree on some points.
It’s in my opinion quite important to understand why things are the way they are.

First of all, Kongregate is a company. What does a company want? Money. Why does Kongregate need money? The creators of Kongregate need money for a living. That’s why they are selling kreds and the site includes lots of adds. If Kongregate wouldn’t be profitable the creators would likely search for something else that makes sure they won’t die of starvation. The money probably also gets particularly used to hire more people so the site can get improved more and also to sponsor developers.

Now, why are MMO’s and such get promoted so much? Because these games are like the cash machines of Kongregate. People don’t often pay without getting anything in return. Kreds can get used to buy stuff in MMO’s.
Because MMO’s get promoted so much they get played more. That means more people see the option to pay to win. That means more kreds get bought and that means more money for Kongregate.

For the activity tab, I think it’s pretty handy. I do think though it should be possible to set what you do and don’t want it to show. That’s maybe already possible. I haven’t looked very closely to it yet.
I personally think it got added because twitter is quite famous. The creators of Kongregate probably took the conclusion that people like activity tabs and added it so the players would like the site more. Again, I have no idea if this is true, and I’m also not saying the activity tab and Kongregate are a good combination. I just have faith that the creators of Kongregate know what they are doing.

For lots of things on the front page counts that it are the highest rated games. If you’re not happy with it, rate the games you hate 1 star and the games you love 5 stars. You can’t do much more. The ratings get chosen by the players. Don’t forget your opinion is not the only opinion in the world.

I don’t really understand your hatred towards Unity. I though Kongregate was about games. Does it really matter with which program it got made? Isn’t a game a game?

Next, I neither understand your hatred towards Armorgames. Armorgames sponsors developers. They are the biggest game sponsor on the internet, so it makes kind of sense they sponsor all the biggest and best developers that make the biggest and funniest games that get rated the highest.

Last, why all the hatred towards strategy&defense games? You maybe don’t like them, but some others (including me) like them. If you hate them don’t play them and ignore them. Every time somebody says something like that I wonder: ‘Who are you to tell developers what games they may and may not create? Aren’t they allowed to make their own choices?’

I think I now got the most important points you made that I disagree with.

Please don’t get me wrong by listing all the points I disagree with you. I agree with you on the fact that Kongregate focuses too much on Facebook, Twitter and Pay to win games.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Ask a Moderator

Hello moderator,

I’ve got a few questions about moderators and other stuff I’d like to get answered.

- I’ve got a question about this FAQ question.
Q: What do moderators do about users who ask for passwords?

A: Asking in chat: 1 minute
Asking in PM: 1 Hour
Asking/Begging in PM, sending to multiple users: 1 Day
Tricking people for their password: 1 week
Mass PMing tricking for password: 1 month

How are moderators able to know if someone is sending those inapropirate PM’s? Can they read all people their PM’s?

- Regularly I’m just peacefully chatting, when suddenly a noob joins the chat, and starts randomly spamming, insulting and just being plain annoying.
Regularly a moderator isn’t in the chat at that time.
What can I do then to make him stop?
- Which details should a report of that user contain to make sure he gets banned?
I personally don’t think muting is a good solution, because then other people can still read his messages, and will often respond on them, so I lose track of what’s going on. Also, this doesn’t solve the situation for other people, so the problem is actually still there.
- Even if a moderator is in the room, and being active, the noob still regularly doesn’t solve the problem. It most of the time first takes a few minutes before he gives a warning, and even then it takes even longer before further actions get taken. By then the mood in the chat has already been destroyed long ago. Furthermore, when you tell the mod the noob is disobeying the rules, ‘I’ get a warning thrown at my head for trying to do the moderator his work. I’m not the only member in the chat who thinks the moderators in the chat are kind of a joke, because they never do what the regulars expect them to do. Can I do something else than complaining to the moderators themselves to try to improve the mood in the chat?

- I know somebody who would love to be a moderator, and I, and quite some other people too, believe he would make a good moderator, so is it somehow possible that I together with some other members can still somehow accomplish that that person will become a moderator? That is more democratically than the current system.

So far this are al the questions I managed to come up with.
Thanks already for reading this, and I hope you can answer those questions. It’ll probably incress the atmosphere quite a lot if the problems in the chat just could get solved better, so everybody can be happier. Hopefully.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] SS2 Suggestions ( if any)

I’m pretty sure the creators are no longer gonna update SS2, and if they do, they probably won’t read what the people say here in this threat.
But this is a list that I would like to be in the game (some are already mentioned)
- More ways to get gold
- More weapons for silver
- Better explained what exactly you have to do fot quests in-game
- More exp, because leveling goes so slow currently
- Shorter dungeons. The current dungeons all take ages to complete

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Topic: Kongregate / [PETITION] Make update notes available to the public before implementation

I sign too.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

When you reach the unit cap, the unit bar becomes useless.
My sugestion: when the unit bar is completely full you can choose to give all of your units on the field and the units you will create in the future a passive buff.
This should then probably be a buff of the stats HP, attack and defence.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Mini Contest ( Crystal prize )

Win: “Just as I predicted.”
Win 2: “You can’t beat a cheater!”

Lose: “My skills were in another castle.”
Lose 2: “Losing is harder than it sounds!”

Surrender: “It’s tea time! I don’t fight during tea time.”
Surrender 2: “Stupid phone…..”

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Topic: Kongregate / admin mods are the beast :3

Originally posted by Darkruler2005:

i hate mods cause they ban me for no reason

But we are beast, you can’t deny that.

Denies moderators are beast
I CAN deny that!

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Topic: General Gaming / WarLight Strategies

Some tips:
- Destroy opponents bonusses. Do not do that in level 5 early on, because they’ll then launch counter attacks, and those cost too much units to defend against.
- Defend your bonusses!
- The defender has a small avantage. Try to postpone your attacks as much as possible in the hope the opponent attacks you and loses men. make sure you defend with an amount of units that is minimal the same size as the attack. Preferably more.
- To postpone attacks, try to do all your transfers first. Even when they include just 1 army that is extreamely far away from your front lines. If it are multiple, move one in every single direction. The more actions, the better.
- Try to attack neutrals with at least 5 armies. You may also use 4 if it is the last spot of a bonus, and you don’t have any more armies left.
- If you ever come across a situation that the enemy has just one place, and you have many adjunct, place lots of reinforcement on one spot, and attack it as your first action. An example is if in normal Earth you own entire South-America exept Brazil, and that one gets owned by an opponent.

I hope those tips helped.

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Topic: Call of Gods / what do you want in the new update?

Improve the tutorial. Lots of people ask how they can defend their castle, lots of people overlook that they have to collect their resources from their buildings and people always ask what to do with items with “Needed for transmution of certain items” and “Perhaps someone will be interested in this item”.
I also think the arena should get improved so camping is useless and the arena isn’t empty so often.
Also you should somehow be able to change your race and restart, because lots of people want that.
You’ll also need to be able to get free gold in numbers of ways. I was thinking about 1 gold every level up, 10 when you start, be able to get it from the WoF, rewards from goals, ect.
Also this game needs more goals. Add things like: Plunder X people succesfully, win X arena battles, complete X main story quests, beat X bounty quests, donate X siver to your alliance, upgrade building X to level X ect.
Like some other people already said the battles need something interactive.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Too strong elves

I’m a level 59 human and I noticed that elves are just a lot more powerful in PvP than any other races. I lost to some elves 6 levels below me while I win against humans and undead of the same level.

I know this is pretty fun when you’re an elf, but it ruins PvP for the humans and undead in my opinion.

Please weaken the elves a bit or strenghten the humans and undead a bit.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Alliance leader quit

I’m pretty sure not. Maybe quit from your alliance and join another?

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Topic: Call of Gods / why not add more servers

For what?

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Topic: Call of Gods / delete

Who do you want to do that? And I don’t think that’s possible.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Events

I heard there’s an event in which you have to buy gold to use it.
Read this:

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Tutorial] Helpful Information for Beginners

That goes automatic.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Bound items

after they get bounded you can’t sell em anymore.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Book of astrology

What you’re talking about is a level 35 quest.

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Topic: Kongregate / New surveys for free kreds?

I want free kreds, but I don’t have much choice because I’m Dutch. I have 4 surveys for about 10 kreds, but 3 of them don’t work and I don’t get my kreds from the 4th one.
I also have a link which sais it’s free, but isn’t!

So to get more kreds I wondered about two things:
1. Will there ever come new surveys in the list?
2. Can I somehow do english surveys too?
Can somebody answer these things please for me?

I really don’t want to buy kreds.